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Newbie here! Day one.


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Hi everyone! Or no one. :)  I'm not sure who will see this but I want to share my story regardless, even if it is just to document for myself.


Today is my first day of Whole30 -- after a month and a half of Paleo/gluten free, I was ready to start something new and more challenging. I caught myself cheating on my Paleo diet a lot (baking paleo style, eating dark chocolate that was "gluten free"/"organic"/"all natural") and decided I needed more clear cut rules. So I am excited! I don't pretend to be a health guru, and I never really wanted this for myself. So here is my story...


I am a 22 year old student/entrepreneur, running my own home bakery (which is kind of funny, considering I can't eat ANY of the things I sell anymore), and have suffered really serious anxiety and panic attacks and some related health problems throughout my life. I have treated my anxiety with EVERYTHING... medication, therapy, acupuncture, yoga, breathing exercises, yada yada yada. Recently, I needed to do a total lifestyle change because I found out I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I don't know why years of doctors telling me a healthy diet and exercise would help my anxiety wasn't enough, but doctors telling me once that a healthy diet and exercise would help my PCOS kinda shook me. I didn't want to deal with any infertility issues in the future, and I just decided it was time to make a change. So I started to lose weight, got obsessed with the scale, and decided I wanted to try Whole30. That's my story!


My boyfriend is awesome support for me, although he isn't doing the Whole30 with me (this time!), he is really good about making sure I get my workout in and get fed when I need to.


Today I have eaten breakfast, lunch, and have had a workout. I feel good, I have a headache (but thats not abnormal for me). 


Anyway! That's me! I am going to continue to post I think because it may help me keep on track. 


Yay day 1! 

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