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I posted a question several weeks ago about weight gain and how to go about it on a whole30/paleo type diet for a female. I've been thinking though. Is there any validity to your body's set point/ideal weight?

I have never weighed even 130 lbs my entire life (except for pregnancy + some!) and that is not for lack of eating/lifting, although I've never done a serious phase where I've tried to gain. Even though I wouldn't mind gaining a few lbs, I'm wondering if it's worth it to try. I guess what I'm getting at is could it be more stressful to my body/mind to basically force feed to gain when my body wants to stay at the weight it's at while I continue to eat healthy foods and normal portion sizes?

I love to eat! But I guess I have a high metabolism and at 5'7 1/2" am tall for a girl. I don't know if any of this makes sense...just curious. :>

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Do you know if you have any food sensitivities?

Before I gave up grains and legumes I had horrible digestive complaints and weighed about 120lbs (I stand just under 6ft).

After I removed the irritants from my diet, I was (presumably) able to absorb more nutrients from my food, and my weight increased to about 128lbs, and stabilized (my skin and hair quality improved as well). I actually sort of looked heavier pre-paleo because of the systemic inflammation.

I am technically a few lbs underweight (according to the BMI) but perfectly healthy, and not the least bit worried.

Do what you reasonably can to gain if you like, but your body is your body. I eat regular meals. I avoid toxic foods. I avoid toxic mindsets. I allow my body to weigh what it wants to weigh.

B) Maeva

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I think there is something to a set point. I lost 2 pounds every month for 15 months when I started eating the Whole30 way. After 15 months I stopped losing weight even though I did not change my eating or my exercise. I stopped losing at 183. After that, I stopped doing CrossFit and began to train with kettlebells seriously. Now I weigh closer to 195 pounds. My chest and shoulders are much bigger and I am much stronger, so it seems I've added a fair amount of muscle. But we're talking about 10 pounds over the course of 12 or more months.

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