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Waaaayyy too much fruit

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I am a busy mom with a 4.5 yo and an almost 8 mo old.  I work part time night shift.  My older daughter is super busy (but not over booked!  Balance!) and I feel like a bit of a slave to my younger daughter's nap schedule.


When we can go out, I pack my own food.  This is my second w30 and I have noticed I am really relying on fruit.  It's in season, it's portable and it is SO GOOD! 


It is starting to become food without brakes for me though.  I am thinking that buying and prepping more veggies will help. 


Has anyone else dealt with this?  I don't really think it's a sugar dragon thing.  I think it's an, "I'm used to eating constantly' kind of thing. 


I am at a healthy weight, I am exercising 4-5 days a week and need a lot of calories for breastfeeding as well.   I do, however think the fruit is holding me back from losing the last 5lbs and really feeling amazing.


Any tips?


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If it is helpful, here is a sample day of eating for me (work day and a non workday)


Non Work:

Bfast 2 eggs SSU w/ coconut oil.  1/2 avocado 1/2-1 small sweet potato.  Black coffee

Snack: Apple, coffee

Lunch: Leftover grilled chicken breast or thigh, 1 small sweet potato, raw chopped veggies and a kiwi

Snack: Berries (sometimes like 2 or 3 pints throughout the afternoon :/ ) and a kombucha or sparkling water

Dinner: grilled fish.  Arugula salad w balsalmic vinegar and veggies.  Grilled zucchini or asparagus

Then, after a 30-45 min workout, I eat more berries :/


Work day

same for bfast and lunch but I move them to lunch and dinner time

Then I eat my work food, I haven't quite broken the snacking habit at work.  Idk if I'm tired and am eating to stay awake or what.  At 9pm I have an apple or a banana with some olives (after I pump)

at Midnight I have a sweet potato, half an avocado and a can of wild salmon

at 3 or 4 I have a banana and another half an avocado. (another pumping snack)

I go home, pop a couple more berries :/ and go to bed. 


Hope this provides some insight.  I am REALLY having a hard time with all the berries!  I don't want to give them up though, since they are only in season for such a short time and I really do enjoy them. 

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I don't know if it's so much that you're eating too much fruit, as that you may not be eating enough other stuff -- and if you eat more of the other stuff, you may not want so much fruit.


For instance, your breakfast -- the number of eggs in a serving, if they're your only protein source, is the number of whole eggs you can hold in your hand. Unless you are really tiny, that's probably at least three, maybe four. So add another egg or some meat there. That will help keep you full longer, so you may not need that snack -- or since you're nursing, you may still, and that's okay. I just know if I don't have enough protein and fat at breakfast (and veggies of course, but I think it's the protein and fat that make the biggest difference), I'm hungry all day, no matter how much I eat for lunch.  And your lunch -- chicken thighs are small, I hope you're eating more than one when that's what you have. And I don't see any fat at lunch or dinner on the non work day. Maybe you just didn't list it?


When you do snack, the usual recommendation is to have a mini meal, protein, fat and veggies. 


I think if you increased what you eat at meals and change your snacks to fit the guidelines, you won't want as much fruit. That doesn't mean you can't eat them -- by all means, have some with your meals. Infuse them in water, if it turns out you have more than you can eat. Enjoy them. But the way you're eating them now, they're taking the place of things that have more nutrients, and those more nutrient-rich things are what you should focus on.

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I don't think you're eating those snacks of fruit because you're hungry - you're eating them because they're tasty and they're there. Incorporate them in to your main meals (after you've filled the plate with vege) and you'll naturally eat less of them and not get insulin spikes from them (which causes you to get hungrier - try replacing that mid-morning apple with a boiled egg and see how different it feels).


And after your workout, eat starchy carbs, not fruit carbs - starchy carbs fill your muscles first, sugar carbs fill your liver (glycogen/glucose/one of those g-words) then your muscles.


Other than that, exactly what Shannon said!

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