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Newbie! Started 7/24


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I just started the Whole30 yesterday and I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of days going through the forums and reading about people's struggles and successes.  It's been very informative and encouraging.


My backstory:

I have battled weight gain for years, but mostly after having my children.  I gained 100 pounds with my first child and lost about 60 of it before becoming pregnant with my second, then gaining about 90lbs.

I have serious issues with water retention.  I barely ate anything in my first pregnancy, for the first 5 months, as I got sick when I ate, and I still gained soooo much weight.


Well, now my kids are 13 and 11 and here I am weighing about 50lbs above my pre pregnancy weight.  This number fluctuates a lot.  I can gain and lose 20 lbs in a year.  I go through phases of exercising 5x a week, to not at all.  What works best for me, is a very low carb eating style.  Before starting whole 30, I have been eating low carb and lost about 15lbs.  But, I know myself and maintaining low carb is a problem. Hence whole 30.  

I need to find a healthier relationship with food.  I eat when I am stressed, sad, happy…  I also feel that I may have some food sensitivities that need sorting out.  I have had my thyroid tested many times and I am currently on medication for pre hypertension, as I swell like crazy due to water retention. 


So yesterday I started Whole 30 and boy did I have fun being creative and cooking.  I feel like I need to be creative in order to not get bored of eating the same things everyday.  I also asked my husband to hide my scale (as I am an obsessive scaler) in order to be more clear with myself that this is about getting in a better mind set than about losing weight.


B: black coffee (yes this was hard, I am addicted to dairy, but it was manageable)

3 slices of turkey breast on a bed of lettuce, gucamole, red pepper, olives, and 1/2 cup berries

L: chicken breast on lettuce, with avocado, and leek and kale soup ( I made it myself)

S: chocolate chilli, onion, zucchini and sweet potato hash, olive oil to cook


I felt good all day, I did not snack at all and was not hungry when I went to sleep.  I have my summers off, so I feel that this will help me plan.  I actually plan to eat at similar times with equivalant space between each meal.   I also went for a 6km jog/walk.

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Day Two.  I stopped eating sugar on July 1st, so I wonder if that is helping me feel not so bad on this day 2.  The struggle for me is wanting dairy.  I love coffee, but I really love coffee with cream…..really love it…….  that's the one thing I was really craving today.

I spent lots of time in the kitchen creating fish cakes and mango and avocado salsa for salmon.  I went for a jog/walk today, also 6 km, but I was able to up my jogging interval, so that was exciting!


Here's what I ate today.

B: black coffee, leftover sweet potato/zuchinni hash, 2 eggs, olives and red pepper

L: leftover time: chocolate chilli and leek/kale soup and 1/2 cup berries

iced black coffee around 2:30

s: mango and avocado salsa on a grilled salmon steak, cucumber, tomato, radish, romaine salad


So, I know its only day two, but I am a very regular person, going 2x daily, and I have not gone in two days…I am worried about constipation issues on the whole 30, and my stomach is rather bloated.  I feel that my low carb eating had me eating lots of protein and veggies, so I am not sure what is going on…..


Tomorrow I will be heading out shopping with the hubby and kids, so hopefully if I pack a lunch I will be good to go.  I think I will also make the morrocan meatballs.  Hopefully I can keep up the excitement I feel about being back in the kitchen cooking.

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Day Three.


I felt a little sluggish upon waking up today, but I was able to pull myself out of bed.  We had plans to do some shopping as a family today, so I tried to plan my meals around being out and about.  I think I ended up eating dinner a tad to late, but I really wasn't hungry and I almost forced myself to have some dinner before it got to late.  How do you know if you are eating too much fat?


9:00 B---2 salmon fish cakes, green pepper, olives, I slice turkey

2:30-L--chocolate chilli, grilled veggies w/olive oil and 1/2 cup berries

6:00 PWO- 2 slices turkey and carrots---went for a 6km, run/walk---

8:30 D---Moroccan meatballs, small salad with guacomole


I felt good when running, but its 10:30 at night and I am starting to feel a little hazzy and I can feel a headaches coming on.

Hopefully I will wake up okay in the morning!

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Welcome to whole 30!

Worrying about fat was one of my biggest challanges. If you are following the meal template you are fine :). Fat and protein will keep you full between meals. If you find you are getting hungry between meals, you may not be getting enough.

Hang in there with the headache and Haziness - it will pass!

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Thanks Kmlynne!


I am sticking to the meal plan and I find that I am able to go 5 hours sometimes 6 between meals.  I haven't had any snacks thus far.  Yesterday I noticed that after each meal I felt a little queasy.  I am just wondering if this is due to my body adjusting to the fat that I wasn't really eating before, or as much.  I had my gallbladder removed in 1999, and every since then, I can have meals where I just don't feel well after, especially if they are high in fat.

I had a horrible sleep last night, which is very unlike me.  I wasn't dreaming, I just couldn't really get to sleep and the more frustrated I got the longer it took for me to get to sleep.  Surprisingly, my headache was gone this morning even though I didn't sleep much.

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By not having a gall bladder, you may have to cut back on your fat (and watch the spices as well).  You may have to play with amounts to see what works for you.  Feeling queasy?  Cut back a little.  Getting hungry?  try adding a little back in.

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Day 4


I decided today that I would take the day off from run/walk intervals and I am happy I did.  While I felt okay, I spent about  3 hours in the kitchen making my son's birthday cake.  I was really proud of myself because in the past I would have been licking my fingers constantly and I managed to get through it without 1 little taste!  Good thing because I have 3 more birthday cakes to make during the rest of my whole 30.

Some problems I am experiencing are constipation, which I hope goes away soon because my lower back is killing me, muscle aches, and the worst by far is horrible sleeps.  I am typically a great sleeper, so this one is really throwing me off!  No weird dreams, just can't fall asleep and then very restless in the night.


Something I decided to do with the whole30 was to take a picture of every meal that I make.  This way in order to be picture worthy, it has to be a good meal.  That has worked great at motivating me to have proper sizes and colourful foods.


B:sweet potato/zucchini hash, to eggs over easy, olives , red pepper

l: leftover salmon steak with mango avocado salsa on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and broccoli

D: leftover Moroccan meatballs with guocamole and cooked green beans and brocolli


So far no snacking and I can make it up to 6 hours between some meals, so I feel that I have everything balanced out.  I do however, have an occasional ice coffee (black) between meal 1 and 2 or between meal 2 and 3.

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Day 5.


Well, today started with me not feeling hungry at all.  I tried to power through my breakfast, but actually found myself gagging a little as I tried to eat my salmon/sweet potato cakes.  So I ate just two of them.  I managed to put in a 7km run/walk intervals and felt pretty good after that.  I guess the size/portions really do make a difference because I was hungry 4 hours after breakfast, which isn't typical.

I had my son's birthday party today and I managed to pack a great dinner and I went through the entire 6 hour party serving the kids and not having anything but my packed dinner.  It's only 9:45, but I am exhausted and actually heading to bed!


B: salmon cakes, red pepper, lettuce with avocado, 1/2 cup berries

L: Morrocan meatballs, leek and kale soup avocado and olives

D: mango and avocado salsa with i can of salmon, olives, kale, 1/2 cup berries


I had way more fruit today then I typically do and lots of avocado.

Good night!

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Day 6.


Today was an average old day.  I haven't really been having too many side effects beside not sleeping well and bathroom issues, so today I started to wonder if this is working for me, as I don't seem to be having all the withdrawals symptoms that others are going through.  Perhaps mine will come later, or perhaps my low carb and no sugar plan that I was on for 3 weeks prior to the whole30 got all those symptoms out of the way.  I was not overly hungry today, but managed to get in my 3 meals.  I went to the grocery store and when I was paying I realized my cart consisted of only veggies, meats, eggs and spices.  Right on track!  I also managed a 10km walk with a friend, but my muscles seemed extra tired today.


B: Sweet potato/zucchini hash, 2 sunny side eggs and olives.

L: chocolate chilli with guacamole and carrots

D: chicken/pumpkin curry, with mushrooms and zucchini and a cup of sweet potato/coconut soup.

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Day 7


I was actually able to fall asleep well last night, but at 7:00 I just couldn't get up, so I stayed in bed until 8:40.  I also started

my period early and it is extremely heavy….unbearably so.  Cramps are to bad, but I had to stay home to be near a washroom.

I did a leftover day today as I really didn't have the energy to do up a recipe.  Pretty low key day all around.


B: 2 salmon cakes on a bed of lettuce, guocomole and olives.

L: scrambled eggs, asparagus and mushroom cooked in coconut oil

D: compliant sausage, asparagus and a bowl of sweet potato/coconut soup

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Day 8


Started my day with a 10km walk, so I tried having a protein and carbs before I went and when I came home I had turkey/avocado on lettuce.

Well that seem to throw the rest of my day off.  This was the first day that I was actually hungry before my typically 5-6 hours between meals.  So, I decided to get out the book and look into it and discovered that I should have a protein + fat before and just a protein after, then make sure I have my next meal 60-90 mins after.  I don't consider my workout to be intense, but it is a long walk and I try to go at a relatively quick pace.  I decide to pick up some magnesium, which I took tonight, so I hope I sleep better tonight.  I will start taking vitamin D3 tomorrow.  A little fuzzy headed today so hopefully that will go away.


Pre W/0 : turkey breast and sweet potato soup (which I discover I shouldn't have and should have a fat)

Post w/0: Turkey breast/avocado/lettuce

Lunch: Curry chicken w/pumpkin and olives and sweet potato hash

Dinner: pumpkin chilli, sweet potato (coconut oil), carrots, tomatoes, cucumber


Because I go for my walk with 45 minutes of waking up, I am not really sure how to have breakfast and then a pre w/o meal.  I think my pre/wo could count as breakfast, just minus the carb dense veg???????

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I find that many people seem to have their pre-wo, then eat post wo immediately after finishing their exercise. (Just a small amount of protein and carb for example I like a couple pieces proscuitto with some baby food sweet potato due to the easy pack container). Then eat breakfast about half an hour later.

I found that my long walks (I do 10-15k) don't require pre and post work out meals. I have breakfast before my walk, then have lunch when I return. I save pre/post wo for when I go to the gym and do serious weight work.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Kmlynne.  

I wasn't sure if my walks, runs and bike rides fit under needing a post/pre workout meal.

Today I had my breakfast, waited 45 mins and then headed out on a 16km bike ride.  I wasn't gone long enough

to eat lunch when I got back, so I didn't bother have a post workout meal either as I wasn't hungry.

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Day 9


Another really crappy night sleep.  I am starting to get frustrated with this.  Getting about 5 hours sleep.  The interesting part is that I can still manage to make it through the day.  I pulled off a 16km bike ride and a 2 km walk today.

What a week its been for tempting my plan.  Not only did I have my suns party on Monday and then his birthday on Wednesday, today was my daughter's bday party!  That's three exposures to cake in one week!  Well I pulled it off again, and if I can make, ice and watch people eat cake three times in one week, I figure I am all in and totally committed to the Whole 30!  Yeah me!


b: sweet potato hash, two eggs, grilled asparagus, coconut oil

l: chicken curry, sweet potato hash leftovers, salad, olives

d: kale salad with salmon, avocado and mango salsa and olives, 1 cup of fruit ( ate this while cake was consumed in front of me)

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I'm having sleep trouble too, so sympathise. :(  Also don't think the timeline works the same way for everyone so you shouldn't be discouraged not to be "on it". Great work with the cake!

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Day 10.


Thanks Ytu and Derval, I am super proud of myself, especially cause I love to bake and love to eat cupcakes!


So, I went out and bought a fitbit yesterday to give it a try.  I set my goal at 10,000 steps and yesterday I was 14,500, so its good

to know I am moving!  Today my steps are way lower, so as soon as diner digests I am off for a run with my dog Hazel, although

I did give myself a go ahead for a lazy day today.

I had another horrible night sleep and I actually could not get out of bed before 9:30, it was toooo hard.  When I did get up I managed to make a really good breakfast, check out the forums and my son and I headed out to buy me a food chopper and an immersion blender for all the new recipes I have been trying.  Today I made curry broccoli soup and it was so nice to have that immersion blender.  I am happy to say that I seem to have worked through (fingers crossed) the constipation issue.  That's a relief!  Now, to cure the sleep issue!


meal 1: 2 eggs, 2 slices of compliant bacon, sweet potato hash

meal 2: pumpkin chilli, olives, salad with spinach and veggies, olive oil and lemon dressing

meal 3: curry broccoli soup, homemade hamburger patty with lettuce and tomato, and sweet potato


Is it possible to eat too much sweet potatoes?  I am carb sensitive, i do very well on low carb diets…to lose…but always gain back.

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Day 11.


Well, I woke up feeling like I had more sleep than the previous nights, so I hope that continues.  The lack of regularity is weird as I am eating so many veggies.  Today I went for a 16km bike ride and improved my time by 5mins!  I felt good during the ride, but after that I found myself yawning a lot today.  About 5:00 I realized that I was far off my fitbit step goal (even though I had a huge bike ride), so I took the dog and we went for a 5km walk.  I am still feeling really tired, even though I seem to have the energy to go out and walk and ride a bike.  Hmmmmm...

My husband and I are planning to go for a hike tomorrow.  I packed some foods for us and I did pick up lara bars, just in case.  I would rather not eat them even though they are compliant.  Trying to stick true to the idea of whole foods.  Half the hike seems to be uphill and even when I am in the best of shape, I don't do well with inclines….not sure why…...


Meal 1: sweet potato hash, 2 eggs, 2 slices of compliant bacon, all cooked in coconut oil

meal 2: pumpkin chilli, broccoli coconut milk soup, olives and a bowl of berries

meal 3: 1/2 sweet potato, marinated chicken thighs, and grilled asparagus and mushrooms (olive oil and coconut oil)

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Day 12. (back to a horrible sleep…only 5 hours…what gives!)  actually had a craving today for a pepsi…avoided it!


Meal 1: small sweet potato patty, 3 eggs and olives


1 hour after this meal, my husband and I headed out on a hike.  The hike was a challenge for me, as I do not do well with steady uphill climbs, even when I am in great shape.  We hiked up (2hrs) to an amazing view point and sat to refuel.  I wasn't hungry at all, but was worried that I might get hungry before we take the 2 hour trek back down.  I had left my lunch in the car, in a cooler, so all I had was a lara bar, olives, carrots, a banana and water.  So, I ate the Lara bar to get some energy and protein and then ate the olives for fat, and a few carrots.  We only sat for about 15 mins and then headed down.  Well 15 minutes later I was gassy and had cramps in my side….this part of the hike was easier than the first half.  So, I am not sure if I should have listened to my body and not had anything to eat, or was it important to fuel up even if I wasn't hungry?  When we got to the car I had my lunch.


Meal 2: 2 marinated chicken thighs, grilled asparagus and mushrooms in coconut oil


So, after 4 hours, 11km, and a 350m elevation gain, I am feeling really proud of myself.  I seemed to have the energy to pull this off, even though I admit I did whine a bit and claim "I just can't do it!".  I also realized how important the fat content of my meals are.  I don't think I had enough in my lunch as its only been 4.5 hours since lunch and I am soooo hungry.  I can usually go 5-6 hours.


Meal 3: grilled salmon with mango and avocado salsa (olive oil), and a nice big green salad with olive oil and lemon.

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a few things could have been causing the gassiness and bloating.


first, if I work out (hike, etc) with too much in my stomach, it can happen.


second - the larabar and or the carrots.  Larabars are not protein.  they are nuts (fat) and fruit.  Nuts and raw veg can cause gas and bloating in some people.


Congrats on the hike!!  

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Thanks Kmlynne.  The hike was quite the accomplishment!!


So day 13.


I feel like I am having some of the effects I should have experienced near the beginning of the whole 30.  Headache, dizziness and a little on the cranky side.  I also felt hungry earlier than I usually do and I did have a bit better of a sleep. I decided to give myself a day off from running, biking or going for a really long walk.  Poor Hazel was moping around due to my lack of taking her outside.


meal 1: 3 scrambled eggs (coconut oil) 1 cup of broccoli and coconut milk soup, black coffee

meal 2: (had a black iced coffee about 1 hour before this meal) 2 chicken thighs, sweet potato, spinach with mango and avocado salsa

meal 3: pork chop with peace onion glaze, grilled zucchini and spinach and tomato salad with olive oil


I went to the Choice Market and picked up Ghee to try and I ended up buying $50 worth of organic, grass fed meats.  I haven't been doing this thus far as money is an issue, so I will see how far that supply takes me to see if it is money manageable.  I bought sauerkraut in hopes of dealing with my tummy troubles.  Hopefully I will notice a difference soon!

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Day 14

Really missing sleeping!  Only 5 hours again last night and its started to catch up with me I think, although I did manage to get out for a 6km walk/run interval session with Hazel.  I started eating sauerkraut (the right kind) yesterday, so I am hoping that will help my digestion troubles soon.


Meal 1: 3 scrambled eggs, spinach and tomato salad with guacamole, sauerkraut, coffee

Meal 2: pork chop with peach glaze, sauerkraut, sweet potato hash and a cup of broccoli and coconut soup

Meal 3: chicken breast with almond and strawberry spinach stuffing, sweet potato and zucchini, olives


Tomorrow is the half way mark!!!

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Day 15.


So, only 4 hours sleep last night.  Really starting to wonder when this is going to work it self out!


Meal 1: 1 cup broccoli coconut soup, 3 scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato slices

Meal 2: Strawberry almond chicken breast, cucumber slices, 1/2 avocado

Meal 3: Spiced lamb chops, sweet potato, carrots/mushrooms/peppers in olive oil, cooked on the bbq

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Hi Joobie, I also had sleep issues around days 10-18 but it has got better since (now on day 24). Wonder what causes it. It felt like I'd become more sensitive to morning light and couldn't get back to sleep after dawn, even with a sleep mask on.

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I am not sure what is going on with my sleep, but this actually started right near the beginning of my whole 30.


I have taken all the actions that I can think of to help with this, magnesium, no screens before bed, pulling the shade down

to prevent the sun from getting in, my room is cool, more carbs at dinner, more salt…...


I really hope it works itself out.  If its totally not food related, then I have no idea whats going on!!

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