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Current vegetarian looking to go rogue

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So as the title indicates, I'm a vegetarian and have been for 5 years now. My diet isn't the greatest though and I'm addicted to sugar. I have many issues that I think could be improved by cleaning up my diet: skin conditions (dermatitis, KP, breakouts), digestion problems, general lack of energy, sleeping issues (I either sleep 3 hours or 12+, there is no balance there), etc. My dr mentioned that eating some animal protein might help and I'm willing to try it out even though I'm apprehensive. A couple questions regarding that:


1-How do I reintroduce meat? Do I start slowly before starting the Whole30? I'm not sure going from 0 meat in 5 years to meat 3x a day would be the best plan but I truly have no idea. Should I start taking digestive enzymes BEFORE I start my Whole30 or wait to see if I need them? 


2-I never eat just 3x a day. Is this something I should try to fix beforehand as well or just dive in? I tend to get full really quickly. I think I'm hungry enough to eat a horse and then I'll eat about 200-300 calories and need to stop. But then I'm hungry again a few hours later. Does the meal template ensure that I will be full and not need to eat for a few hours? I'm just a little worried for when the semester starts back up. I have a couple days where I literally have 5 minutes to get to my next class and this goes on for about 6-7 hours. Would it be okay to bring a snack on those days (homemade jerky or something)? I'm a commuter student but I suppose I could bring a cooler or something with me.


I just order ISWF so I apologize if these issues are addressed in the book already. I am excited to start reading it though and plan to start my Whole30 sometime in mid August. 


Thank you in advance for any help or advice!

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See this article for adjusting to eating meat: http://whole9life.com/2013/02/eating-meat-a-primer-for-the-meat-challenged-2/


You will probably need to take digestive enzymes. Don't start taking them until you are eating meat. They are meant to be taken with food to facilitate digestion. They are not like probiotics that build up in your system. They assist your gut bacteria as your gut bacteria begins to grow what it needs to digest meat and fat without help. You might want to review this article: http://whole9life.com/2012/09/digestive-enzymes-101/


You probably need to work on building up to eating Whole30-style meals for a while. Following our meal template - http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf - insures that you eat enough, but you may have trouble eating minimum-size meals at first. 


You might snack on homemade jerky or boiled eggs as your zip between classes, but when you are eating well composed meals with adequate protein and fat, you will find that going 6 hours between meals is not difficult. I could never do that before, but I do it all the time now. 

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