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A whole new life? Starting tomorrow


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So after struggling with food for my whole life (bulimia, personal training, weighing spinach etc) I decided to give this thing a go.

I have spent the last 4 years or so eating because it is time to eat, eating x grams or protein a day, falling off the wagon getting angry etc. My weight has fluctuated from 63kg to 93 kg and my body fat % from 18% - 33%.

I know that as a female sitting around 25% bf I should be able to loose approx. 1% fat a week and am hoping this style of eating, listening to my body, loving it and feeding it nutrients along with some heavy lifting and limited cardio should aid me in this.



Also hoping it fixes my dodgy gut.


Tomorrow is day 1.


I have pre cooked 7 portions of chicken and 7 portions of salmon for my lunches and dinners (when cooking for one I find it easier to rotate meals and foods weekly rather than daily). I have no birthdays, gigs or any such thing for the next 30 days.....


I just can't decide how low carb to go. I might do the first two weeks with carrots and tomatoes etc and then remove them after (hopeful) fat adaption to try and lower any sugars further and give my body a kick up the backside.


Fingers crossed


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Oh no. Your plan does not sound good. I am concerned that you are still weighing, measuring, and controlling by preparing 14 portions of protein in advance and calculating how low carb you will proceed. This is not how to succeed with a Whole30. 


A Whole30 is about changing what you eat to focus on protein, fat, and veggies. You almost certainly need starchy veggies to feel and perform decently. I think you need to loosen up about what you eat. Plotting to lose 1 percent body fat per week is not the right track.


You may find that you need face-to-face help from someone who understands eating disorders. In fact, this is hard and doing it without help is very difficult. 

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Whoa Nelly.  This isn't Atkins or about going into ketosis.


There's only one reason why anyone would ever want to go into ketosis.  It's used by some clinics to treat melanoma...one of the deadliest of all cancers in conjunction with radiation and surgery under a doctor's supervision.  It's also been used to treat refractory epilepsy.


Other than that, ketosis is extreme and hard on the body.

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I never said I wanted to do atkins.... atkins is a joke and full of dodgy meal replacement bars or faux chocolate whatever it is.

I'm not particularly weighing and measuring juat prepared a load of palm sized protein portions for convenience.

As for starchy carbs from reading iswf and robb wolf etc I thought thwy were supposed to be limited and for post work out.

The 1% bf loss per week is bases on info fromnpersonal trainers about what is a safe long term effective amount for a woman around where I am to aim for when actuly training properly.

I know this is about health and nourishing the body and really didnt realise I'd said something wrong.

For example today I am going to eat the following

3 xl eggs with 1/4 avacado and organic veg

1 portion salmon organic veg tspn coconut oil

1 portion chicken organic veg tablespoon evoo

Ps im used to eating meat and veg. Previously I was eating 1kg of veg a day spread over 5 meals and also eating meat and fats 5 x a day. The thing with me os that I was eating because its time to eat not because inqas hungry. Mwat veg and fat is easy.... eating for hunger is hard... lol :)

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Day 1.

Didn't start so great when I overslept by 1.5 hours. However as I pre prep food disasteer was diverted.

Meal 1
Salmon portion. Evoo. Carrots broccoli green beans cauliflower
Meal 2
Salmon portion. Evoo. Organic veg as above
Mid after noon black coffee
Meal 3
2 palms chicken. Drissle evoo. 1/4 avacado organic veg as above.
Drinks approx 3 liters of water

Today was a rest day (no training) as always walked to and from walk. 40 minute round trip.

Bit wierd eating less protein. But I don't feel bad for it at all. Its also nice not to be thinking oh its been three hours I need to eat!

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Day 2 edited

Pre workout - 5amish 4 eggs, coconit oil, 1/4 avacado 1 organic black coffee.

German Volume Training - 50mins from 630am

Post workout- 745am ish palm chicken

Lunch 1 - Palm salmon, teaspoon n evoo, organic veg

Dinner 6ish Palm tuna, tablespoon evoo, organic veg

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