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Starting my 7th round on Aug. 1st, but AIP style!


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Hello, I'm Crystal!

I have attempted the Whole30 six times since February 2012. I have successfully completed 3 of those attempts and this round I'd like to try the autoimmune protocol approach.


Anyone else done/doing AIP?


I just had my first child in February, ended up with a C-section and since then have not adjusted well in terms of overall health and need to get back on it! Hoping to succeed this round and will definitely be looking for new recipes that exclude nuts, eggs and nightshades!

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I've done two W30s the last one was AIP and I am continuing on with AIP. 

I have my ups and downs about being on such a restricted eating plan but I know its for a good cause. 

You can do it! 


There are some great recipes and inspired blog posts on the websites below (which you may have already seen). You can adapt a lot of other compliant recipes to be AIP also. 

There are a couple of AIP threads going on the medical issues part of the forum. 

Good luck and enjoy! 








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