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Gaining weight over the years from eating this way

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Hi den303,

I wanted to write to you just because I am going through the same thing as you are. I was always able to take off 5 pounds or so pretty easily until the last few months. I gained about 7 pounds and I am only 5'3! For me that's significant. It wouldn't come off no matter what I did. I just completed my first whole 30 yesterday and am not sure it is a weight loss tehnique for me. I lost less than 2 pounds in 30 days. I don't think I've ever gone 30 days without a dessert, cheese or butter and for all of that I lost a lousy 2 pounds. I think what is throwing me off is the no snacking rule. I am so worried I will get hungry in between meals that I eat too large of a meal for my body type. For breakfast, for example I eat 3 eggs,a quater avacado, 2 cups spinich and some mushrooms cooked in coconut oil. It's close to 500 calories!! I am not hungry for lunch for hours after that and force myself to eat just bc I know I shouldn't skip a meal. I am usually not hungry for dinner either. I used to eat a smaller meal and if it didn't tie me over I'd eat a HB egg or some avacado.

I'm starting the Whole 30 again tomorrow and I am going to completely avoid nuts and eat smaller portions. If I get hungry I will eat a HB egg. I have to listen to my body's signals and only I know if the template is too much food for my own body. Btw, I weigh about 125 pounds now and was usually 118-120 (or lower)for 8 years before this. That's a substantial weight gain for my height. I'm also almost 50 and weight loss has gotten harder and harder each year older.

Good luck on your weight loss journey. I hope you find something that helps you. I feel your frustration!! It sucks when you do everything right and your body doesn't respond!!!

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Hi den303,

I think what is throwing me off is the no snacking rule. I am so worried I will get hungry in between meals...

Here's the thing: for your three meals, eat until pleasantly full, using the template as your guide. If you get hungry before your next meal, have a mini-meal of protein, veg and fat.

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If I eat until I'm full, I feel extra full half an hour later. I am at work all day and have to estimate how much to pack. I will try eat to eat until 80% full and if I am hungry later, I will finish my meal. I have always had the bad habit of finishing everything on my plate or In this case, in my Tupperware container! I am very much working on changing this behavior.

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This is an old thread, but has anyone here taken probiotics into account? They would help the gut heal tremendously, aid in digestion and satiatey and perhaps help you to lose weight. Not making any promises but it is something significant that hasnt been mentioned here

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Posted 11 September 2014 - 04:36 AM

There is a scale inside your head that is harder to jettison than the one you stand on to abuse yourself with your perceived failures. We all do this weird, abusive crap to ourselves in some form or another, whether it be body shaming ourselves or picking away at our inadequacies as parents, friends, lovers and on and on and on. It is the unhelpful idea that there is some Platonic ideal that we should be holding ourselves up to, a perfect version of you, if you will. This is the greatest bunch of bulls*&t ever sold and it is a bestseller baby. You know those signs in the mall that say "you are here"? Well, here is where we all are and its ok. There is no greener grass on the other side of losing weight or that boob job you've been planning, or finally fitting into a size 2. Because you and I will still be right here with ourselves. So that's where we need to reset the mind, around the crazy, frantic attempt to chisel off the outer layer of ourselves to reveal some perfect structure beneath. The only thing under this carapace is muscle and bone and if you chisel off the stuff on the surface that you hate so much you will fall apart. Oh the humanity. 


I feel you, I really do. I don't weigh myself on a scale anymore, but I do weigh myself against other people I think have got things more figured out than me. I weigh myself against the image I think I should project over the truth of who I am. All I can offer you is my mall sign and the moment I take each time I feel that twinge of self-loathing to remind myself that I am here and here is ok.

Best of luck and good times rolling,


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Losing weight after being heavy for a really long time seems like climbing Mount Everest.


Being "normal" can seem like a ridiculous fantasy.  That's why when you succeed with changing one tiny habit, it can change your whole perspective.  It's not really a mountain but a pile of stones that you move...one by one.  You don't have to heave the whole thing with supernatural strength.


One at a time.  First one wasn't so bad and now you're stoked.


When your closest relatives say..."Ha ha, dipstick, what good is any of this Whole 30 going to do you" - you want to just clock them.


"Hey, we're gonna take you out so can splurge and make up for the super strict way you're eating."   "You need to make plans for a once a  week splurge or weekend splurging so you can let all of that pressure out."   "You can always get back to the old grind on Mondays."


"Hey, just because you're doing a  "WD30"  (akin to WD40)......AND "Try as you might to get healthy - you're just like the rest of us."


Once in awhile, spontaneity is great but too many free spirits in your life can add up to the force that lets all of the pressure out of your mountain of momentum MIGHT and sabotages your Whole 30.


Some people are so narrow-minded they can look through a keyhole with both eyes.


They'll pay you backhanded compliments.   "WOW".   "It must take a huge amount of WILLPOWER to eat as dull as you do."


"You know the amount of calories you burn in one half hour of walking isn't enough to make up for one banana, right?"


I say...Mind your own weight and leave everyone else out of it.   Don't let anyone tell you or make you believe that your very existence is oppressing them.   


You're not the one who has to live in my body...that's what I say.


When you take full responsibility for yourself and you leave everyone else out of it,  you will encounter opposition along the way.    The "chronic pop chuggers" will chuck stones at you....oh yes, they will.


I'm not a dieter.  I'm not here so I can wear Size 0 jeans.      I'm here to embrace all of the healthy and I'm not going to let the free spirits sabotage me.   I hope you have a solid plan going forward and a support system is always so nice to have.  But even if you don't have one,  support yourself. 


Get ready for the challenges that you'll face.   Holidays, relatives and well-meaning friends can be the toughest on you.  I want a style of eating I can live with forever.   I've found it and I won't let anyone talk me out of it.    Have you firmed up your own strategies going forward?   

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