Hello! I am part of an amazing group on here called the Dirty30.   Some of us have done one and some two W30s together. On our second round, we decided we would make great attempts to eat creatively and challenge ourselves with new ingredients.  I posted an ingredient of the day, each day of the Whole30 journey, with links to compliant recipes. I thought these might be helpful to other people, as well as for our group to have in one place, so I am posting the “Ingredient of the Day” posts in their entirety, on this thread.  ENJOY!    (UPDATE: subsequent to this the Dirty 30 did another W30, and we did 30 more Ingredients of the Day. You can find Part 2 here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/22006-30-more-ingredient-of-day-links-for-each-day-of-the-whole-30-part-2/)