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I've been feeling really down recently and it's revolving around my eating habits. Instead of nice fruits and vegetables, donuts and cookies have been finding their way into my kitchen.  I attempted a whole30 in May of this year and talked myself out of finishing halfway through. I'm tried of feeling poopy and I'm tired of not finishing things that I start.


To combat my usual habits, I'm food journaling and including how I feel through out the process as well as become active in the whole30 community. This time I will be making a meal plan for the whole month so there's no question about what I'm eating throughout the weeks. To put a lid on my habit of bingeing on nuts and nut butters I'm only buying nuts in bulk in the quantity I need for a recipe. 


Above all else, I'm looking at this as a journey of healing and compassion towards myself. Here's a great whole30!!



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Hi there!  I wanted to invite the both of you to merge with me into one thread.  I'm starting a support group for the month of August. Trexpar... I can totally relate to the way you're feeling. I've been going through the same thing, which is why I'm buckling down and choosing to do this once and for all.  I do believe there is strength in numbers, so I'd like to extend the invitation to buddy up with me.

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