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Start Date July 28th, 2014


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Hi everyone,


I really think the whole30 program and I are meant to be. I've recently been looking into the paleo lifestyle and came across this program multiple times. I always thought that it was another weight loss fad-something that I'm trying to avoid like the plague. I was wrong. Once I gave it the time of day and did the research on the whole9 program I was sold.  I've spent my whole life yo-yo dieting while losing huge amounts of weight at a time unhealthily due to chronic obesity. I was reading a testimonial by one of the women who said she was tired. Limiting your calories to an extremely low amount and being hungry all of the time is not fun, nor safe. At that moment I felt like I had someone who understood the pain that I'm going through with my health. I need this. So I declare that I will start my Whole30 journey July 28, 2014 and do it for the HEALTH not the WEIGHT. I look forward to embarking on this journey and will keep you guys updated! :).

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