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I'm on Day 11, and struggling...


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Hi all,

I just need an outlet so I don't make some poor choices today. My Whole30 has gone really well to this point, after a rough start, and I don't want to mess it up now. I just found out that it's very possible that my grandmother has cancer-she's several states away-and has had some major health setbacks in the last few months. I won't get in to all the family drama (there's a lot!) and my struggle has at least as much to do with that as my grandmothers condition.

Today has made me realize how much I rely on food (and wine) when difficult situations arise that are completely out of my control. I've spent the last 45 minutes at my desk with a glass of lemon water, to explore different ways I can deal with situations like this without making poor food choices and/or having a glass or two of wine. I feel better having gotten this off my chest-and am thankful that I have someplace like this I can turn.

All the best to everyone-


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I am sure it is hard to be separated from someone you love when they are ailing. I hope you can visit soon.

When I am stressed I do my best to carve out some quality "ME" time. Good nutrition is all the more important when things in my external life are difficult.

I pay special attention to my winding down routine so I get adequate sleep instead of letting my mind race.

Feel better! All the best to you and yours :) .


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Thank you everyone for the support. Today is a better day, and I am so grateful that I stuck to the plan yesterday. Not only would I not be feeling well today, but it wouldn't have actually changed the situation I am upset about. I know that seems like an obvious observation, but it really just occurred to me.

Thanks again.

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