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August 1st Group Thread


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My name is Janet. I am 50 years young and  live with my 15 yr old daughter. I work full time allocating merchandise to a off brand retailer. For the last month I have been preparing myself to make this change. I have been slowly cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator, reading about the program and buying new staples for my kitchen like coconut oil.


I wanted to try the Whole 30 program out at first because I have had a rash on my face that will not go away. I am not sure if its from my  medications or vitamins or what. I also have diabetes, knee and shoulder pain. I am not on this program to lose weight ( bonus if I do) but to feel better.My brother is also dying of cancer so I want to do this for him as well.


The 3 hardest challenges I will have are:

1. No diet coke. I am addicted and have brought myself to only 1 per day

2. Emotional eating

3. Planning out my meals


My 3 goals:

1. Journal everyday and keep tract of my blood sugar

2. Planning out my meals

3. Staying with the plan no matter how emotionally stressed I get


I also need to remind myself to take this 1 day at a time and remember having Cancer is hard changing my eating habits for 30 days is not! 


Best of luck to everyone,


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Tonight I was at the supermarket looking for clarified butter, but couldn't find it.  I thought I saw a recipe somewhere online that explains how to make it yourself.   Does anyone know how to do this?  What is Ghee made from? I have never tried it.


Started prepping today. I had a whole frozen turkey saved from Thanksgiving in my freezer.  I usually buy a few when they go on sale during the holidays.  Right now I have it roasting in my oven. I plan to portion some off for meals.  I also picked up some berries, stone fruits and lots of greens.  I have my fish and chicken breast in the freezer and some grass fed beef. Tomorrow I'm going to chop my veggies and make a few dishes.


I also garden.  Right  now I have an over abundance of zucchini that I need to do something with.  I  blanched a huge batch last week and put them in the freezer but I'm looking for some W30 recipes that utilize zucchini and can be frozen. I was thinking of making some zucchini and carrot patties and freezing them for quick meals. Does anyone else have any ideas of what I can do with these things for my 30 day challenge?   I realize zucchini muffins or bread are out of the question even if made with almond flour due to the requirements, so I was thinking of some sort of meat and zucchini dish to freeze.  


Any ideas out there?

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I make my own ghee using this recipe, http://nomnompaleo.com/post/15235810877/d-i-y-ghee its a great alternative cooking fat

I love zuchinni chopped thin and stirred through a mince bolongnase sauce, chopped into thin rounds and fried in ghee, grated in sweet potato patties, and have seen a recipe for them chopped longwise into quarters and roasted with garlic, but haven't tried it yet.

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1) I am kind of in-between a lot of things right now. I am currently taking time off from work and preparing for graduate school to travel and relax. I am interested in traveling long term, cooking, running, yoga, hiking, swimming, writing, baking, reading and learning languages.

2) I'm doing the Whole 30 partly as a challenge for myself to help increase my discipline, partly to see if I can over come the allergies and migraines that I've been dealing with for the last few years. I notice that certain foods trigger reactions and avoid them, but I am curious to see if I can completely eliminate my symptoms by cleaning up my food choices.

3) My greatest challenge is that I am doing this on my own. My family thinks that this is on the extreme side. My second greatest challenge is that I will really miss honey and dark chocolate, but am hoping to learn to love fruits a lot more than I already do. I'm hoping to use this forum to find camaraderie in the challenge as I would if I were on a team, and in working with each other we can all reach our goals.

4) Three Goals I hope to accomplish during August:


1- I want to try new foods and seasonings that I haven't tried before to help keep this challenge interesting

2- I want to be free of migraines and allergy issues

3- I want to even out my sleep schedule and come to a somewhat normal pattern of waking and resting.

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Hi All


Day 2 - busy day at work, just came home and feel like eating the kitchen sink, but walked away.  Enjoyed a nice dinner and decided to write this message.  So far so good, keeping mind busy, get out of the kitchen in tricky situations and move on. "I got this" !!!

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Hi! My name is Jaime. My husband is Jon. We have been married 14 years and have 3 children... so far! We are currently living in the German farmlands on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. My husband has this crazy habit of running marathons. I stay home with our children and homeschool (and cheer him on during his runs).


We are joining the Whole30 to break our food addictions and get healthy. And we want to model a healthy food relationship to our children - being addicted and a slave to food isn't a healthy example.


Greatest challenges are resisting candy, breads and pastas and dairy. Those are our biggest food addictions. And finding the time and energy to eat healthy and cook healthy. It's more of shifting our priorities away form convenience and ease.


3 Goals:

break my food addictions

gain energy

exercise more


for my husband, we could add cutting some time off of his runs.

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My name is Louise, married for 35yrs, no kids, work as a makeup artist and educator for Aveda. Ok, I've decided to do this again. I just finish Whole30 from July 1st. I just want to keep going for another 30 days because I feel great! My husband is doing the Whole30 with me, so that makes it much easier! This morning I added a splash of organic heavy cream in my coffee - eh, not all that, I could drink it black - I'll have some wine tonight, then back to Whole 30 tomorrow! Good luck to everyone!

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Im Lia a stay at home mum. I have a toddler 2.5 years old and am breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter still. Also married to my best friend Barry. Im starting the whole30 tomorrow August 1st! Iv already been cutting out sugar for 3 weeks now and dairy and grains for the last week or more and I did a huge plan and shop yesterday in preparation. Wish me luck!! I wont lie despite knowing the whole30 isnt about weight loss... I have had huge success with it last year before falling pregnant and Im keen to lose my 'baby fat' on top of getting healthy and I would like it to be the beginning of a lifestyle of paleo eating.

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Hi everyone!

I'm Lauren, I live in Colorado with my husband, 3 kids (21, 18 and 12), and enough animals to fill a zoo. I'm a dog trainer, and also put in a bunch of time as a soccer team manager and class mom, so things are starting to get busy around here. I love hiking, biking, dancing, playing my ukulele, gardening and reading.

I'm starting the Whole 30 because nutrition has a huge impact on my day to day well-being. I have an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis. It's a type of arthritis that can be debilitating, although mine is mild right now. I've stayed away from the drugs that are normally used to treat it, and have instead gone gluten and dairy free, which has made a huge difference. I'm not so good at staying paleo, however, with a husband and kids who aren't interested. They did all go gluten free for me, which has been a god-send, but apparently they have their limits, and our house is filled with gluten free treats. I've done several programs similar to this one in the past, and although I've felt great, I sometimes haven't completed them. I want to get through the whole 30 days, and have a better sense of how much truly clean eating can affect my pain and energy levels. I think that having this support group will make a huge difference for me, and I hope I can help make that difference for you, too!

I work out a lot - swimming, biking, running, yoga, Zumba and hiking. I'm training for my first triathlon on Aug. 9th. It's really short and low-key, I'm just excited to dip my toes in the water, so to speak.

My goals:

1) Less foot pain

2) Identify any remaining trigger foods

3) Kick my sugar habit back into submission

One of my favorite sites for recipes is Nom nom paleo and Paleo Mom. They both have some great recipes that are Whole 30 compliant.

Here we go!

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Good morning!  I am ready to get signed up for my 2nd Whole 30 tomorrow.  I did my last on about one year ago and felt a lot of relief from symptoms of disordered eating, digestion issue, cravings, energy slumps, and bloating.  I can't wait to give it a try again.  To be honest, I've had a few false starts since a year ago but something feels a little bit different this time.  I am looking to be active on the forum as well to get a sense of support and community along the way.


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Hi everyone!

My name is Angie. I am 33 and live in Utah. I am married with 3 children, ages 9, 6, and 3. (Girl, boy, girl) I have been a stay at home mom for the last 9 yrs and I love it most of the time ha!! I homeschool my kids, have been for the last 5yrs. We found out our son is autistic, about 3 yrs ago. We run a sonrise program for him in our home and its been amazing. I have been interested in health and fitness since I had my first child and found myself 30lbs overweight 6 months after she was born. As a child, teen, and early 20s gal I could lose and maintain weight easy peasy. Im 5"7 and had no trouble staying around a size 4. Not so after 3 kids!! A few months after we found out about our sons autism I gave birth to my daughter and had a very difficult recovery. And my dog died that summer! I tend to trace my current health issues back to this time when stress seemed to take over my life hardcore. I have been about 50lbs overweight for these last 3 yrs. I am tired and sluggish most of the time, even with regular exercise. A year ago my doctor told me I am Insulin Resistant. I have a HUGE family history if diabetes and honestly I am terrified I am next. 4 of my cousins within a few years of me were diagnosed the last few years.This is my biggest reason for doing this whole30. I am hoping to change my fate.

We changed our diets from mostly vegetarian to gfcf for our little boy, then some months of paleo thrown in there too. He does amazingly better eating this way. My husband and I did a whole30 this past january and it was awesome. We each lost weight(him 10lbs, me 8lbs) and we both had better energy and sleep. I think the biggest thing I noticed was how even my moods were and no cravings!! It was awesome to not be a slave to food and eat emotionally. After we finished we did great for about a month and then planning a move 2 hrs from family killed the joy! I gained back what Id lost and then some and my energy and sleep went back to crummy. I am really excited to do this again and make it a permanent lifestyle change. I am really excited to have this group as an encouragement, motivation, and resource!

As far as challenges go I am honestly not very worried about getting through th 30 days. Maybe because I did it before and how great I felt, Im really excited to take this on. I am extremely nervous however for AFTER we are done. I dont want to fall back into old crappy habits. For this reason I will most likely go longer than 30days. If any of you are interested in going at it longer with me just let me know! Id love some company:)

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Tonight's prep plan:  1) Grate 2 heads of cauliflower.  2) Make zucchini noodles from 6 zucchinis.  3) Cook a pound of meatballs.  4) Prep so that all I have to do is throw stuff together tomorrow to make "pork fried rice".  

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Hi everyone!

  My name is Hannah and I live in Providence, RI.  I am starting a whole30 on August 1 with the (very high) hopes of doing a whole90.  I completed my first whole30 in January and never felt better- I dropped weight, slept better, had clearer skin, less brain-fog etc etc.  The problem for me was that 30 days wasn't enough to undo 30 years of bad habits, so this time around I am hoping to kick them for good!  My goal is to fully immerse myself into the program and to work through my emotions associated to eating/certain foods.  This has been a challenge for me and I am hoping that the group support will help immensely.  Would anyone want to start a private Facebook group for us?  Just an idea!  Very excited to get to know some of you and to work through this together!

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Gearing up for tomorrow.  My husband is sort of on board but doesn't want to give up his beer and wine.  In spite of that, I am excited to begin and have some support this time.  I think I will see if the Well Fed book is available for my kindle.  I have been trying to modify crock-pot recipes for Whole 30 compliance and will share recipes as I try them.  


I am expecting:

Bloating to go away

Inflammation causing pain in elbow and neck to be gone

I will be able to sleep soundly on a regular basis

I will have energy throughout the day

I will get through 30 days, with help from this group


After that, we may just want to continue....

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Hi, everybody!  Here goes nothin'...


I'm a 37 y/0 wife and mom to 2 boys (one here, one moved out), 2 dogs, and 2 cats.  We live in North Texas.  I work in Healthcare IT, and when I'm not traveling I am able to work from home.  Interests:  Gardening, baking, reading


I'm joining this challenge to get back on track with lowering my cholesterol, battling my food addiction demons, putting away the aches and pains in my hands and wrists (arthritis?), addressing my anxiety and depression issues, and just generally getting healthier.  I'm determined to keep the focus away from weight loss during this time, even though I definitely need to lose weight!  I acutally started with my W30 on Monday 7/28, but am hoping to extend it out to 60 or 90.  We'll see how I feel in 30 days - I did one of these before and felt fantastic!


Greatest challenges are the sugar demons, and getting past being a "carbaholic".  Also, not submitting to the temptations that will be around over the next 90 days...I don't keep a "clean" house - food-wise, that is.   <_<   (My house itself is VERY clean!)  But, there are lots of non-approved foods that will remain in-house for the boys.  I just need to deal with it!


Goals for August:

1)  Drink more water (with lemon)

2)  Eat more greens and more veggies in general

3)  Start walking and move that along to include weight-bearing exercise as well


Go us!


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Hi, I’m Laura and this is my first time trying the Whole 30. I live in Illinois with my husband of (almost) one year. We have two dogs and live in the country on an old farm that has been in my family for years. My Grandpa actually grew up there. Right now I work full time as an SEO specialist, but am excited to be starting a new job in sales and marketing on the 4th!


My main reason for getting back into the Paleo/Whole30 frame of mind is weight loss and looking good in my clothes. But, I also want to fix a lot of my health and digestive issues.


About 2 or 3 years ago I started getting itchy hives on my shoulders along with a list of other symptoms. Somewhere I read that it could be caused by gluten. In March of 2013 I read the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. I then tried Paleo for a bit but settled into eating gluten free for about a year with some occasional slip ups.


I have been trying to adhere to Whole30 principles for the past two weeks, but have not committed completely. I’ve had a glass of wine here and there, regular butter and one delicious bag of peanut m&ms I found while cleaning. I have been paying much better attention to what is on the labels of everything in the grocery store and have tried a number of recipes from The Clothes Make the Girl website. I really do feel a lot less sleepy during the day and no longer need my morning coffee.


I know that my biggest challenge will be alcohol. This Saturday we are having a hog roast at our house which will likely bring 50 to 100 people, all with dishes to pass and lots of drinks to go around. For this reason…I may be starting on the 3rd but have not reached a decision on that one yet. I know there will be a lot of temptation, but I plan on at least EATING Whole30 for the party.


Also, my 10 year class reunion is in two weeks. Alcohol will again be the biggest challenge there but I think it will be manageable.


My goals for the month are:

                Not to drink any alcohol
                Keep up on meal prep
                Walk or jog on the treadmill at least 3 times a week for at least half an hour


Thanks for reading! Good luck everyone!


<3 Laura

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