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coconut cream versus coconut milk. Difference?


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Hi, the ingredients on my coco cream and coco milk labels are identical but they're definitely not the same product! I find if I put a tablespoon of cream in my coffee, I am full for hours after so I think this is a good thing but welcome any thoughts or cautions against the use of either product. Thanks!

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If they have a nutrition panel, you should see a big difference between the levels of fat.


We're lucky enough to get pure coconut cream and milk here in Australia and I love coconut cream in coffee and thai curries (especially red curry!). To me, a thai curry isn't finished unless it gets that fragrant thin layer of fat appearing on the top at the end.


Coconut milk also usually has a little more sugar (natural) as the cream has very little natural sugar and the milk is lower in cream.


You can also mix them half and half if you want more fat but less thick.

Some recipes which call for coconut cream you can get by using coconut milk and adding coconut oil, but coconut cream also has fibre (coconut meat).

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