My period is back after 7 years of no-show!


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Dear ladies, I just have to shout this to the roof tops somewhere, and I figure this is the only subforum where it wouldn't be too weird to bring it up. :D


So, 7 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness (ulcerative colitis) and at the same time I also go pregnant with my first daughter. After having her I was put on strong immunosuppressants but still experiencing flare-ups regularly. My period also never came back. I had some spotting in the summer of 2011 after trying a low carb diet. The diet made my tummy better, but it was just so uncomfortable and not appetizing to me, so I gradually went back to regular "healthy" grainfilled eating. Since I obviously couldn't get pregnant we had to get medical help to get pregnant with our second daughter and I had her in april 2012. The pregnancy was difficult and I think it was because I simply wasn't healthy enough to carry a child, I just tricked my body into doing it with hormone therapy. Since then no period.


Last July I did my first Whole30 and I have done a couple of them since and stayed pretty strict paleo.

3 months ago I had a bleeding. I felt different but I didn't want to celebrate too early in case it was just some spotting. Well, since then I have been completely regular! I am not having anymore children, but it is still a huge thing for me that my body finally feels healthy enough to have a period again. I honestly never thought that would happen!

It might be a weird thing to celebrate but... yiiiipppie! :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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That's completely amazing! So very excited for you! I have a friend who recently got hers back after post-pill ahmennorhea which had lasted about 3 years and she shouted it from her biz Facebook page (she is a holistic health coach, so its kinda relevant!). Congrats!

That is exactly what I'm hoping for with me!! Congratulations to all the ladies you have experienced such healing, fingers crossed for me too, please!

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I am hoping that the Whole30 will bring back my cycle as well! I went over a year without a cycle and then it came back sporadically and now has stopped for the past couple of months. Really hoping to bring about some healing with the program and help regulate this

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