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Julia's First Pescatarian Whole30


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I've done the whole30 once before...kind of. I say kind of because while I was an angel 99.9% of the time, the Whole30 did fall on my birthday and I did have a drink.  This time around, I want to do it right.  The catch is that I've eliminated most meat from my diet, only eating fish. I'm hoping to stay on track!  I'm starting this Whole30 because I have recently moved and started a new job.  I have a history of being a stress eater and that's held true during this transition time for me!  I've been eating so badly as of late that now all I crave are carbs and sugar - and I have the skin and bloating to prove it! Hopefully this Whole30 will put me back on track, help clear up my skin and heal my gut!!!


Day 1:

-3 scrambled eggs with coconut oil, 5 squares of melon

-Veggie saute (1/2 onion, carrot, zucchini, spinach, nutritional yeast, coconut oil), 3 HB eggs, blueberries and grapes
-Eggplant with cauliflower sauce (cauliflower, garlic, shallot, coconut milk, mustard), snapper, melon

-Water: 1 gallon


How I felt: I ate too much fruit today, which is weird because I normally don't like fruit. I had leftover melon in my fridge and a meeting where it was served. I have to get comfortable with saying no and realizing it's not rude!


Day 2:

-Eggplant with cauliflower sauce, snapper, black coffee
-Spinach salad with blueberries, homemade mayo, can of tuna and slivered almonds, black coffee

-Eggplant with cauliflower sauce, snapper

-Water: 1 gallon


How I felt: Realizing this Whole30 is going to be rough!!! When I started my last Whole30, I was pretty strict paleo to begin with. This time around I'm starting it after being more lenient with my diet and boy, do I feel it! Hoping for an increase in motivation here soon ;)

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Sooo, the great thing about fish is, like meat, there's a lot of variety! Let's see if I'll be singing that tune in a couple of weeks...


Day 3

-Eggplant with cauliflower sauce, 3 HB eggs, slice of melon and black coffee

-3 HB eggs, kale salad with carrots, onions, walnuts and orange. Some watermelon. (I ate this at a chili potluck with oodles of cookies and my favorite junk food ever (Fritos) staring me in the face. Stay. Strong.)

-Shrimp with gai lan, pistachios

-Water: 1 gallon


How I felt: Hungover. Bad. The morning was actually quite pleasant. Then, as the day went on, I got super tired and along with it came a headache. By the time I got home, I felt super dizzy and fatigued. It's not even 7 pm and I'm already getting ready for bed. Oh, and my skin got worse. I know this is all normal for day 3, but it still sucks. The only thing that makes me feel better is that other people on day 3 are going through the same thing, and that means that we are doing it right!

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Day 4

-Eggplant with cauliflower sauce

-Shrimp with baby bok choy, several handfuls of nuts

-Shrimp with broccolini


Water: not nearly enough!


I started working a new shift in the ER today, which means we can't have our drinks with us and we have to leave them in the break room.  It also means no time for food or water and you have to have something that's easily scarf-able. Which is why I went heavy on the nuts.  Any snack ideas that are portable, quick to eat and vegetarian?!


I felt pretty good today. I think I'm getting the detox flu because around 5 PM I started fading pretty quick and a cough and runny nose kept bugging me. My mood was pretty good all day, though.  I can't wait for that energy to kick in!!!! 

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Day 5:

-Eggplant with cauliflower sauce, snapper, herbal tea

-TONS of sauteed veggies (onion, garlic, shallot, zucchini, carrot, spinach, baby bok choy, nutritional yeast), "ice cream sundae" (coconut cream, blueberries, toasted coconut)


I'm working the night shift so I only had two meals, space out thus far today due to my super long nap. I'm sure I'll be eating quite a few nuts on my way to a bathroom break :)


I guess I'm feeling better today, hard to say since I slept most of the day haha! We'll see how tonight treats me :)

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Like you, I do not meat but do eat fish.  I just finished my 1st W30 with success.  I ate a variety of fresh or frozen fish, and learned to make salmon or tuna cakes/burgers as well as fish stew.  Any meal that didn't have fish would have eggs. 

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