My friend's 'elegant' baked sweet potato salad


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This recipe I got from a friend some time ago and finally tried it over the weekend. It turned out to be fantastic! Vanilla maple vinaigrette adds a touch of sophistication to this salad, hence, I call it 'elegant' salad. I think the reason I procrastinated so long and didn't make it before is because I was a bit scared with the amount of ingredients in the recipe. However, if you look at it more carefully, its just 4 veggies (sweet potatoes, celery, bell pepper and green onion) and the rest of the recipe is mainly spices and condiments plus bacon and nuts. In any case, it's totally worth it. Try it and let me know what you think.






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Thank you ladies! I'm pretty new to this site so I'm still trying to figure it out. I thought the 30 day challenge was just a part of it and the forum had room for other healthy recipes. I was wrong! lol I'm personally on paleo diet so ffrom what I now understand this is similar to 21 day sugar detox program. I get it. the dressing wouldn't work;( I will try to make it modifying the dressing. I will keep you posted on the result. Keep it in mind for when you're through with the 30 day challenge ;)

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