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Whole26 and onward


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Ok, so I didn't make it to 30 days. I had 26 days of deliciously clean eating...the longest I've ever gone on any diet by a long shot. Instead of beating myself up for not sticking to an exact and somewhat arbitrary number of days, I am relishing in my successes, lessons learned, and a positive outlook on the future. Here's how my W26 went...


1. Lost 13 lbs!

2. Energy like I've never had before, and no ups and downs. Finally had the energy and confidence to start regular exercise. All last week (except Thurs, my bday) I've been able to get up at 5am for jogging and a crossfit inspired workout at home. Never would've thought I could do this because I just didn't have the energy.

4. Confidence. Not just in the way I feel because I feel a lot lighter and my clothes fit a lot better, but just general confidence to try new things and set goals for myself. Work schedules were grueling, kitchen messes got scary, house chores had to be ignored to make time for cooking, but through all of life's chaos and spontinaity I was able to carry on. I didn't just eat clean when it was convenient. I learned to make it happen instead of making excuses.

5. New habits....from sourcing ingredients to planning my menu to making it happen in the kitchen. I no longer feel the need to grab a couple of frozen pizzas to keep as a "backup plan" for tired evenings. Instead I've memorized how to make a quick veggie frittata. I keep my food processor on the counter now instead of my toaster so I can make mayo or salad dressing in minutes.


This was just the beginning of my journey. I've decided to stay W30 compliant 6 days a week (for my own sanity, I need to give myself a weekly break...even if it's just something small) and continue my exercise program indefinitely. I was non-compliant today (to put it lightly), and I honestly feel like total crap, which I realize now is how I used to feel all the time! Lethargic, queasy, tired, foggy, weak. I didn't really know how good I was feeling on W30 until I "cheated" and was thrown back in time so suddenly. I am glad I did this program, even for 26 days. It taught me a ton. Changed the way I think about food and health. Gave me self-confidence and so much more. I'm so thankful for ISWF and this forum! Many thanks to Melissa and Dallas. See my food photo journal here...


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