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just finished whole 30

Maria Pal

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Hi guys ,


I have just finished my first Whole30 and writing this sipping Latte ( OMG!)


I really enjoyed the program- for me it was challenging for the first week but quite easy after that!


I have done health check before and after Whole30 program. Before I had high level of cholesterol and very high blood pressure...my sugar levels were on the borderline between high and acceptable...

GUESS WHAT?? results after Whole 30 showed that everything is back to normal- my blood pressure improved dramatically and cholesterol dropped almost twice! I am healthy again)


In addition to that I have finally stopped smoking. This is the biggest victory ever.


On the sad side I did not lose much weight- only 2 kg ...was hoping for at least 4kg. But I have been doing strength workouts, so perhaps I have put on muscle ...

Overall, very  pleased and definately will be back;-) perhaps will go for the paleo diet with occasional diary as I love  cheese and coffees with milk from time to time)



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Congratulations! You did great! Kicking smoking to the curb and great numbers at the doctor are fabulous!


2 kg loss is almost 5 lbs which is perfectly reasonable and healthy weight loss. Nothing to scoff at. If you did that every month for a year you would be down 60 lbs just to put it in perspective.


I would highly encourage you to follow the reintroduction protocol (seems you have chosen dairy for your first - yum) to see how your body responds and then choose how you shall ride your own bike.

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