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hello all!

so i am officially half way through day 10 and yesterday i started breaking out BAD. and now i have about 5 pimples just in one area of my chin. i'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else recently? before whole30 i was on vacation for 3 weeks and ate whatever i wanted, but prior to that i had been eating 80-20 paleo since february.

i'm hoping that it is just the toxins working their way out of my body, but i'm wondering how long the breakouts lasted for others? and if i keep up (which i'm more than going to, aside from fatigue and this breakout, i haven't had any other bad side effects) will it most likely subside before the end?

thank you!

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This is fairly common, and yes, it's likely detox. It may or may not clear up by day 30--that depends on your hormones, level of toxicity, and whether or not you're doing other things that exacerbate it. I know for me, tomatoes and cacao powder cause breakouts, and sun either helps or harms. My best advice is don't fret and ride it out. Most people, including me, end up with surprisingly clear and glowing skin as a result of w30. Hang in there!

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I had terrible acne on my back when I was pregnant with my son. It decided to hang around afterwards so I still break out every now and again. I have it on my face a little now as I have my Pd. It is very painful so you have my sympathies. My friend sent me to a US website called acne.org which I found helpful. It is a guy who sells his own creams which he found cleared up his own acne.  They work very well and believe me I was very skeptical at first. They are expensive enough (especially to ship to Ireland) but I found they worked for me so it was worth it. If  you do decide to use them then be extra careful in the sun.  


I find that sugar really adds to the breakouts so perhaps your body is ridding itself of toxins and your skin will settle down soon.

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Ok, I'm not crazy.  This also happened to me and I doubted if the W30 was working as I wasn't feeling any other benefits either.  However, a few days later it's completely healed (yes, even the angry looking ones).  Well... with a little help from Tea Tree Oil.  :P

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