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Whole 30 in Costa Rica, starting AUGUST 1st 2014

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Hi all, Raymond here in Costa Rica.

JUST registered, 1st time post is right noow, July 30th 9:30 am CR time

54 years old, originally from USA/Canada, been living here in Costa Rica since 2001. Last 15 years have been a continual journey of getting healthier.

1st "change" started in 2000, living in Southern California at the time, I was over 300 lbs, (320) typical workaholic, at a desk 10 hrs a day, no exercise, constant junk food day and night, cranky, tired, depressed.

Got fed up with being depressed, feeling old, no energy, and bad body image. Because of personal changes (separation from my CR wife) I had the freedom to move to a new location (Vancouver) where no one knew me, so I had no "un-support group" of friends with unhealthy lifestyles. 

After 2 days in Vancouver by myself, I bought the book "Protein Power", and followed in to the 9th degree. I cut all carbs to virtually nothing, stuck on a fairly strict diet that is similar to what is now popular as "Paleo", and went from 320 lbs-190 lbs in 10 months with only that diet change and long walks daily as excursive. No Gym, no trainer. Just cut the crap food, ate right and daily long energetic walking. The most expensive part of the process, was a joy, after 4 months, and every 3 months, shopping for WAY smaller size clothes or having so mine take things in to fit the "new me"


Obviously, that 130 lb weight loss, that quickly changed everything in my life for the better, but also opened me up 2 things. One, to paying attention to my diet and realizing how and what I ate defines my health. Two, It also gave me a very strong " if I can lose 120+ lbs in less then a year with no surgery or pills, I can do anything" :-)

Shortly after that, moved to Costa Rica. Anyone that does not know, Costa Rica is one of the 7 "BlueZones" globally where people live longer, healthier lives. So all around me, I had (and still have) 70 to 90 year olds, men and women, that are in far better physical condition then me, working full days running their ranches and farms and homes and businesses, very active lifestyles, and even now, I go hiking up the mountains and can't keep up with them. Humbling and motivating at the same time.

But I have had some other health /diet revelations in the last 3 years, and it leads me to believe that going "cold turkey" for 30 days on this plan, while it will be difficult, may well bring me amazing results, and let me learn even more about what foods effect me in what ways. I have already this year been cutting way back on sugar, and way less of anything made with grains.

And I can do ANYTHING for 30 days :-) Just try me !

Currently at around 205, but I will weigh myself tomorrow to get the "starting weight" to make sure.

I have one distinct advantage, and that's that Costa Rica is the healthiest place for this I know, it has has a 365 day a year "perfect springtime weather" growing season, so you do not get affected by seasonality, with an assortment of amazing vegetables and fruits, many I never knew of till coming to Costa Rica.

I have an "every Saturday Feria" or Costa rica Farmers Market that I go to, (Costa Rica style, the family selling the food, actually ARE the farmers that grew and picked it, no middle men) so loading up on good things to eat for the whole30 day plan, that fit the plan, will be easy.

And animal protein here is also much healthier, free range chicken and grass fed beef are the norm here, and pork is great, and seafood is abundant and FRESH FRESH, I have fishermen friends that I get Lobster, Shrimp "still kicking" and fish that were caught that same day, abundant varieties, mostly saltwater, but freshwater trout and talapia as well as a HUGE freshwater prawns that is in the rivers here, big as a small lobster.

fyi, I am writing all this to "make a public commitment" to  the whole30 day plan, showing myself and the world I have ZERO excuse to cheat or not complete.

Raymond / Healthy Living in Costa Rica

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