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Fat options

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I'm getting confused about omega 6's and 3's and what fats to eat. I've read info on Robb Wolf's website that talks about the high levels of phytates and linoleic acid in nuts in addition to the high omega 6's (pro-inflammatory). Olive oil is also high in omega 6's, and coconut oil has no omegas at all!

I know to eat grass-fed meats for the right omegas, but what about other fats? I had to put down the nut butters to stop from eating them like it was my job (too good!), and now I may have to put down the coconut butter for the same reason.

I know these foods should be treated as "condiments," but I'd still like some advice about which ones to favor.


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Basically, avoid processed vegetable oils, any trans fats, and TOO MUCH omega 6s (these are good when balanced with omega 3s). Coconuts are great sources of fat because they are natural, have no trans fats, and no omega 6s. They are high in saturated fat, so they're pretty heat stable and do not oxidize easily.

balancedbites.com has a couple of pretty good guides on fats and cooking oils, check them out. :P



Hope this helps :)

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