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Who needs pasta?

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Wow. We are about three weeks out from our first whole30 and have had a few "off-road" days/meals, but are still eating mostly compliant (at least 85-90% each week) We went out for dinner tonight at a lovely Italian place. I ordered a caprese salad for an appetizer. I've been craving fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil for weeks now....I have to say, I was a little disappointed! It was just ok. The tomatoes weren't very good. I could have done so much better at home!

For dinner, I ordered Chicken Saltimbocca minus the pasta. I asked for a side of asparagus instead. $3.99 for 8 spears of asparagus? Really? It was in place of the pasta! Anyway...the chicken was good. And it was just enough to eat. Didn't need the pasta.

My husband had Wild Mushroom Ravioli in a cream sauce. I took one bite and thought "nope-don't miss it at all." Really-not even a little bit! :o I had a sliver of the bread with my tomatoes and mozzarella. It was ok-again, haven't really missed it!

We also had one martini. We talked about the meals we have had out at restaurants since we started our whole30 on June 25th. Before our whole30, we'd indulge in the bread, more than one martini and dessert after dinner! UGH. Nothing tastes very good when we go out now. I'd rather cook at home! It's better and less expensive.

I'm so psyched by how our taste buds have changed over the last two months. EVERYTHING good is better! EVERYTHING bad is worse! :D SO COOL! And so reinforcing that what we are doing is right!

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