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What is a Whole30 log/How do I sign up to be part of the Aug 1st Whole30?


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Hi Everyone!


This is my first time posting to anything ever so I am not quite sure what I am doing - please bear with me here.


I wanted to start a new thread but wasn't sure how so I thought I would pop in here and ask my question hoping someone may be able to help me out. While looking for a thread/group I saw some people discussing a whole 30 log. What is that exactly?


Also, the reason I wanted to post something was to see if there was a way to "officially" participate in the Whole30 challenge starting on August 1st. I have tried to complete a whole30 (by myself) for a few months now and although I feel great, I can't make it passed day 12 without saying I am doing so well and feel good that I deserve a "treat". Such an awful way to think and am hoping to be able to stick with it this time but thought the accountability feature would be nice.


Any ideas/suggestions are much appreciated.



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Your Whole30 log is where you document your Whole30.  Most people post their meals and any exercise on their log, and it also includes changes they notice as they move through the process. Think of it as a Whole30 blog journal to track and acknowledge your progress.


View all kinds of examples of how people use their log here: http://forum.whole9life.com/forum/24-your-whole30-log/


All you have to do to start on the August 1st Whole is commit to starting on that date. :)   If you want to participate in a group thread, just reply to any of the August 1st group threads that have started. 

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