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Everything is awesome

Everything is cool when you're part of a team

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Day 0


Hello all,

Excited to be back & happy to see so many familiar names about the place.

I think the last time I did a Whole30 was October '13 when I

started Crossfit...I didn't log it here & the "results" were

dissapointing but asfair I did it a bit half-assed anyway. In the last

year I have been pretty much paleo apart from occasions like

Christmas, annual trip to Spain etc. And I celebrated my big 4-0!


Over the year & these occasions I have gained weight & not managed to

lose it so am currently 5-6kg (12-14lbs) over where I'd like to be

which I am not happy about!

But on the brighter side I have come to love Crossfit & have made

great progress in my strength, general fitness & overall confidence.

In June I got a deadlift pr of 105kg (231.5lb)

and I have overcome my fear of the 20"box too :)

Looping gif my coach took :)





The 30 days will also be counting down to the kids going back to

school <whispers....yay!!>




and I really want to get back to two daily practices,



and this


So this Whole30 I want to be in the best possible shape coming in to

CF test week in September and just be full of vitality & radiant good

health (and lose some padding!)

Here's to a rockin' by-the-book super awesome Whole30.

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Day 0 happenings


- Defrosted & cleared out my fridge/freezer. Yes, defrosted the fridge! Because the thermostat is fried & the fridge is way colder than it should be....Was hoping we'd be able to replace it soon but not to be :( Frozen lettuce anyone? Not too much to get rid of/pack away. Will do BIG shop in the morning.
- Didn't go to crazy on last day blow-out. Had a raw-rev bar, a protein shake, and a cup of tea with milk, everything else was compliant.

- Went to Crossfit this evening. Coincidentally Coach just got himself a calipers and will do my body fat % on Saturday, so that will be interesting to see if it comes down over the 30 days, esp as I plan to add in an extra days CF training from the 6th.

- Also meant to mention that I am using the Pact App - anyone else? and getting paid cash money for my veggie consumption & walking (10,000 steps on fitbit).

- catched up a bit on my Simple Abundance creading but still more than a months work to catch up on.

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Yay! That's awesome that you love the CrossFit so much! Sounds like you have a great coach. Our gym just de-affiliated with CF so we're focusing almost entirely on strength and much less on conditioning. I kind of miss CrossFit, but love my trainer so much I'm sticking with him.


Happy food shopping!

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Day 1


Here we go folks!!


8am - weigh-in, measure-in, beforepics-in. Will be weird *not* weighing in every morning & putting in my Libra app :blink:


8.30am - 2 boiled eggs, 2 slice prosciutto, raw veggies - cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper. 2 black coffees
Also had 1 tsp each of glutamine & wheatgrass in water. Also had a lil' oopsie and had 2 fish oil capsules without realising the shell included glycerin. So I've put them aside (together with practicall all my supps) for my W30



After breakfast went to do the BIG shop, jeez spent €100/$75 and that's nowhere near enough for the week.
After packing away (fridge tetris!) we all (dh has every Friday off for the Summer school break) headed to Ikea, where we planned to have lunch (kids love the meatballs & "jam"!) I reckoned there'd be nothing compliant so I brought my own & shamelessly ate it in the restaraunt.

1pm - and boy I needed it by then! Hangry Mammy!


Salad leaves, pepper, cherry tomatoes, carrot, sugar snap peas, half an avo & peppered smoked salmon + homemade dressing


5.30ishpm after MUCH cooking.

Baby potato wedges, beetroot & walnut dip, coleslaw, herby spicy chicken legs.

So that's it, kitchen closed for the night....I hope!


I'm trying attaching the pics via tapatalk this time...does it work? It's easier than the instagram/webstagram.



ETA - for fellow Irish shoppers , some finds. Lidl streaky rashers (both varieties) are ok, Aldi are not. Lidl Spanish deals have compliant chozizo and cartons of gazpacho. Aldi have 2 packs of avo's for 39c.

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Day 1 and you're already rockin' it!

What do you love about Crossfit? I'm sorely tempted to give it a shot once my back injury is fully in the clear, but I just can't quite wrap my brain around it, yet.

Love the big happy pic of you with what looks like a Guinness martini. You're such a shining star! Cheers to 40! I've got a few years to go, but my mum and Gram both said 40 was their favorite age, so I gladly look forward to it.

Cheers, also, to your full-arsed 2014 W30 and achieving all your goals!

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Ha ha my full-arse  :) Big & juicy! 

Drink was an espresso martini, of which I had several, and I wonder why I couldn't sleep when I got home from party at 5am!!


What I love about Crossfit (in no particular order)

  • the community spirit & great company - esp as a stay at home mum it's nice to have adults to chat & have a laugh with.
  • my coach, who is just such a decent bloke
  • lifting heavy - how I love deadlifting, it makes me feel awesome.
  • seeing improvements in my overall fitness, seeing my times in baseline workouts come down etc (I have lost no weight/size, in fact I've gained it but in light of improved fitness it doesn't bother me so much)
  • healthy competition - I have a streak a mile wide and since giving up running & races I'd missed this in my life.
  • fit lads taking their tops off :P
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Thanks for the avo heads up.  I need to go grocery shopping.


I feel like I am just getting through each day until the end of the holidays :(


I forgot to take before photos this morning so I will get them done in the morning :)

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We haven't even discussed my weakness for Irishmen. I'm fainting over here.

If you tell me he's smart, decent, kind, available, and interested in a green card, I'm on the next flight. . . .

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Day 2


8.30am - black coffee kindly delivered in bed by Lily


9am - scrambled eggs (2) with ghee & some smoked peppered salmon, sugarsnap peas (poor man asparagus?), half an avo, another blk coffee




11am - Crossfit Mobility class - stretchtastic! Then I availed of a new service my coach just started - body fat analysis, so I got that done. Pretty cringey for both of us all the handling of flesh....Got my results this afternoon - 21.28% :huh: I think this is a bit off, I do not look lean, I have love handles but this number suggests otherwise...another 1.28% down puts me in the "fit athlete" range! Will be interesting to see what w30 and stepping up my CF training will do to that %.

And then :wub: deadlifting :wub: . I'm working off a strength training spreadsheet based on your last pr. So today I did working sets of 3x70, 3x80 and then 3* (3 + as many as you can rep out) x 90kg (just shy of 200lb). I got 7 reps :D  Plugging that in to 1rm calculator gives me 111kg so I am on track for hitting my goal of 110kg (242.5lb) in test week next month. Whoop!


1pm - chorizo, red pepper, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, fried up with an egg (pic in pan as I never get it out nicely!). Served with pile of last nights coleslaw.

Coffee with coconut milk




4.30pm - mug of mystery broth from freezer.

5.30pm - boleganse on zoodles



Irish/uk peeps - I got compliant balsamic vinegar in M&S today. And also smoked bacon lardons.


Tea, ynab & cross-stitch tonight - EXCITING :P

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Day 3


8am - blk coffee
8.30am - scrambled eggs (3) with mushrooms & spring onions, beetroot dip, cherry tomatoes. cm coffee.



1pm - gaspacho (Lidl) with extra spring onion & cucumber. Salad with ranch dressing (thanks LadyM!) chorizo & half an avo.

I thought this was maybe too much fat, but I was ravenous by 4pm!




4.15pm - mug of bone broth

5.30pm - roast chicken, roast carrots, cabbage & baby potatoes. mayo.  I did have seconds of veg.



6pm - sharing a tray of kale crisps with Lily

  • Other musings
  • Have been quite hungry (I think) going to bed these last few days, stomach felt rumbly, probably missing my evening snack, but hopefully I will get used to it.
  • Hit all my Pact goals this week :) - 10,000 steps 6 days, and 15 servings of veg over the week. I have increased next weeks goal to 18 portions.
  • I feel "slimmer" already, my mummy pooch is less filled out - horray for droopy pooch :lol:
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Haha! I'll cheer for the droopy pooch, too!

What's your review of the ranch? Better than Well Fed?

Is it possible you needed more protein at lunch? It seems to me chorizo is nearly as much fat as protein. Perhaps another added bit of animal flesh on that salad would have helped tide you over. But bone broth is my go-to also when I'm hungry but know a meal isn't imminent or the best choice, like at bedtime.

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