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You are the only person who can answer that question.


For me, I know any hormonal birth control is not my friend (it's been blindingly obvious for years) so I have chosen not to go down that route. I have a copper coil fitted (no hormones) and that works for me.


If you've had it for five years, though, you will know whether or not the hormones affect you. I would say if you've had it in for five years and got on with it well during that time there is no reason not to continue with it.


Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I had the mirena back to back for 10 years and thought  I loved it. Other than skin and acne issues, I had no problems with it. It was due to be removed a few months ago and since then, my skin issues have cleared up. While I had the mirena, I did a few Whole 30's and skin issues did not clear up. Since I've had the mirena removed I haven't started any other birth control. I've heard horror stories about mood swings and depression from the mirena but thankfully I didn't experience that. Good luck with your decision!

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