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It's BK's Post-Whole 30 Log-I made it!!


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For my first post here I thought I'd use my last post on my official log, so here goes!!!


Ok, here are my super final thoughts before I move on to my post w30 log!


First off, I ended up losing 16 pounds! I can't find my pre measurements, so I just didn't do my post measurements. Clothes are looser and I feel like I am on track to hopefully get some more of the 50 more pounds I need to lose. BUT, I will let this happen healthfully. I plan to add some fitness back in. I am actually kind of missing my workouts. I am thinking of starting a minimal running program mixed with my new kettlebell program. I promise myself I won't get obsessive about exercise. Especially while working back to back nights-sleep will always be my number one priority. It has been so refreshing these past few weeks to actively try to reduce stress, increase sleep, and focus on health instead of caloric burn vs caloric intake. I feel so strongly about this I even deleted my fitness pal from my phone!


I am thinking I would ultimately like to add only a couple of things back in my diet. Maybe corn? I love corn tortillas and some tortilla chips. Maybe selective dairy? Like heavy cream and maybe try some full fat cheeses? Not sure about this one yet, since I haven't missed it really... I am also on the fence-I don't want to eat anymore gluten, but I also am curious to see now how it would affect me. Same with rice-mostly out of convenience at restaurants. It just depends though...


So, I am moving on to another log with lots of great experiences to use and refer to in the future, so I'll see you there!  :)


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Ok, last night I went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I did eat a few tortilla chips with salsa, but ordered the fajitas. They were yummy! It was nice not having to worry about how they were cooked. Plus, it was nice knowing that I didn't even WANT anything else! After dinner, I did have some fresh pineapple and cherries. 


Thoughts-I am anxious about how the chips will affect me, but I felt good about eating the few I had. I am happy that I could stop after a few, instead of eating the entire basket! We will see how I feel after :)


Also, I was surprised (happily) that I just had a few cherries and a little pineapple for dessert. It felt weird having a separate dessert, but yet again I was satisfied with just a little bit. Yay!


So, I am cautiously moving forward. I am a little anxious of reintroduction, but I feel like as long as I am very judicious with what I truly want to have I should be ok. Here's hoping anyway!! 

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