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July 31....Day 4 of my adventure.  Not sure how long I'll go, 30 days minimum, but I really want to draw it out longer, more like 60 or 90.  We will see as time goes.


Me?  47 y/o wife and mom of 2 boys, 2 dogs, and 2 cats, living in North Texas.  I work in Healthcare IT.  When I'm not traveling, I'm able to work from home.  Nice!   :P  


I'm a self-proclaimed carbaholic and sugar addict.  I love to cook, and once upon a time owned a specialty cakes and deserts business.  


I have done a W3 once before, about a year ago, with great success.  My focus was weight loss, but saw wonderful improvements in anxiety, migraine headaches, my "bacne" (back acne), complexion, energy, and sleep patterns.


This time around, I'm determined to stay away from the scale and not let myself have any focus on weight.  Any loss is a side benefit.  


My objectives for this new lifestyle are to:

  1. See improvements in my bloodwork (LDL is currently a bit high, but HDL and triglicerides are great!)
  2. Get rid of my headaches and migraines
  3. Get rid of the achey joints, especially my hands and wrists (arthritis?)
  4. Improve my sleeping
  5. Reduce stress, and address my constant anxiety and on-and-off depression
  6. See that "glow" to my skin that I have when I'm sticking with a clean diet. 

My goals are to:

  1. Stick to the W30 Program 
  2. Plan out meals a week in advance and stick with it
  3. Drink more water (with lemon)
  4. Eat more green veggies
  5. Start walking again and hopefully progress into jogging/running.  
  6. Start some sort of strength training program.
  7. Work-Life Balance - put some structure around my workdays when I am working from home - it's too easy to get sucked into checking e-mail at 6 am, plow through the entire workday, then get back on my laptop and work until 9 or 10 pm.  

And with that I guess I'd better start my workday!  



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August 1...Day 5   :D


Still going strong.  Noticed that I have a few pimples on my face, which is unusual for me.  Guess that's the bad coming out!  I have awakened with a headache for the past several days, but it goes away fairly quickly.   My emotions have been up and down the past few days as well.


I always drink my coffee black, but yesterday because of a tummy ache, went for herbal tea instead.  This morning I only had half a cup of coffee before I switched to water.  Who knows - maybe I'll unintentionally go "off" coffee altogether.  ot one of my goals, but if it happens, it is what it is!   :P


Planning underway for next week's meals...I cleaned out the fridge this morning, took inventory, and then made a list based upon the plans for meals next week.  Headed to the grocery store and picked up everything from my list...along with the food for my 12-year old son's "bummer, we have to go back to school soon" party this weekend.  So I'm stocked up with lots of great W30 stuff, and he's stocked up with chips, dips, and cookies.   :blink:   Hmmmm...  I have to say though - I'm proud of him.  I offered to get him sodas and he said no, he'd drink water instead...and he was more interested in the little-neck clams I bought for dinner tongiht than in my offer to let him go pick out some candy for his "candy stash".  Gotta love that kid!  


Looking forward to the anxiety going away...still struggling with that.  


Want to track the following for the next week (I'll redefine the list weekly):


Daily Walk (target 12K steps)

Breakfast Vitamins

Lunch Vitamins

Bedtime Vitamins

90 oz water daily

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August 2 ... Day 6


Not so great on the water yesterday - didn't drink 90 oz.  Did vitamins, including the bedtime, which I haven't taken in a few weeks.  Didn't walk either - I think I got about 5,800 steps in yesterday.  Onward and upward, today is another day.


Have been sticking to the eating plan, so that's good. 


Breakfast today - 2 eggs over medium, sauteed zucchini, bell pepper, and onion.  

Lunch - taco salad with romaine, carrots, celery, seasoned ground beef.  I miss my sour cream and cheese!  And, I caught myself almost snagging a chip as I walked past the bowl of tortilla chips, and had to quickly pull my hand back!

Dinner tonite will be grilled steaks, grilled veggies (zucchini, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms), broccoli or green beans, and I have a VERY ripe pineapple that I think I'm going to slice up and grill also. 


Still a little bit achey - woke up with the achey hands and wrists.  But, I don't think I had a headache this morning.   If I had one, I didn't notice it!  A couple of new pimples on my face, I guess that stuff will have to work its way out.  But, I remember from doing this before how my skin GLOWED, so I know I'll get there.  Oh, and I had puffy eyes this morning, so wondering what caused that.  Again, I figure that I just need to give stuff time to work it's way out.  I'm not going to over-analyze any of this for the next 30-60 days.  I figure there will be lots of changes before things settle out.  But, I do want to keep track of what happens so I can go back and see where things have improved.


Oh, I do seem to have more energy today.  That's a plus this early on!


Late Day Edit:  So, didn't get the dinner...dinner ended up being a handful of pecans and some watermelon and cantaloupe that I'd cut up earlier today.  

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August 3 - Day 7

Sunday.  Good day.  Ran errands.  Went for an afternoon swim.  


Breakfast was an egg, a leftover chicken breast, sauteed zucchini, peppers, and onions, and some fruit (diced watermelon and cantaloupe).  


Got really hungry while we were out running errands, then I guess I passed the hunger b/c all of the sudden I realized it was 3 pm and I hadn't eaten lunch!  Oops!  I was starting to get hungry so had an apple and a handful of nuts to hold me over to dinner.


Crab and Shrimp boil for dinner.  Since the Whole30 now allows white potatoes, I had a couple of little red potatoes with my shrimp and crab.  I did not have any of the corn on the cob - one of my all time favorite foods.  That was hard.  But I CRAVE corn so much that I believe it is really a trigger food for me.  So, yay me!  


This is one week down.   I'm feeling bloated and achey in my lower abdomen and lower back.  Face is pretty much a mess with a few pimples, and I just look tired right now.  Hands and wrists still aching a bit.  I know that this will all pass, and it may well take more than the 30 days.  I'm going to stay the course.  Need to start up my morning walks with the dogs again, which I haven't done since June.  I felt better when I was walking in the mornings.  I think they did too!   ;)

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August 4...Day 8

Busy Monday.  Stressful.  Didn't sleep well last night - woke up a couple of times, and finally at 3 am went out to the couch, achey/crampy tummy and lower back.  Didn't get back to sleep until 5.  Was "off" all day - just tired, not productive, and not functioning well because of lack of sleep.  Unfortunately, that means I'll be working late tonight to try and catch up on what I didn't get done today.


Breakfast:  2 eggs, fruit, 1/2 avocado

Lunch:  Taco meat mixed with sauteed zucchini, onion, bell pepper, and cauliflower

Afternoon:  handful of nuts and larabar  (I haven't needed to snack lately, but I think I got so hungry today becuase I didn't sleep well last night)

Dinner:  Taco meat mixed with sauteed zucchini, onion, bell pepper, and cauliflower


Need to finish up my work for the day and get to bed so I can have a better (more productive, and time for a walk!) day tomorrow.

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August 5...Day 9

Woke up with my eyelids slightly puffy and wrists/hands still aching.  I'm starting to think that if this is still happening at the end of August, I'm going to try 30 days of AIP.  It does feel like I might be losing weight - but I'm not going to get on the scale.  I started wondering over the weekend if this might help my spider veins also.  I'm hoping to see some results there after 60-90 days.  I scoured the site and it seems that some people have had success with lessening spider veins when following a Whole30.  Now, how about my awful cellulite?   ;)  Ok, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.  


Worked until about 8:30 last night.  Went to bed at 9.  Slept ok - better than the night before - but still woke up several times.  Realized I didn't have any coffee yesterday.  I'd cut it down to 1/2 - 1 cup, but yesterday didn't have any.  Going to have a cup this morning, which should help be a bit with not being so foggy.


Walked the dogs this morning.  Only a mile - felt good, and could have gone 2, but I had to get back for meetings and to get my day rolling.


I am going to start keeping an "thankful" log.  Today I'm thankful that I live out in the country and my walks with the dogs take us past agrigultural fields (wheat right now - how ironic!) and also fields of horses and longhorn cattle.  


Breakfast:  scramble with 2 eggs, 2 meatballs, cauliflower rice, coffee

Lunch:  taco meat, green beans, 1/2 banana

Dinner:  meatballs, broccoli, 2 small white potatoes ("baby potatoes")

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August 6...Day 10


Last night I slept better than I have in quite a while, but am achey and "slow" this morning (my arms and legs feel really heavy is the only way I can explain it).  Had a glass of water and half an avocado b/c I was hungry then took the dogs for a walk.  


Let's start with my thankful log...I'm thankful that I get to work from home, but I'm also thankful that I get to travel for my job sometimes. Whenever I go out on the road, it injects a new enthusiasm for my job as I get "face to face" with people instead of only communicating via email and conference bridge.


Breakfast:  3 eggs

Lunch:  meat balls, sauteed zucchini, watermelon and cantaloupe cubes

Snack:  coconut butter, apple, mango, pecans

Dinner:  grilled steak, green beans, 2 baby potatoes, crab (leftover from Sunday's dinner)


Hmmm....Today is the first day I've really felt like "cheating".  I ate everything in sight - I was literally a bottomless pit - but I think it was all compliant.  I think I need to cut some of the fruit and carbs maybe?  Not sure.  Maybe it's just "Day 10 Blues".  For now I'm going to continue forward, keep the fruit to a max of 2 servings a day, limit my nut intake (pecans are my fave) and keep working on getting my veggies and protein in!

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August 7...Day 11


Morning:  I know I need to give this time to work.  Yesterday I was having the little demons go through my head - this will never work, you aren't feeling any better, just 1 cookie would give you that relief you need...wouldn't it be great to sit down and devour a whole (family sized!) bag of peanut M&Ms...  and then I started thinking - maybe I need to change up what I'm doing, I am puffy and achey and bloated and gassy right now.  NO!  I need to stay the course the full 30 days.  I'm planning on going longer than 30 days anyway.  Stay the course for the 30, then figure out if I need to do an AIP or make additional adjustments for my second 30...  I'm in this for the long haul, emotional rollercoasters and all!


Ok, so that's where I am this morning, and now off to figure out what's for breakfast...  Yesterday I was famished.  Today I'd just rather not eat.  Better get something in me though!  


Evening update:

Breakfast:  3 eggs, apple

Lunch:  Nick's Mini Beef Bites, baby carrots

Dinner:  Crab (cold, last of the leftovers from Sunday!) Green Beans, 2 baby potatoes


Interestingly - I wasn't as hungry today as I was yesterday.  Guess my body's trying to settle in...


I did get my walk with the dogs in yesterday.  Today I am thankful that our air conditioner, which has been out for nearly two weeks, finally got FIXED!  

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Thanks Dierdre!  I think you are spot-on!  


So, where in TX are you?  I'm about 65 miles north of Dallas, outside of a little town called Gunter.  I see the DFW news and when they report the traffic, I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to sit in the awful rush-hour traffic since I am so fortunate to have a telecommuter job!  

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August 8...Day 12


Morning:  Walked the dogs, and now I'm forcing down my breakfast so I can go mow the lawn before it gets TOO hot.  Supposed to be 102 today, but right now it's only 85.   I was enthusiastic, and made 3 eggs and a whole bunch of green beans - but with the thought of the heat out there, I don't think I can eat it all!  It'll probably be a lighter breakfast and I'll have a tough time at lunch because I know after mowing 3 acres, I'm not going to be feeling like having lunch either!  I took today off so I could mow, get some cleaning done, shop for the week, get a haircut, and take my son to buy school clothes.  Better get going!


Today I am thankful that I am able to telecommute and I don't have to deal with the DFW rush hour traffic.  Instead I'm able to make good use of that commute time and get stuff done around the house (laundry, vaccuum, straightening up, etc) so we don't have to do it ALL on the weekends!!!   ^_^



Breakfast:  eggs, green beans...


Afternoon update:


...then headed out for a haircut for me, and  school clothes shopping for my son, forgot to take any snacks, and got really, really, really hungry...bad move... :wacko:


Lunch (or snack, or grazing, or whatever you want to call it...when I got home...):  Larabar, nuts (Men's health nut packs, 2of them eaten in rapid succession).  Oh, and a tummy ache from bolting all of that dense food. 


Dinner:  Still off from letting myself get too hungry earlier in the day...there's a lesson to be learned here!  Sweet Potato, banana, almond butter, ground beef (can you tell I was on a carb binge?  A sweet potato AND a banana?!?!?!?)  This was actually more grazing across several hours.  Not all eaten at one sitting.  Need to do a better job of just sitting down and eating a meal.  The whole day was off kilter for me.   :(


I have a second and third "thankful" to note for the day also...  

  • When running errands today I decided to wear a pair of "work slacks" and a nice blouse - instead of my standard baggy shorts and tee shirt.  Since I'm traveling next week, and I need to wear some of my nicer business casual stuff...and also since I was getting a haircut for the first time at a new salon that I've never used before...wanted to look nice.  I figured that the pants would fit well, since I've been "watching what I eat" for the past 2 weeks.  UGH.  tight, tight, tight.  in all the wrong places.  Yeah, not a happy moment.  AND - I have to wear those pants (or, at least, pants the same size as those) when I'm traveling next week).  Well, my "thankful" out of this is that I didn't throw my hands up in the air and say "what the heck" and have McDonald's or some other fast food for lunch!
  • DH decided to take the boy and go to Braums for dinner.   :blink:   I went along, but didn't partake.  Thankful in hindsight, and I knew I would be, but it was HARD sitting in the car with the smells of the fries and the yummy-lishious burgers...  
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August 9...Day 13


Bolted straight out of the door this morning to run errands with DH, but was SMARTER today - grabbed a couple of bags of nuts, and a couple of packets of beef sticks (Nick's Sticks).


Breakfast:  Nick's Sticks, coffee

Lunch:  handful of cashews (still running errands!)

Dinner:  hamburger (just the patty), asparagus, mushrooms, melon cubes


Much better than yesterday.  I did eat too many nuts today, but given the situation with being out and about, and the fact that I didn't cave to any fast food places...good to go.   :rolleyes:   I'll take it!


Today I am thankful that we were able to get the roll-down tarps on our back patio secured at the bottom before afternoon storms came in, so we could sit out on the patio with the rain beating down around us, and enjoy being "outside".  Oh, and I'm REALLY thankful that we got an unexpected early August Texas rainshower!  BONUS!!!   :D

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August 10...Day 14

Yay!  Two weeks!  I have to keep telling myself that I'm ONLY 2 weeks into my Whole30.  Well, my "first" 30 of what I'm hoping will be a Whole100, and I will adjust as I go.  Just getting through the first 30 on the regular plan, then I'll figure out if I need to "tweak" it (i.e.:  AIP the second 30 days?  We'll see...)


So, thankful log item today - this MUST be working - my "bacne" (yukky blemishes on my upper back between my shoulder blades) seems to be just about gone...  Yay!    My second thankful log item - DH went for a walk with me yesterday AND this morning!  In fact, he woke me up to go at 6 am both days to get it out of the way before the heat of the day (because if we wait until it gets too warm we won't go!)


So, it's 8 am, and we've already been up for a walk, had our coffee, and fed the animals (dogs and cats).  Guess I'd better go get me some breakfast, and then, despite my frustration on Friday with how my pants fit, and the fact that all of my "nice business casual work clothes" are about 6 years old because I'm always waiting "to lose 10 lbs" before I'll buy more clothes...I think I may go reward myself for a successful 14 days of W30 by purchasing a new work outfit today.   ;)   That's a serious stretch for me! 


Will come back later and log my meals - I'm going to go dig thru the fridge and figure out what I can fix for brekkie...


Afternoon Update:


Breakfast:  3 eggs over a saute of onion, bell pepper, zucchini, asparagus.  

Lunch:  Epic bar (Turkey & Cranberry)

Snack:  Homemade beef jerky

Dinner:  Grilled turkey cutlets, green beans w/ homemade hollandaise sauce, banana, cherries


Andddd....drumroll please....  this is huge for me.  I did purchase not only a work business casual outfit today, I also got a new pair of jeans.  DH has been bugging me for (oh, probably 3 years) to get new jeans. I hate buying jeans - they never look good.  So there was a ceremonial burial (in the trash can) of my old blue jeans yesterday.  

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August 11...Day 15


Have been prepping for my business trip this week.  I've done really well on the road in the past - but most of the time it's a free-for-all.  (Who can pass up that many opportunities to have dessert!?!?!)   Since lunches will be catered, I made beef jerky over the weekend to take, and I have some packs of nuts and also an epic bar (those are expensive!  I bought two and ate one while I was out running errands yesterday - it was "meh", but nice to have in a pinch to keep me from getting too hungry and going on a nut binge later in the day!)  As for the other meals - I should be able to do eggs for breakfast, and some sort of grilled meat at dinners, and if there is a problem with either, I'll have enough "compliant snacks" to keep me out of trouble!


Today I'm thankful that I have a really cool dehydrator so I can make beef jerky and I know EXACTLY what is in it.  (only wish I'd made more over the weekend!  Guess what I'm doing next weekend!)


So, day 3 of walking with DH.  I had been walking the dogs on my own, but now he's going with me.  I'm excited - this is a step in the right direction for him!  He's still on the SAD diet, but hey - the man quit smoking 5 years ago, after being a smoker for about 40 years.  That's HUGE.  So, when I get frustrated with him b/c he's not doing exactly what I am - I remind myself of that.  I am so proud of him, and that takes SO much willpower!  Bless his heart, he tells me he still dreams about them!!  Anyway, everyone has to be ready in their own time to make this sort of lifestyle change.  I can't force it on him - it will never work.  So, all in good time.   :wub:   I just want him to be around for a really, really long time...  But, starting to walk again is a huge step in the right direction!   (saying again because we used to walk every morning then stopped about a year ago) 

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August 15...Day 19


Yep, missed a few days of logging - I was on the road, business travel.  It went ok.  I was armed with homemade beef jerky, LaraBars, and nuts...and it was a darned good thing!


Tuesday (8/12, day 16) Got up and had breakfast at home then had to head to the airport

Breakfast:  3 eggs

Lunch:  2 Nick's sticks

Dinner:  steak, mixed steamed veggies (room service.  What is so hard to understand about "no fries, no sauce on the steak.  Ok, so they put the sauce on the plate...not on the steak.  Maybe I wasn't specific enough)


Wednesday (8/13, day 17)

Breakfast:  3 eggs, 1/2 cup berries (room service again.  Same question - what is so difficult to understand about "no hash browns, no bread, no sausage or bacon?)  You ask them to leave it off, and there it is on the plate when they deliver.  Oh well.   I guess 3 lonely eggs does not a room service breakfast make...  :huh:  I ate the eggs and fruit.

Lunch:  catered lunch.  sandwiches.  Thank heavens I had my homemade beef jerky.  There was a bowl of sliced melon, so I was able to have some fruit with my homemade beef jerky lunch.   B) )

Dinner:  Of course, they picked an Italian restaurant.  Hahaha!  I had some olives as an appetizer, and ordered grilled salmon with baby potatoes, carrots and artichoke hearts sauteed in olive oil.  And sat and watched everyone eat their tiramisu, molten lava cake, and salted caramel custard desserts.  Curses, you sugar addiction, you didn't beat me!


Thursday (8/14, day 18)

Another day on airplanes.  Early flight, so no room service breakfast...shucky darns!!!

Breakfast:  beef jerky and black coffee (a surprisingly good cup of coffee, at that!)

Lunch:  the last of the homemade beef jerky!  plus a handful of cashews and an apple

Dinner:  turkey cutlets, paleo/compliant yellow squash casserole


Friday (8/15, day 19)

Breakfast:  3 eggs

Lunch:  leftover yellow squash casserole with some ground beef mixed in

Dinner:  Not sure yet, but maybe the same thing as lunch.  Not really hungry, so I might not eat.  It's already 7 pm...


I am thankful for several things, but the ones realted to this trip that really stick in my mind are:

  1. My feet and ankles usually swell HORRIBLY (and ache like crazy because of it) when I have to fly.  They barely swelled at all this trip
  2. The weather was beautiful, and I got up both mornings (Wed and Thu) to walk the same distance as I usually walk the dogs in the morning.  Dogs didn't get a walk (DH doesn't walk if I"m not there either!) but I did and I'm sure it helped keep me on track.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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August 20


One more day and I'm at 3 weeks!


Today I'm thankful that DH and I got up EARLY and walked the dogs...and that the yardwork shouldn't take TOO much's not yet noon and in the low 90s with high humidity!  Ugh.  Came in to take a break - I'm getting too hot out there, and haven't had enough to drink.  


Breakfast:  2 eggs, some ground beef, and a saute of onions, bell peppers, zucchini, and asparagus.  Oh, and black coffee.  I wasn't hungry, but forced myself to eat.  


Headed back out to finish yardwork - I'll come back later to record lunch and dinner.


It's later...

Lunch was beef jerky (homemade)

Dinner was stir-fry with beef, bell pepper, onions, broccoli, and some "cauliflower rice".  Oh, and lots of carrots.  I think I actually filled up on raw carrots before I got my dinner plated.   :blink:

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August 22


So, yesterday was an "eat everything in sight" day.  Fortunately, I kept it to the compliant stuff!  Not sure what the deal was - I was a bottomless pit, and didn't even log what I was eating.  



Breakfast:  3 eggs

Lunch:  Turkey cutlets, sauteed onions

Dinner:  Grilled turkey cutlets, sauteed onions & bell peppers, avocado


Today I am thankful that even though it's hot, hot, hot outside...the end is in sight.  I know it will start cooling off in the next 3-4 weeks and we'll be into fall and cooler weather!

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August 23


Got up early (5:30 am) with DH and walked again today.  His back is hurting from digging a trench to install a french drain over the weekend - so I know he didn't want to go.  Poor guy.   :(   The dogs were happy about our early walk though!  Yesterday I didn't take them for a walk until 8 am and it was already quite warm and humid to boot.  (DH didn't go with us yesterday)


Today I'm thankful that someone came and fixed my light-blocking blinds yesterday (keeps a great deal of the heat from getting into the house) and that today someone is coming to look at the air conditioner again (yes, seems to STILL be on the fritz...   :huh: )


Feeling pretty good at this point.  I'm still struggling with the sugar cravings, but working my way through those.  Also, my hands and wrists/fingers still ache, which surprises me.  I'm not sure why but will keep going with the plan.  I'm sort of considering just not getting on the scale again.  I had planned to weigh myself at the end of the W30, but I am afraid that will re-direct my focus, and I'm really trying to keep my focus on improving my health (cholesterol, sleep, inflammation, etc)  I am torn - b/c I'd like to see if the scale has moved...but I also am starting to think I should just base it by how my clothes fit.  I don't know.  I have at least a week to figure it out - but I think I'm going to hold off and not make a decision on whether to weigh myself or not until after Sept 1.  Maybe I'll go shopping for a new outfit instead of getting on the scale.  Of course, that could be a spiral into a pit of despair if I can't find anything I like!  Augh!  Ok, enough obsessing over something that I'm not going to resolve today.  I'm off to water some plants out back before it gets too hot, then start my workday!  I'll come back later to log food.


Breakfast:  Turkey, gingered zucchini soup

Lunch:  Turkey, sauteed broccoli, carrots, onions, bell peppers, gingered zucchini soup

Dinner:  Beef Jerky, spaghetti squash (actually planned to cook trout and broccoli to go with the spaghetti squash, but I filled up on beef jerky so just skipped the trout and broccoli and ate some spaghetti squash, which was already cooked)

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August 20...Day 24


Headache today.  Not sure why.  But doing ok overall.  


Today I am thankful that school is about to start soon...and I can get back to my daily schedule that goes out the window during the summertime!  I'm also really looking forward to fall...but it sounds like we're in for a few more weeks of high 90's and 100's.  Boo!

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August 25...Day 29


Well, I clearly haven't been here to log in a few days.  In fact, I haven't even tracked my food on LoseIt.  But, I have kept it compliant.  Had a challenging weekend, with a good deal of stress...ate a LOT, but kept it compliant.  Def too much fruit over the weekend, and I think it kicked in the sugar demon.  Will be watching that this week.  School started this morning, so the house routine was different from what we've had the past couple of months.  DH didn't want to get up and walk, so I walked the dogs after the boys left.


I'm going to do another 30...and hopefully another 30 after that.  To mix it up for this upcoming W30, I started Jillian Michaels' 30-day-shred this morning.  I will continune with the W30 eating plan, and add in the 30DS and see where I land at the end of September! 


Hit the store yesterday for food for the week, and need to do a cook-up today.  I am making a HUGE batch of Carne Guisada that I can eat on this week, and also I will take that as a meal some evening this week for my neighbor who just had a baby.  The neighbors are all taking an evening this week and providing supper for the family.  I am so thankful that I live in an area where people pull together and do things like that!  We are out in the country, outside of city limits, and not really in a "neighborhood", but the folks along our little country road look out for each other.


Breakfast this morning is my standard 3 eggs.

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