Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?

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Are you UP for a rodeo.

Summer is over. Normally, our break in the weather comes on Labor Day Weekend. The last big hurrah of the season. Everyone goes camping one last time and comes home early because of the first snowfall.

Snow is the weather forecast for the end of week. Crud. That's all I can say. Crud.

I can't get all of the people off of my heart that have lost their home in Texas and Florida. They're homeless. I can pray for them.  I care.

Now there's alot of things I'd like to talk about besides the weather. Things that give me a great big pinch.

Paw always liked talking about and watching the weather. I'm a chip off the ole block. Weather is not always safe. It can be brutal out there.  Wild swings UP and down with the weather wherever you may go.

Tornadoes and hurricanes and earthquakes and fires. We've had one cray cray summer.  We're getting used to something every single day. Resilient. 

The true essence of the grape is revealed when it's squeezed.  Everything that becomes political or religious divides us.  We stand together through all of these storms.  It brings out the best in everyone. 

My time is better spent thinking about those fine qualities than all of the other not so fine qualities. Paw always had big questions about the mysteries of the Universe. The sky was not the limit.  He wanted answers, answers, answers.

Me, too.

He used music to soothe his pain and suffering at the end of his life. The last two years were really difficult. He had an incredibly high threshold for pain.  Unreal. I don't know how he did it.

My heart goes out to everyone without a home tonight. No place to call home or lay their head. Paw knew what that felt like as a child.

Many a night, he slept under a tree with his brothers. Not much to eat.  They would  share a roll of bologna and a loaf of bread for an entire week. 

This has been a year to remember and wish we could forget. One for the record books. 




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Do you like being pigeonholed into categories. Me, neither.

That's assigning particular categories, compartmentalizing, classifying, categorizing, designating and assigning more labels to people.

You have to know what that actually feels like before you can understand it. 

You have to know what a food addiction feels like before you can really say I understand what you're going through.

It's human nature and the brain's desire to make sense out of abstract art. While bored sitting in a waiting room -you'd rather be anywhere else watching paint dry, the brain will try to make sense out of patterns on the wall.  You might see a random face there and in the clouds in the sky.  The brain always want to make sense and categories out of everything and for everything.

Everything that divides us into categories divides us. It's been that way since the beginning of time.

Politics and Religion. Scientists have gone into hiding during eras of time. Talented artists, too. They were pigeonholed.

In a desire to be all inclusive you can step on some deeply felt principles trying to make sense and more categories out of people, beliefs, cultures and talents.

If you don't have any idea what it feels like or looks like...the best thing is to leave it to those who've actually had to walk down this lonesome road. Painful roads to freedom. Freedom costs.

Freedom isn't free. 

Once upon a time, a teacher tried to pigeonhole me in front of the class.  Show and Tell.

Paw went down to the "school house" as he called it. He sat down with the Superintendent, Principals.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

I can remember it like yesterday. He didn't tell me he was doing it, he just did it.

I try very hard not to make groupings and slots for people. Pigeonholing them into neat categories that one mind has decided that we all belong and fit in.

That's not freedom.

Food Prison for Food Freedom

You have to know that you're actually locked up before you can set the captive free.  The caged bird sings. It makes the best of everything.



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That felt like freedom.

Freedom makes you cry. 

Humans make a mess out of everything.


They can turn perfectly good ingredients into a dog's breakfast before they throw it on the table.  One big  Mayo Fail.



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Dogs and children are the answer to everything. You can take the most difficult day and make it bearable with children and dogs.

One giggle, a child's laughter and love, a dog kiss and you're good for the day.  It will tide you over until tomorrow.

There's a very good reason we use dogs for all kinds of therapy.




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Seeing shades of gray

Since All or Nothing thinking is another thinking style strongly linked with depression, learning not to always think in 'all or nothing' terms but to see shades of gray is immensely helpful in tackling depression. It greatly reduces, or stops the emotionally-arousing thoughts that are necessary to maintain the depressed state.

The more we polarize our thinking the more likely we are to become depressed because extreme either/or thinking stimulates the emotions much more. Statements like "I'm a terrible person!" or "She's perfect; she's a saint!" or "I'm just a failure!" oversimplify life and cause massive emotional swings. Few marriages, holidays or jobs were 'complete disasters' but had different elements within them.

From this, you would expect that people prone to depression also get much 'higher' when positively excited. And indeed this is true, research shows that people who suffer from depression often need less stimulation to get really 'up'.

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To see the world in black and white is to live within the contours of extremism.

Black and white thinking is also flawed because it inherently assumes a static world. It is dependent upon everything and everyone maintaining the role that such thinking has already preordained.

It requires far less courage to live in the black and white than it does to live in the gray.

The world of gray requires that we show up and be present.

It does not afford us the luxury of putting life on automatic pilot.

Moreover, black and white thinking, though it may provide momentary comfort, is simply unrealistic to sustain. After all, even black and white photos come with their own varying shades of gray.

Byron Williams

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Food Addiction and disorder - Black and White Thinking is one of the biggest obstacles to Addiction Recovery.

Dis-eating. Distorted thinking.  All or Nothing.

Rigid dieting, perfectionism.

I'll eat all of the things today, get everything out of the way because tomorrow, I'll start another diet.

If rigid dieters violate their all or nothing rules for one day, they throw the towel in.

Another binge is not a cure for a food addiction.

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Saying goodbye to Black and White Thinking is part of Food Addiction Recovery.

Eating Clean is part of Black and White Thinking. 

Clean or Dirty

Off or On

All or Nothing

Good Girl or Bad Girl

Naughty or Nice

Black and White Thinking sets UP incredibly high standards of perfectionism.

Any setback or one infraction is perceived as a failure. A huge personal defeat.  You must throw all of the offenders away, ban them from your existence. Forever.

Never look at them ever again.

If you can't hit all of your daily benchmarks of perfectionism you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. 

Incremental progress means nothing. Absolutely nothing because after's All or Nothing for the big WIN.

All or Nothing gets you a tiny hiney. 

Maintenance? That's another story. 

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Behind progress belly selfies and a great quick and fast weight loss success story is...

These weight loss success stories are great because they encourage us and give us hope that we, too can achieve those results…but what those stories don’t mention is that only 5% of people who lose weight keep that weight off after five years.


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Food Addiction Relapse with Rebound Weight Gain

Eating it all back in a fraction of the time on automatic pilot

Less than 5% of dieters can keep the weight off and that number who can keep off weight, is only 2% higher among weight loss surgery patients...that is less than 7% of weight loss surgery patients can keep off all of their weight for any amount of time.

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Out here in the Wild, Wild West...

We're always UP for a rodeo. Everyone uses that phrase and I always find it funny. We lurve country music. George Strait and Toby. Brooks and Dunn and Miranda.



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Putting people into groups is a common marketing strategy. I know where I stand on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I did that in college.

Putting people into groups reveals our biases. Especially when conducted through the filter of one mind.

People have all kinds of biases and the way they look at the world....One size through one mind does not fit all. Pigeonholing.

Our brain tries to make sense out of everything in the world. We want answers, answers, answers.

It's called essentialism. That's thinking that if we look deep and hard enough we will find the common ground and underlying basis for everything.

If we construct words for these categories...that must mean it's true. 

Nature does nothing in vain. If we look into nature, maybe we will find the answers and solve the mysteries of what makes everyone and everything tick.

We learn to put things into groups and categories as a young child. Blocks, toys, words, colors, numbers. Biases.

Politics, religions, sciences, art, people, behaviors, mindsets, personalities..everything goes into a category and grouping.

Our pleasures and passions are deeply rooted in essentialism. If I told you one extra special fizzy water was made with pure, mountain spring water and the other came out of a garden hose from a big ole city...

Which one would you go for.  If you were told that they both came from the garden hose...what would you drink next time.

Pleasure and satisfaction are rooted in our biases and senses. We are a product of our raising, environment and biases.

You can move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset but we have to quit pigeonholing people into neat, little categories. 

If the jeans still fit you must acquit.

I can't let anyone do that to me. Or you.

The sky is not the limit and it never was. If you can grasp the concept of eternity, then you know what true freedom is.

I choose freedom and I'm not going back.  

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The true essence of the grape is revealed when it is squeezed.

Hurricanes,tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, disasters can bring out the absolute best in people. Fine qualities. People helping each other recover.  Essential.

If you're serving a military tour of duty across the ocean, it's wonderful to have someone who is waiting for your return.

Homecomings bring great joy and tears. Hugs and kisses all around.

All of us want to have someone waiting for us to come home safely. 

The concept of eternity is freedom. It is exciting. It brings me comfort and touches my heart. 

No fixed mindsets. No limitations.  No biases. No more worrying about whether a square peg can fit into a round hole. Nobody puts baby in a corner.

When I get where I'm going I am expecting to have others waiting for me when I reach the end of my journey. For real.  Another big welcome home embrace.

That's just the way I roll. 

Your Food Freedom Forever and concept of forever eternity may look different than mine.  That's alright with me. I can handle your truth, too.

When we give ourselves permission to stop dieting and give ourselves permission to quit limiting our thinking about everything the skies really open up.


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Neil says we only hear 5% of the music now. Digital is reconstituted and analog was a reflection like mountains in a lake. He says the sound of good music moves you, all throughout your body.  Good vibrations.  

Listening to music through your phone ain't got the same soul. Digital fills in the spaces with white noise.

As a child, do you remember playing your favorite songs over and over again. You just couldn't get enough because of the way the songs made you feel and move. I did that.

It drove Maw cray cray. I listened to Neil all of the time as a child. 

We are long overdue for a musical renaissance. I don't know if we'll ever see anything like those times again. The music was so creative and new. Rock N Roll. I like Country, Folk, everything but I don't play today's music over and over.

Music is good medicine.



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Out here in the Wild, Wild West, we like to make sure we're not easily taken in when the wolf comes knockin' on the door. 

If you're gullible you are quick to believe something that is not true. When you lose someone, the wolf comes knockin' and he doesn't care how vulnerable you are, he's banking on it.

If you have older folkaronies - remain vigilant. Don't let your guard down. All kinds of cray cray shizz will show up in your mailbox, mostly wanting your identity and bank account numbers.

Take time before you make any big decisions. Always, always, always sleep on it.

That will help you use your head besides just something to part your ears with. 

Be aware of the soft spots. Especially illness and grief. These make you more prone to being overly trusting. Get your friends and family on your side while you're going through a time of grieving.

If you're easily taken in by smooth talking operators, don't go near them.  Don't answer unknown callers, telemarketers and salesmen.

Disengage for awhile.  Learn to say, "I'm not interested" and hang up. It gets easier the more you say it.

Choices and consequences.

Is this going to cost me much more than the rewards.

If it doesn't add up, then don't do it. 

Learn to pay attention to the smoke signals along the way. Your heart and mind racing.  Your gut tied in a knot. Don't do it.

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