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Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?

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There are more heart attacks between Christmas and New Year's than any other time of the year. Most heart attacks are not caused by a blot clot but rather a cramp in the heart. A cramp like a Charley Horse.  Charley Horses are muscle spasms.

Charley Horse cramp heart attacks are usually brought on by an emotional event followed by a physical event.  

Holidays are highly emotional events and when you go outside and start shoveling 6-7 drifts of heavy snow by force.....

Force = Collision and Collapse

Heart attacks can affect the brain stem and it can be the end.  


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Force = Collision and Collapse

Crisis Care is putting your body through the paces after a season of sedentary living and mindless eating. Keep forcing the body long enough and it will catch up with you.

Mindless exercise in the beast mode = enemy. The enemy is the Inner Me.   

Think gentle changes for the permanent WIN.



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The enemy is the Inner Me.

You're only as fit as your food.  Forcing your body to go on a radical diet and exercise program after sitting on the couch at the speed of zero is not a good ride. 

When it's a good ride it's like a great wave. You'll learn how to surf.    


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Now is the time of pure profit.  Sign UP for a bright, new shiny gym membership after the 1st of the year. Within a month, most peoples are long gone.  Pure profit.

After holiday couch mode at the speed of zero, I used to work really hard to rectify all of my deficits. 

If we do what we've always done we will get what we've always gotten.

I had to identify how that excess of energy expenditure in short month hunks was getting me nowhere good. It was not the remedy for me.  It was temporary and year after year, it did not take me into the promised land of stability with food, weight and overall well-being.

The Enemy is the Inner Me.

Managing ourselves so brutally strict right out of the chute is not WINNING.

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Value Proposition. 

Create one for yourself.  How much do you value yourself?

In a nutshell and not the whole bushel, a value proposition is why people should buy your product.

It is the most believable collection of the most persuasive reasons why people should notice you or your product and take ACTION to buy what you're selling.

We are the things we tell ourselves and we are a walking billboard.  We are the picture of health and well-being or you may be somewhere in the future with the promise yet to be realized.

Value your self.  

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Deprivation is the mother of failure.

The less we open our heart to others the more the heart suffers.

Men of great learning and wisdom can be undone by a child.

There's a huge difference between having the heart of a child and being childish.  Childish throws wild-eyed, ring-tailed baby fits when it doesn't get its' way.

Having the heart of a child is not being afraid to fall flat on your face and pull yourself back UP and try walking again.

Little changes make BIG differences.  

It's the power of slight recalibrations that can make all of the difference in the world.

Think gentle changes for the big WIN. 

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Real encouragement is hard to come by. For some reason, it means more when it comes from your own family.  Maw paid me the best compliment I've ever had in my life today.  

Then she called to tell me that her sister called her out of the blue and said the same thing about me.  I almost fell through the floor.  I'll never forget their positive words for the rest of my life.

Shower the people you love with love. Today.  


Slide bar to 3:15 for extra special love.


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Are you a self-motivator.  A smart CEO doesn't have to rule by fear. They'll pick self-motivated employees and the joint runs itself like a well-oiled machine.

There are money people, funny people, sunny people, artistic, creative people, serious, quiet people. The smart CEO picks a good mix but all of them want self-starters and self-motivators.  It's the question asked in every job interview.

No one can do this for you.  No one.


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Your house and your desk is a reflection of what's going on in your mind.  It's how you tick.

Papers stacked to the ceiling and closets stuffed to the gills with everything thrown in there... on the bias.

Some order out of that chaos must be imposed.

The smart CEO might ask you to take something out of your purse or wallet just to get a bird's-eye view of what's really going on in your mind.  An observer's perspective. 

George's exploding wallet.

  Image result for photo george's wallet seinfeld

The truth will find you out.

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How you value yourself - ISWF.

Food addiction is a driver.

It is the CEO in your head that rules by fear.  It's the negative motivator and Master Controller that will sux all of the life out of your life.  

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The Food Reset can carry you through to a Head Reset. 

Engage all of your being.  Body.  Mind.  Spirit.

We can't go through the motions on autopilot with mindless eating and mindless exercise. The unconcious mode will get you nowhere good.

You will have to learn how to be accountable to yourself. In the midnight hours....Who are you when no one else is looking?

Weight loss contests are not accountability.  It's competition.

Ruling yourself by Force =  Collision and Collapse

Challenging yourself to be driven into the ground is not the answer. Forcing someone to work or making someone over-deliver in a brutally strict way will cause total burn-out.

Work smarter.  Not brutally strict.

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Food Freedom Forever


Here's a little secret.  Good food fixes everything. What other choice do you have?

It is the one thing that all of us can do, even if you're on a tight budget.  Choices and Consequences.

We cannot possibly be everything to every one.  But you can be everything to yourself.  

Your Food Freedom affects everything you do.  How you feel on the job and how your deliver results to the CEO.  Maybe you are the CEO.  Self-accountability is your middle name.

When you're learning the ropes on a new job, the old hands will let you lean on them for a season.  Then they kick the props out.  They cannot possibly hold you UP for the rest of your career.  It wears them out. 

We all have our allotted portion of joy that comes in the morning.  What you do with your lion's share is UP to you. 

You can share it.  The reverb that comes back increases your portion.

You can stand on your mountain-top, looking out across the horizon and pout, feeling self-pity. Stuck in a rut.

Ruminating rather than reminiscing.  Big difference there.

Or you can come back down into the valley. Pull all of the roots of the weeds out.  Blow the stinkin' thinkin' off, one day at a time.  Get rid of the root-rot. 

Lay your pride aside. Find Face-to-Face help to pull you through the rough times and give you a brand new perspective.

Tear yourself apart, piece by piece to build yourself back UP again. You can't change and reinvent yourself until you take a good hard look at where you've been and what makes you tick.

Don't waltz around the sweet potato in the living room. Recovery from anything is the best gift you can give yourself and others. 




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Did you know that constantly quoting others and reinterpreting their words into your take or interpretation of their words is a sign of depression.  Research it.

It's a smoke signal that your voice is gone.  I used to quote other people.  I did not reinterpret their words but I valued their words above my own.  Food addiction and shoving my emotions down with food ate my voice. 

I still like inspirational quotes but at some particular point in time you have to start thinking for yourself.

The old hands are going to kick the props out from underneath you.  Get ready.

Dr. Poo Poo Platter says this and Dr. Periwinkle says that.  

What say you?

If the building was burning down, could you think for yourself? If someone told you everything was going to be just fine, stay put.  Would you sit there or would you run as fast as your legs could carry you.



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Choose your heroes wisely.

The people we choose are a reflection of us. 

The true value of a hero is how much their efforts have a direct impact on our life. Especially when you're going through a rough time.

True heroes are alot closer to home.  Paw, Maw, Grandmaw, Grandpaw, pastor, surgeon, coach or counselor.  Those that empower you...the dividends are greater.

I don't spend giant chunks of time watching sports. Better to participate than be a spectator. When we put others UP on pedestals they will fall off.  gts2-smiley.gif?1292867611

Over-quoting, over-researching, over-thinking, over the top running after cars and biting their tires.  Be you.


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I'm still here. Just waiting for a Chinook.  The wind is howling and hitting gusts up to 60 mph licks. Snowdrifts are 7 ft high.

Related image

The good news. The days are getting longer.  I went outside at 5 pm and there was still daylight. It made me sooo happy. This is one of the most severe winters in about 100 years. 

I called my lil sister.  We blathered and foamed at the mouth for a couple of hours. Oooo, how we lurve taking a trip down memory lane together.  

She's anchored down in her house, too.  Roads are being closed. It's not safe for man or beast to be out there. All of the Christmas movies are over and I have cabin fever. 

Image result for funny jokes about snow

We made some delicious bone broth. My entire family is now taking collagen peptides, including the pets. We've noticed some positive results. Bear has spent alot of time outside and we've noticed great improvements in his skin. The barnacles are disappearing.

   Image result for photos of barnacles

Maw and I've had some compliments about our skin, too. 

You're so probably think this song is about you, don't you...don't you. Who wears an apricot scarf while you watch yourself gavotte.  I am drinking an apricot la croix right this very minute.   There's your coinkydink.

I'm wearing shorts with my Sorel snowboots and a down jacket when I have to go outside.  I can't wait for the Spring thaw.



Apricot and Coconut La Croix's are my favorite flavors. I can swill them like there's no tomorrow.  I even took a Coconut one to bed last night. I popped it in the middle of the night while the Bear was sawing logs. 

Image result for funny jokes about snow

La Croix in the middle of the night is sooooo refreshing and soooo worth it.  So I'm swilling them by the whopping boatloads and throwing the cans at the TV. 

   Image result for cartoons snowman being bored

Much love. Felicias.  

I don't know what I'd do without you.  Have a good evening.

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I am my father's daughter. I love my mother, too. 

Hug the smithereens out of your folkaronies today. 

"Although no one is entirely positive about its precise origins, scholars think that smithereens likely developed from the Irish word smidiríní, which means "little bits." That Irish word is the diminutive of smiodar, meaning "fragment." Written record of the use of smithereen dates back to 1829."



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Goodbye, Sweater Weather.  I'm going to blow this pop stand and head on down to Brazil.    

There's no time or distance in your imagination. I can see myself sashaying down the beach.  patpat dance crazy rabbitSashay, walking in an ostentatious yet casual manner with typically exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders.  patpat dance crazy rabbit

Every day will be a spa day with a warm blend of vanilla bean and golden amber macadamia nut oil. This will lock in moisture and leave skin feeling soft and silky. Then I will drink some in my afternoon tea.

I always put a spot of macadamia nut oil in my green tea. It's a W30 secret that I only tell the Felicias about.  Do you know how good it tastes and how great it makes you feel.

Image result for photos macadamia nut oil  macnut

I will preach on about its virtues. I drizzle it on greens and salads, vege and proteins, fruits and in my drinks. It boosts your metabolism but you don't want to know about that, do you. Or do you.

Macadamia Oil.  The tropical gourmet nut. 

I used this oil for gut healing.  I don't do well with coconut products.  Change your gut and change your life.

MacNut works for me. It also has a high smoke point which makes it a good oil for cooking. 

I don't use nut butters for cooking or snacking but I do just fine with nut oils.  I like olive, avocado, walnut, hazelnut, almond oils but my preference is macadamia nut oil.  

I use it in balsamic reductions and put it directly on my face. I use fresh lemon juice and macadamia nut oil for my skincare. 

When I was staying in Venice with an Italian family, the locals shared many of their secrets.  They use 20 drops of fresh lemon juice and 20 drops of olive oil.

I've changed that UP to macadamia nut oil. The combo of vital proteins collagen peptides and the Italian miracle skincare treatment will do wonders for your skin.  

Oooo, Felicias.  The world out there has so much to offer. I believe in taking what we need from a bunch of different sources.  

Did you know those battery operated skin care brushes can break the capillaries in your face. You don't have to be so brutal with your skin.  

Think gentle changes for the big WIN.  Fresh, natural lemon juice is an effective but gentle exfoliator and removes brown sun spots. The oil locks the moisture in.

Then you can drink both of them while you're relaxing on the beach. The half has not been told how macadamia nut oil boosts the metabolism.  I'll save it for another streetcar coming around the corner.  



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Do you know why New Year's Revolutions don't work? 

There's a connection between revolutions and why some immediately return back to their old habits after a Whole 30.

It doesn't matter how resolute you are, those seldom take because what we return to is not satisfying, gratifying or even healthy...

What we return to is comfortable and familiar. 

With a fierce face and clenched fists, each year brings renewed hopes, fresh dreams and plans.

Willpower will only take you so far.  I can actually sum in UP in three words.  But I don't want to.   moving crazy rabbit

I don't want to step on deeply felt principles or hurt any food feelings. So I will edge UP on it with a glancing blow and bounce back off of it. 

I don't bounce in and out of anything.  I have a positive food management plan that I follow with consistency. It has a broader boundary and a greater perimeter than a Whole 30 but there's no need to post my food or log my calories or count my steps.  

I do waltz around the perimeter of the grocery store.  I stay in my own lane. I'm fruit loose and fancy free. I use nuts for decorations and fruits for condiments.   I enjoy drive-by fruitings. 


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Food Addiction is a chronic disease of food rewards.

Food Addiction is black and white thinking and all or nothing. It's also placing moral judgments on food. 

Good or Bad

Good Girl or Bad Girl

Naughty or Nice

Cheating or Resolute to the Dieting Revolution

Assigning childish terms to food will get you nowhere good. It's negative motivation.  I was a really good girl today.  Ima this and Ima that.  We'll be the judge of that Ima.

Dieting revolutions are filled with delusional plans. I'll just fast for a few days to shrink my stomach to get myself into a better dieting state of mind.  Then I'll only drink liquids and smoothies.  

I'll gradually add in some real food but I'll keep my calories really low. I'll exercise like a beast after being in a couch mode at the speed of zero. 

One of out three women now have or will develop heart disease. Heart attacks and strokes.  High Stress is as bad as smoking on the heart.   1 out of 3.  Failed resolutions can end up being fatal.  

Think gentle change for the permanent WIN.

The spiritual component is not a driver.  It is not a driving force with fierce resolve that drives you right into the ground.   Body.   Mind. Spirit.

It's time to reflect and look ahead. Waaaay ahead and further down the road.  

Wild Swings UP and down with your weight/rebound and radical revolution with your body comes with a high price.

Choices and Consequences. 

The body is the battlefield for the mind.  

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The enemy is the inner me.

Most of us have a conscience. There's the small still voice leading you into wiser choices and decisions.  

If the driver is leading you more than the small still voice...there's a disconnect.  The body and mind are drivers. The spirit is not. 

The driver wants what it wants.  The driver likes the familiar even if the consequences aren't worth two hoots. 

The driver may even have poor taste in mate potentials. The spirit does not.   Picking the same type over and over and over with the same delusional plans..that's the lower self ruling the roost and Oooo, Felicias, making a mess out of everything.

There's a difference between being led around by your desires than allowing the spirit to pull you out of all of those tailspins and nosedives into the dirt.

A lifetime of eating dirt sandwiches. You don't want to go out like that.  Flip the Switch.

It only takes one decision and one day to do it.  You have to mean it with everything within your being. It's more than willpower and fierce resolve.  

Make the spiritual connection.  Rehook yourself back UP with the inner me. Your other internal plumbing and wiring and construction will come along for the ride.  

Get rid of that stress driver that wants to take you out.  



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MeadowLily - off topic, but as a former lurker member of the original Dirty Thirty, can you perhaps help me find someone from the group who is doing the January Whole30?  I'd love to join a forum that has some names I might recognize.



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