Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?


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Melissa @Whole9 says


October 31, 2012 at 8:24 am

... and once you cross that line, sister, it’s a multiple-year journey to get back to sane and normal.


The brain will ALWAYS want to go back to what makes it feel good – what rewards it. That’s what that little voice inside your head is telling you – I miss the stress, I miss how it gave me a buzz, let’s go back there, shall we? You’ve got to override and remind yourself that you have other ways of feeling good and rewarded now – healthier ways.


@Jessica Jane: Thanks, JJ!

@Alexis: I think your point is solid – we’ve been dieting, exercising, berating ourselves for not working hard enough all our lives, practically. It can be hard to give ourselves permission to slow down! Sometimes, taking a voluntary rest day is the most bad-ass example we can set.


@Fergatron: I’m sorry that you’re feeling at the end of your rope. We’ve got a two-part series on stress junkies linked in the above that might help you get started – part two has some tips for getting out of the cycle. First and foremost is trying to identify your “trigger” behaviors, and working on those. If you know that getting out of bed and checking email first thing in the morning winds you up like crazy, then set a rule that you aren’t on your computer until you’ve eaten breakfast and read for a 1/2 hour. If the spin class you take spins you into competitive overdrive, stop doing the class (ASAP) and try something else, like yoga or walking. (And not that hard-core heated power yoga, either.) If you’re drinking coffee or taking in other forms of caffeine, stop. Cold-turkey. 100%. For a really, really long time. Eliminate any areas of stress you can, in any form you can think of… and get some help from a professional. Talking through this can make a world of difference right away, even if you don’t solve all your problems in one sitting. Best of luck to you.


@Khaled: Thanks for your observations. This kind of behavior is common with a lot of Type-A perfectionists, and there does seem to be a number of those in our community, for one reason or another.


@Daniel: We’ve addressed this more than a few times, on the blog and in great detail in It Starts With Food (http://bit.ly/wholeiswf). Relying on the comfort of the Whole30 rules for 30 days is, I think, a safe place from which to build new habits and reshape old patterns. But you’ve gotta kick the training wheels off and test your new skills in the real world eventually – even if you do fall face-first into a plate of birthday cake. That’s not failure – that’s expected! And you’ll always have the Whole30 to get you back on track. I often use the Whole30 for just a few days or a week at a time, to remind me what it’s like to feel good and eat healthy – and that’s enough to keep temptations at bay and keep my decisions on track. This is a life-long process, and I have no doubts you’ll find your way.


@CPB: I’m impressed with the awareness that many of you are demonstrating – it took me years to realize that my behaviors were unhealthy, and even then, it was mostly Dallas pointing out the problems (patiently and endlessly) that brought the situation to light. Keep up the good work and keep reminding yourself that the little voice in your head telling you to do more/go harder/be better isn’t telling you the truth about who you are, and what you should actually be focusing on.


@Maury: Well done! Sounds like you may have just averted what could have been a crisis stress situation. Taking a break before starting any new projects is a great idea, but don’t be surprised if it’s hard to slow down after spinning so fast for so long. It may take a few weeks for you to settle down, but be persistent and stick to your “taking time for me” guns!




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"Sugar cravings and eating too many foods that contain sugar may cause health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. If one gives in to his sugar cravings, the sugary foods that he ate will cause his blood sugar to increase quickly and then crash. The blood sugar crash then makes him crave for more sugar, so he eats more sugary foods and the cycle continues. According to Dr. Deirdre Rawlings of the Clayton College of Natural Health, one can break this unhealthy cycle by eating healthy foods that fight sugar cravings."

To combat sugar craving




Tomatoes can also fight sugar cravings because they are high in serotonin. Studies suggest that low serotonin levels are among the main causes of sugar cravings. The serotonin in tomatoes functions as a neurotransmitter that tells a person's brain that his sugar cravings have been satisfied. Tomatoes are also high in chromium, a mineral that reduces food cravings, regulates cholesterol, fat and blood sugar levels.


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 Take a Hot Shower


"What I have personally found to be the most effective way to get rid of a relentless craving is to take a hot shower."

The water must be hot… not so hot that you burn your skin..

Let the water run over your back and shoulders and let it heat you up.   Stay there at least 5-10 minutes.

By the time you step out of the shower,  you are likely to have a “dazed” feeling,  like when you’ve been sitting in the sauna for a long time.

"At that point, your craving will most likely be gone."

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This also helps those who want to quit smoking.  A counselor told a friend to take a hot shower every time she wanted a cigarette.   She took several aday in the beginning but has remained smoke-free for 12 years.   She quit all at once and did not cut back slowly.

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Handling Stress in Three Easy Words...


Did you see Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson on the awards show?   If anyone did, Woody's take on stress is so simple but accurate.


Woody starts off, "Alright, alright, alright!" Nice touch. Then Matthew tells a Woody story: When McConaughey said he was dealing with some stress,  he asked Harrelson how he dealt with it. Woody told him, "I pretty much ...."it really works, folks".   


Here it is...

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Teeth whitening can be very expensive.


Start swishing your teeth every day with coconut oil.   It will whiten your teeth in a short time and it kills bacteria in the mouth.  It removes plague.   


I went to the dentist and they couldn't believe how much my teeth had improved from last year.   They're whiter and no plague.   The Whole 30 foods will also improve your mouth and teeth.


Have you looked at your teeth after 30 or 60 days on the Whole 30.   You should see a really big difference.



Do not swallow the coconut oil after swishing your teeth.  :D  :D  :D 

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My favorite Yoga Class.  It's portable and you can take it anywhere.









Look inside this book.  It fits easily into any backpack or purse.




Yoga in Your Tent!  This little book contains a short course of yoga routines specifically geared to hikers, backpackers, cyclists, and paddlers.  If you take human powered journeys, Sleeping Bag Yoga will help keep you limber, relaxed and energized to get up again and cover the the next miles on your journey.


- 20 Yoga positions that can all be performed in or on top of your sleeping bag in the confines of a tent


- Exercises and stretches designed for your sport


- Easy to follow, accompanied by photographs of each position


The great feature of this book....


End the day by executing the positions in the order they appear will take your body into a relaxed state.


In the morning, start from the back of the book and work your way forward to energize yourself.


The most important guideline is to do what your body and spirit are asking for.


At the end of the book is a separate group of positions, called the Strengthening Series.  These require more space than in a tent....and more consciousness of your body's limitations.   Building strength and endurance is easier and more effective when the body is in proper alignment.


Here are the basic guidelines from Sleeping Bag Yoga


- Move slowly.   Don't rush to try to achieve the final position


- Use your exhaled breaths to move deeper into a position, releasing slightly on your inhaled breaths.


- Stay in each position for at least 10 slow breaths.


- Engage only the specific muscles needed to maintain the position, releasing all others.


- As you breathe, focus your attention on the specific muscles you have used throughout the  day.


- Keep your facial muscles relaxed and soft.


- Close your eyes or maintain a soft gaze.


- Move slowly and mindfully between positions.


There is nothing quite as exhilarating as traveling under your own power across a beautiful landscape.  


Sleeping Bag Yoga can enhance your body's health, balance, and strength, so that you can fully enjoy each mountain pass, coastal beach or country road.

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