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2nd Whole30 start August 1st!


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Soooooo excited to be a part of an official Whole30 in August!  I completed my 1st Whole30 at the beginning of July, but I have a total of 59 days since my start on May 1st.  I've been off for 3 weeks and kind of went of the deep end.  I finally went back to "normal" this week, and I really need the structure of a Whole30 challenge to keep me on my lifestyle!  My family and I are typically paleo, but with moderation of non-paleo foods.  The only thing I stress in our diets are organic and non-GMO,


About me:  I'm an almost- 40 year old married stay at home mom to 3 kids.  We have a bunny, a cat, and a lizard, and I am a very busy woman!  I believe in feeding my family real whole foods, and I always have a fresh selection of fruits and veggies for us to eat.  My oldest son has ADHD and is currently being tested for autism, so I believe that my food choices for him can help heal.  I myself have some issues.  I have reactions to all nightshades, and most recently, cherries.  I just found out that I go into anaphylactic shock after I consume even 1 cherry.  This really sucks!!!  I also have symptoms of autoimmune progesterone dermatitis.  My allergist won't refer to me to an autoimmune specialist, so I follow my own AIP.  However, when I did Whole30 last, I didn't have any reactions!  (not applicable to cherries... my allergy did not go away...lol). 

Right now I am swimming and doing kettlebell workouts.  I do 11-30 minutes/6 days a week of kettlebells.  I really enjoy it. I throw in some of the Bikini Body Mommy sessions that I've been doing since May.  It's a 90 day challenge, but since starting kettlebell, I slacked off.  I'm 9 days behind in that program. 


I benefited so much from my last Whole-whatever days I did last time, and I look forward to rejoining and reaping more.  I had never looked or felt better in my life.  I even got a few friends and family to start their own Whole30... My cousin just did a Whole60 and she's doing another round on August 1st! 


So that's my story!  I'm looking forward to meeting up with old members who did Whole30's with me last time, and wish the best of luck to any newbies!  Maybe this time I'll keep updating my blog a little bit more this time, and anyone is more than welcome to follow me.  I post pics of my foods, and I will gladly share any recipes that you like!  I'm here to help you out if you need it :)




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