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Starting today-Aug. 1


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Yesterday was a trial run and went well, but today is my true start date. It's also the first day back to school with students. Being at school actually helps me not to snack because I am so busy all day and only stop for lunch.


Breakfast this morning:  2 poached eggs over a thick slice of tomato with a dollop of homemade mayonnaise.


Ate breakfast FIRST and now having my coffee (black!) Having to relearn to like black coffee.

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I think the added dollop of fat in the way of mayo helps hold me. I generally don't get hungry eating 2 eggs (usually large eggs) as long as I have other veggies with it. The issue is more in the late afternoon since I eat lunch so early during the week (10:45) and then supper isn't until 6. I have been eating a handful of raw nuts which is somewhat helpful and drinking plenty of water. Still working on dealing with the hunger before supper.


Anyway, today is actually Day 5 although it is just easier to count since Aug. 1. My sleep improved immediately. I did a light workout this afternoon.


I have not added to my food log since my last post but will try to do it more regularly. Today's meals:


Breakfast:  2 poached eggs

                  chopped fresh tomato

                  almost 1/2 avocado

                  dollop of homemade mayo

                  Black coffee


Lunch:  Leftover shrimp and butternut squash curry with cauliflower rice



Snack:  Raw nuts (large handful)


Supper:  Frittata with sautéed veggies, compliant chicken sausage

               Jalapeno and apple coleslaw


I am still quite full as I write this. Sparkling water with supper.

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Day 5--Tired today. Did not get to sleep well last night, but once asleep I was out. I know I will sleep well tonight.


Breakfast:  Leftover frittata w/dollop of mayo

Lunch:  Leftover coleslaw and small can of white meat chicken


Snack:  Banana & handful of raw cashews

Supper:  Soup made with leftover chicken, meatballs, veggies, chicken broth, leftover coleslaw


Reviewed It Starts With Food, the part about what to expect. I am still in that first week and the fatigue is understandable. I have to say that my attitude is still good. I have had no desire to eat sugar or have a glass of wine. My motivation is still high.

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