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W30-2 (My second Whole30!) August 1st start


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I woke up this morning and hit the ground running!  I actually missed being on the challenge!


M1: Black coffee (I never went back to cream after my last round), basil pesto chicken egg scramble with spinach and black olives.  Pineapple and grapes.  (My pesto was homemade from the night before - basil, parsley, spinach, avocado oil, salt, pepper, walnuts.)


M2: Panera Mediterranean turkey salad - no pepperoncini.  Olive oil and lemon dressing.  Unsweetened acai berry ice tea. 


Nectarine before dinner.


M3: Basil pesto chicken thighs over spaghetti squash, sauteed carrots and pattypan squash.  Chilled cucumber avocado soup (pureed avocado and cucumber with organic veggie broth). Water. 


After dinner: vanilla rooibos tea with coconut milk. 

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Day 2



M1: Paleo taco meat (grassfed beef with spices, AIP) with spinach and black olives.  2 overeasy eggs.  Small bowl cucumber avocado soup and black coffee.


M2: In n' Out burger - 2 meat patties, protein style, grilled onions.  Brought a baggie of baked apple and plantain chips with cashews. Unsweetened ice tea. 


M3: Grilled tri-tip steak with AIP seasoning.  Steamed pattypan squash, butternut squash "fries", creamy cucumber salad (cucumber, paleo mayo, dill, salt, pepper, coconut vinegar, onion).  Water.  1 banana with cashew butter. 


Rooibos tea with coconut milk. 

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Day 3


M1:  Tri tip with 2 over easy eggs, spinach, cucumber salad, black coffee.


M2:  A lot of fruit.  My bad... I ate late M1 and then we went to the farmer's market.


M3: 2  compliant Saag chicken black pepper sausages with organic fresh beet ginger kraut (from the farmer's market!), sauteed green beans with cashews, spaghetti squash.  Spinach salad with strawberries and homemade asian dressing.  (No, I did not eat all of this!  I piled it all on my plate because I was so hungry, so I didn't eat the squashes or one of the sausages).  Water.


Rooibos with coconut milk. 


Day 4

My hubby just left for a business trip, so I wasn't very hungry. 


M1: 1 leftover sausage, 2 eggs, kraut, 1/2 avocado, coffee.


Skipped M2 (I also eat late in the morning because we've been getting up late, so M1 is almost like a brunch).  I just wasn't hungry. 


M3: Roasted chicken breast, 1/2 baked sweet potato, green beans w/cashews.  Water. 


Chamomile tea. 


I'm very excited for tomorrow when my new cast iron pots arrive :).  I'm searching the perfect recipe for the dutch oven! 

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Day 5


M1: Egg scramble with leftover tri tip steak, spinach, black olives, avocado, black coffee. 


M2:  Compliant tuna mixed with paleo mayo and that super beet ginger kraut (I swear, I eat that kraut out of the bag!), wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves, topped with cucumber and black olives.  Leftover green beans w/cashews (probably more cashew than green beans).  water.


M3: Herbed roasted chicken breast, 1/2 artichoke (because my daughter didn't eat all of hers), pan roasted brussel sprouts, and the oh so yummy creamy cucumber salad that I made again tonight.  Water.


Rooibos tea with coconut milk. 


Before I started this Whole30, I bought nonGMO certified avocado oil, and I have been using that in place of olive oil in most of my recipes.  It tastes pretty light and it's good. 

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Day 6


M1: Bananas with cashew butter and toasted coconut flakes, coffee.  I know, I know... bad breakfast choice :(.  I was in a hurry. 


M2: Chicken salad with paleo mayo, cashews, grapes, green onions - wrapped in lettuce and topped with avocado.  Creamy cucumber salad. Water.


M3: Paleo beef stew ala crockpot, mashed cauliflower.  Water. 


No tea tonight!

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Day 7!



I remember my first start of Whole30 on May 1st, and by May 7th, I was climbing the walls from my sugar withdrawals...lol.  This time around, it's so easy!


M1: 1 lettuce wrapped chicken salad topped with avocado, coffee. 


M2: Friend came over and I made more chicken salad...lol.  Omg though, it's so good with the grapes and cashews, I eat it by the spoonful.  Anyways, our lunch comprised of this chicken salad ambrosia in lettuce wrap, cold sesame cucumber salad, and wild berry sparkling water. She loved it, and I did not scare her away from Whole30 :).  


M3: Beef stew from last night, served over mashed cauliflower and brussel sprouts, green salad with leftover sesame cucumbers.  Sparkling berry water.

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Day 8


M1:  1 chicken salad stuffed avocado half, 1 chicken salad on lettuce.  Coffee.


M2: none.  M1 was very late because I got up late!


M3: Paleo yellow curry chicken (Mae Ploy yellow curry paste, coconut milk, carrot, green beans, onions, sweet potato), cauliflower rice. Sparkling berry water.



Day 9


M1: Bowl of yellow curry chicken and caulirice.  Coffee.


M2: 2 Applegate hot dogs in lettuce, topped with beet ginger kraut, creamy cucumber salad. Sparkling berry water.


Mug of homemade bone broth.


M3: Bowl of yellow curry chicken with Zoodles.  Water.


Rooibos tea with coconut milk. 


I started soaking raw almonds for almond milk!  Will make tomorrow :)

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Day 10


M1: 2 over easy eggs, 2 Applegate compliant chicken/apple sausages, creamy cucumber salad.  Coffee.


M2: 2 chicken salad (grapes and cashews) in lettuce (I had to make it for my hubby, he just came back from a business trip!), 2 pickles.  water. 


M3: Trip tip, sweet potato, salad with lemon.  Unsweetened ice tea. 


Rooibos tea with coconut milk. 

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