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Anyone from Sweden doing Whole30?


I am not from Sweden (from Minnesota, which many people would say is close enough?). welcome  :) !


I was also sure this was going to be a post asking what to do with Rutabaga, or wanting to know if it was permitted on the plan. I was quite surprised when I clicked and found you!  :D  

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What is Rutabaga?

I'm looking for Swedish people here after having had a discussion about cultural aspects of Whole30 and especially when it comes to the whole SWYPO issue (:

:) Maybe you have anything to say about that anyway? Even though this was not about what you thought! I'd love some input!

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What is Rutabaga?


A Rutabaga (in America) is a Swedish Turnip, called a "Swede" some places (maybe England? or Ireland?).


What's your concern about SWYPO? I have some Swedish relatives, and I think some of the food traditions fit nicely into the whole30 (fresh vegetables, fish, ferments, etc), and some don't (pastries/sweets/creamy dairy). 

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Nice to have more swedes here!

The cultural aspect was discussed with my friend Christa when she came to visit me this summer. Because I had heard so much about banana pancakes for example so I made one. Didn't like it at all, not a big fan of pancakes in general.

Anyways: I posted a picture of it on Instagram and then people started telling me that was not allowed (it said so on the web page but I just missed it, easy mistake). Anyway, I tried there to start a discussion about if it just wasn't so that we all have different cravings and different issues with food. I know where my weak points are, and I know what I probably should not make in order to not trigger any old habits etc. The people in Instagram said: Nope, it is SWYPO because it says so on the web page! I tried to get the discussion going there, just getting my point of view out there: Haven't we all different struggles?

The answers from some know it all people on IG just kept telling me to read the program and stick to it! All because I had ONE pancake made out of eggs and banana that I didn't even like!

Anyways: I talked to Christa who agreed with me. She said that we don't even eat pancakes the same way they do on the States usually. We have some what of a different use for them. I mean, I'm not saying they are healthy in Sweden either, but still, I thought it was interesting.

When she was here and we went grocery shopping I talked about Whole30 and that you should try to get ecological food if you could etc. She then told me that pretty much everything you buy here in Sweden in the fruit and vegetable section would be considered ecological and okay to eat in the States.

I also read through the Whole30 web page after the nasty replies I got for my question if it could be individual or/and cultural etc. and it says on the web site that in order for this to work for most people, they have had to do some generalisations etc. that doesn't mean that it applies to everyone. The "haters" responding to my Instagram said that if I made banana pancakes maybe the program wasn't for me! And I still think it is.... (And I hadn't had a freakin' pancake in years before that and will not make them again obviously)

Anyway, that was a long answer to a simple:

I believe we all have different struggles and it's up to us to try to fight our bad habits. I do think there is a cultural aspect of this, and if you've had the patience to read through all of this (and don't think

this is just me being bitter) I'd like to hear your take on this! :-)

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I'm sorry people gave you such a hard time. On the pancake issue, some people get really emotional about it but here is the reality: a banana pancake is not a great choice for breakfast. There are tons of other options out there that provide better nutrition and lend themselves to eating in the context of the meal template (who wants vegetables with pancakes!?). Whether it is SWYPO for you or not, it's still not a good choice so why fight that (especially when they aren't that great).


The best results on the whole30 come from following the meal template at all three meals. Food doesn't have to be complicated at all, and certainly the veggies in your market are fine (the whole30 does not require all organic or anything of that sort).


Here is the template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

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Hi Missmary!

That is an excellent reply. This was a few weeks back, this was not now.

I guess it's my own fault for talking so much about the frekin' pancake, what I really wanted to discuss was weather or not there could be cultural factors involved etc. when it comes to a whole30.

Not just when it comes to habits and temptations but also when it comes to being able to fins certain groceries etc. that was mainly why I wanted to find more people from Sweden, to see if they had any tops etc.

Your response as to weather of not one should eat a banana pancake was really good, that's the type of answer that will explain Why etc. and not just saying: Well, it says so on the web page, so it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (: (and I also know that the people writing to me on IG is not always the ones who knows best etc. I am not either by all means, but I don't pretend like I do) (:

Thanks again for your reply!

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