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Egg Muffins - Cooking Spray


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I'm having trouble with eggs sticking when I make Egg Muffins (scrambled eggs with veggie filling in a muffin tin). These are easy to make and a quick go-to snack.


I'm not afraid of using a lot of fat. I have tried ghee, coconut oil and olive oil in various amounts. I've poured fat in the muffin tin, spread it around but the eggs still stick. Last night I tried ramekins instead of the muffin tin and they still stick. I have also tried cupcake liners both foil and paper.


I have not found a cooking spray that is Whole30 compliant (they contain soy). Pre-Whole30, cooking spray worked great!


Do you have any tips? Do you know of a compliant cooking spray?





Whole30 #2, Day #2

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Have you tried lining the cups with prosciutto? Seems to do the trick. Or failing that, maybe set the muffin tin into a roasting tray and fill the tray with boiling water. Hope you find a solution.



Thanks Rose. I'm a non-meat-eater (except seafood). I thought about a water bath and will do that next time. I picked up some If You Care large baking cups today. They claim the greaseproof, unbleached, chlorine-free paper cups need "no greasing necessary." I'll keep you posted.

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Another fan of the silicone muffin tins!


Also if you live near a Trader Joe's, I noticed that they have coconut oil spray now (the front of the label indicated that it was 100% coconut oil, but I didn't look at the ingredients, so buyer beware!). I've never used it, so can't give a personal review, but maybe that would help more than the greasing technique?

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Another vote for the silicone cupcake cups.  I actually use mine free-standing on a cookie sheet so that I can get way more than 12 in one baking.  I've never had ANYTHING stick to them!


I do the same thing! The cups are sturdy enough that you don't need to use a muffin tin. 


If you don't have the silicone cups, spread some ghee in the muffin tin "cups".

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Hi! Bummer on the eggs.  :(


Never fear a W30 compliant cooking spray does exist! 


I got mine at Whole Foods


You can also use those little cupcake papers, they might still stick to the paper but that is way easier to deal with than a muffin pan.  ;)


I am an egg lover, so here's to more tasty crackin' in your future! 

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