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No better day than today! AndJP's Whole30+ log


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Thank you for reading my Whole30+ log.



My name is Andrea. I am 31 years old. I have been chubby my entire life. Never too fat and NEVER thin. Well, that's not true, once in grade 12 I made it to an all time weight max of 172 and then the following year I made it to an all time weight low, 127. Both were short lived, otherwise i have been somewhere in between. Always hovering around the same weight, never happy with myself. As a kid I was pot bellied and still my abdomen is my trouble zone.

I am 5'4" tall and hover around 155lbs with little effort.

In March I was introduced to the Whole30 and I made it 23 days. Since then I've stuck with a paleo-esque diet, with the odd slip here and there and one all out rebellion for about a week. I then stumbled across the Primal Blueprint book and read it within days. It makes SO MUCH sense.

I still struggle, sugar is my major trouble area.

I bounce back and forth between "I DO NOT need to eat sugar" and "A little sugar isn't that bad, I can't go forever without sugar." Easier said than done! As soon as I give in to a little something one time I have trouble stopping.


I am also going on almost a year sober, I quit drinking August 12, 2013. I find it very mind boggling that I can quit an addiction like alcohol but I can't quit sugar. But I guess sugar has been a LIFELONG addicition.

The diet changes I have made since March have not gone unnoticed.

My IBS is almost nonexistent (except for days when I go off track a bit)
My skin is clear
My body has changed in so many ways
I look better than I have in about 12 years

There are still changes I would like to see and I know they are coming.

I don't necessarily have a weight goal in mind. I have focused on weight my entire adult life and it has done me no good. My goal is to feel good, and to play on a beach in a bikini with my kids without feeling self conscious!

My Whole30+ (I think it will take much longer to kick my sugar addiction) starts today!



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Hi Andrea, just wanted to wish you luck. I had the same kind of weight fluctuation as a teenager/young adult and since then have lost and regained weight by different means but have also never been able to kick the sugar addiction ... until now. :)


Great work with giving up alcohol! I think that although there is a chemical aspect to alcohol and to sugar addiction a lot of it is also about habit, which I'm hoping whole30 will help reprogram. One day at a time.

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Thanks so much Derval and Ytu!

I'm actually feeling relieved that I've finally committed to another whole30+. I was struggling with the back and forth for the last month and it feels good to have a plan, instead Of just "I should eat less sugar" now I'm set on "no sugar"

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Day 0

Food log for the day:

1: 2 eggs, bacon & 1/4 Grapefruit - decided halfway through the meal that I was going to commit to a whole30+, hence the lack of veggies

2: some cold turkey, a few blueberries, coleslaw with sunshine sauce as dressing (yum!) kombucha

3: Steak, spaghetti squash, super chunky vegetable pasta sauce, 1/2 avocado

Snack: dried coconut flakes & an apricot

This may sound crazy, but the bloat I had developed over the last few weeks giving in to sugar cravings is already improving!

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Day 1!


SO exciting to finally be starting another whole 30+, I call it a whole30+ becasue I plan to go to at least 30 days but will go longer in order to slay the dragon.


Had some thoughts about my favorite aged cheddar, and plain greek yogurt. But I'm doing this thing. I'm not entirely sure if it was the sugar and the dairy or jsut the sugar causing my bloating and cruddy mood so I will cut them both out. ANd plain greek yogurt isn't worth it to me unless it's loaded with honey, almond butter and rasins...lol.

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Day 1

1: eggs, steak, peppers and mushrooms. In CO

2. Beach picnic: cold roast beef, fresh veggies, coleslaw, watermelon , macadamia nuts, kombucha

Snack: (road trip) cold roast beef and macadamia nuts


Came home from the beach hungy and tired and ALMOST talked myself out of the whole30. I have made som immense changes, and am continuing to make gains, even with my few slips here and there. Sugar is my only concer right now so why cut out the dairy that I know isn't bothering me???


so I made my supper with a bit of butter:


3: shrimp scampi w butter, coconut milk, basil and salt, left over ribs, sauteed kale


Then I was going to have a totally off the charts snack of pl yogurt, cashew butter and cinnamon but changed my mind and decided to sleep on it, I had an apricot instead.


I was laying in bed pissing around on my phone and I found this:




I posted it to my FB on day 0 and it really hit me. I commited to this and I'm going to do it!

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Day 2


Feeling more motivated this morning, I'm so thankful I didn't totally give in last night, and I'm not letting a Tbsp of butter ruin my whole30, in fact. butter is on of the things i used occasionally through my whole23, and one of the first things i reintroduced and continued to use since. It has never bothered me and I buy organic so I may continue to use it here and there as I really prefer the taste of it for cooking certain things.


1: eggs, ham, cucumbers, black coffee, bucha


2. salmon fillet, cucumbers (woah the diversity!) peppermint tea


3. pork chop, unsweetened apple sauce, sauteed brocolli and mushrooms, half avocado w tsp of sunflseed butter, bucha




Almost mixed up some banana and avocado to make a sort of pudding but upon firther consideration decided I would avoid bananas in an effort to gain on the sugar dragon.

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Haha! Just came back to edit my post, now I must just own my failure and start over.


I struggle a lot with these things:


1. I want a healthy relationship with food

2. I dont want to have to struggle to get it

3. i love sugar

4. i hate sugar

5. i love sugar

6. i dont need sugar

7. i need sugar

8. I want to treat it like alcohol, and use the same principles with sugar as I did with alcohol,

9. Sugar is much harder to give up than alcohol.



I am starting over. today is day zero, i've already fudged today.

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My reason for quitting was camping. Camping on the whole30 was a challenege and I caved in the first 5 minutes.


I am paleo most of the time, i wanted camping to be an indulgence. It really wasn't worth it and I wish I would have held strong.


chips, marshmallows and icecream, while in the moment were delicious, contributed nothing to my health.


I should have planned better. Taken more fruit, and had some pre made snacks on hand.


Ive learned, and I am still going to do a whole30+. I DESERVE it.

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Day 1.


Woke up feeling a little apprehensive, but then motivation kicked in. I can do this.


I don't work until Wednesday night, so Monday I'm going to do some shopping and do a cookup day.


I'm also going to buy a copy of well fed and well fed 2 to have on the counter top. The kindle version just doesn't feel like a recipe book. Recipe books should have fingerprints and pages stuck together :)


1: Sauteed cabbage, 3 eggs, chinese 5 spice, coc aminos Saut in CO, 1/2 avocado



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Good for you for owning your choices, learning from them, and restarting!  That takes a lot of strength and resilience.  You can do this!  I agree about the recipe books.  I have well fed on kindle, but I think I would get so much more use out of it if I had the actual physical version.  Then I also don't have to worry about spilling something on my tablet, lol

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I agree about recipe books.  Actually, any book you refer to over and over is better to have in hand.  Maybe I just think that because I'm old and set in my ways.  Kindle versions are great when you want to get something fast, but for cooking, give me a BOOK!

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