2nd Whole30--4 Aug Start Date


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This is my second attempt at the Whole30. First time I lasted 20 days...then proceeded to go completely off plan while on vacation, succumbed to temptation at several workplace farewell parties, and now turning to fast food as I relocate across country. But within those 20 days I felt AMAZING. I miss the feeling I had while I was on plan...I was happy, energetic, and just plain HEALTHY feeling. I'm still in the middle of relocating for my job, but hoping the friends I'm crashing with while I'm in Between places don't mind a lil whole30 cooking. I start tomorrow, August 4th!

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Day 1

M1: scrambled eggs w/onions & cilantro. Side of chopped banana/strawberries.

M2: sausage w/peppers, baked sweet potato plain, spinach/tomato/avocado salad

Pre WO: small pc chicken w/avocado

Post WO: nothing, had M3 instead (it was late)

M3: ground beef hash, two fried eggs, side of broccoli/cherry tomatoes/carrots

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Day 2

Pre-WO: half chicken thigh and coffee

Post-WO: none

M1: scrambled egg skillet w/spinach, ground beef, salsa and avocado, coffee

M2: spinach salad w/tomato, peppers, avocado, chicken, oil & vinegar

Snack: roasted macadamia nuts

M3: baked chicken drumstick, side salad w/tomato & avocado, sautéed asparagus

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