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Day 29!  Roll Call.... who is left here with me? Am I riding this ship to shore alone, or are there a few August 4th starters out there with me still?


I'm feeling pretty good. I'm looking forward to day 30, mostly so I can stop counting days :). I don't think I'll change my eating habits much. I will do the reintroduction steps, but this way of eating just makes sense to me. Good healthy food, and as much as I want/need of it seems to be a good fit for me.


I'm not sure why, but eating this way has actually made me feel like eating is easier. Although I do spend more time cooking, I spend a lot less time thinking about what I will eat. I also save a lot of energy by not worrying about calories, and the impact my food choices will have on my health and body size. I think I've found a lifestyle that works for me.  

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I'm still here!!  My test is tomorrow night.  A friend of mine is celebrating her 60th!!  However, I have to say that things don't tempt me much anymore.  I went to a mall on Saturday and smelled caramel corn and it smelled delicious, but I didn't have the "oh my good I need it" urge.  So, I'm going to the birthday celebration after I eat dinner.  It would be easy to say that it doesn't matter if I eat or drink wine, since it's my last day, but I want to see this through. 

I went out to eat for the first time on Saturday.  I was a little nervous, but I stayed on the program and the food, along with the socializing was great. 

I had more energy yesterday than I've had in a long time.  I got so much stuff done, and I don't want to give that up.  In 2013 I had heart issues and was diagnosed with cancer.  After surgery and radiation, everything is fine now, but I didn't realize how much my energy level had decreased.  I thought it was age creeping in, but I'm seeing now it isn't ALL age. 


Ragbaby ~ I'm sorry this didn't give you better results, but as you say, you learned something from it. 

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Amron - thanks for checking in! It's so good to see I'm not alone during the home stretch. I'm with you, I want to see this through all the way to the end. I had a great time at my party over the weekend, and was so happy (relieved) that it wasn't the challenge I built up in my head. I hope you have the same experience.


It's funny the things we accept as "aging", isn't it? Aching joints?... must be age. Tired all the time?... must be age.  Not as mentally quick?... must be age. I'm learning through this process (although I think I knew it intellectually) that although age can be a factor, it's not the most important one. I'm feeling a LOT more energy than I was at day 0. I still wouldn't call it tiger blood, but dang, I'll take it!


I'm glad you were able to resolve your health issues. Hopefully this adventure will lead to more years of happy healthy living for all of us! 


See you on DAY 30!!!

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I'm still here too! We've almost made it!! We rock! My husband has made it with me too. I think I wi also follow as close to plan as possible most of the time. Most of the "paleo people" I know follow appx an 80/20 which leaves room to not be perfect ALL the time. I also feel like eating had been easier because I used to think up ideas for dinner all the time and run out and get ingredients. Now I just cook what I have. Staples. I feel like some of my choice has gone away, but at the same time, they were bad choices so I'm glad to see them go. I think we all need to keep in touch on here to see how this next month goes, even those who ended early. It would be nice to see how everyone adjusts after this. I'm especially interested in everyone's reintroduction.

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I think we lost the person who started this forum :(

I'm still here! It's Day 29, and I'm going strong. I've been having MAJOR anxiety about day 31, and my daughter and one of my friends both asked me what the people on my forum were feeling.  DUH. I have spent the last two hours reading everyone's posts, and trying to get caught up.


I'll be posting an update when I get through stalking you all.

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I'm still here too! We've almost made it!! We rock! 


amnblack! I'm so glad you're here too! Congratulations on making it through, and even better, WITH your husband - that's fantastic! I'm looking forward to reading your update on how your Day 31 turns out. I agree, I hope everyone will continue to share how reintroduction goes... even if it was an early/unplanned/unstructured reintroduction. It's still an amazing opportunity to learn about how we all handled and responded to the challenge.

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I'm still here! It's Day 29, and I'm going strong. 

@wvictoria! What a surprise! I kinda thought we lost you a couple of weeks ago. I'm so happy to hear that you weren't hanging around the forums but were going strong in the real world! What a happy surprise to see you again. You are, after all, the founder of this group and we all appreciate it so much  :D. I can hardly wait to hear an update on how it went for you.


What are your anxieties around day 31? Are you going to follow the reintroduction guidelines in ISWF, or do you have a different plan? I'd really love to hear it.


@ all my teammates, my reintroduction plan is:


  • Wednesday - WINE! 
  • Friday: Dairy
  • Sunday: Gluten free grains
  • Wednesday: Other grains
  • Friday: Legumes
  • Sunday: Soy


Obviously, I will be Whole30 compliant in between (except for maybe another glass of wine on Saturday  ;)) I don't think I'll play around much with soy. I will probably just have it as an (almost) unavoidable by-product. I've been avoiding soy for the last several years due to the high levels of pesticide and GMO contamination, not to mention the hormone influence it can have.


I know that wine is not part of the reintroduction plan (oh the inhumanity of it all!), but I actually want to start with dairy. Since I already have a sneaking suspicion that it causes me some stomach issues, I thought it would be best to start the actual reintroduction until the weekend.


Oh.... and gum. I can't believe how much I missed gum. I think it's the one non-paleo thing that's here to stay. Maybe I should try some of the healthier versions I see at WF and TJ. I don't really know what makes them healthier - I think just because I see them in healthier stores I think they must be healthier hahaha. If I could find some that I enjoy, without a bunch of sugar, or worse, artificial sweeteners, I'll go that route.


Once I've learned how I respond to the target food groups, I'll go back to a primarily paleo diet. I've really enjoyed this and have learned to cook some food that I look forward to. It is worth the reintroduction process to help me make decisions when I do decide to off-road.


I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and plans!

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Here goes. After two weeks of not checking in, I have a lot to say.


FIRST of all, I am SO proud of all of you/us who have gotten this far in our journey, and for those of you who didn't make the 30 day mark, I hope you learned something from the experience, and I wish the best of luck to you on your health journey.


SECOND, I've had ups and downs these last 29 days. Here's a bulleted list of all the things I should have checked into the forum with:

  • Cravings--not too bad. I went through a phase where I just wanted a sandwich, and walking through the bakery section of the story yesterday was tough. (but I hadn't had my lunch, and I was dealing with some hunger issues at the time)
  • Sleep--WAY better. I go to sleep earlier (around 9:30), and my head barely hits the pillow before I'm out. I sometimes wake up to use the bathroom, but am able to go right back to sleep. When my alarm goes off (at 5:00), I am wide awake and ready to start the day. I'm even getting up around 6:30 on weekends.
  • Energy--I wouldn't actually call it Tiger Blood, but I don't have the energy swings throughout the day.
  • Focus--WAY better. I used to use adderroll for my ADD, but when I moved to PA 5 years ago, my doctor said that she'd rather see me try to control it with diet. I ignored her diet advice and have complained for 5 years that I need a new doctor who will prescribe adderroll for me. Guess what, seems she may have been right. Sometimes the SO says I'm too focused (I tend to hyper focus on my school work, and he doesn't like it when he's watching TV and I can't discuss what's happening in the show)
  • Body Aches--getting better every day. I don't exercise. I do way too much couch/desk sitting working on schoolwork, reading W30 posts, looking for recipes, etc. I haven't had a headache since day 2 or 3, and my knees, back, hips are not as achy. (I actually used to dread bending over to pick up the cat's dish first thing in the morning because it hurt my back so much, but I noticed during the last couple of days that it's not a problem anymore)
  • Cooking--it's a lot of work but except for explaining to SO why I can never do anything on Sundays, it hasn't been too bad. I enjoy making all the new recipes (but I don't like all the cleanup). I've found some weekly go tos. I'm loving Golden Cauliflower soup from "The Clothes Make the Girl," and the kahlua pig is a weekly staple now.
  • Mood--I went through a couple of "Kill all the Things" days. My biggest complaint about mood is that I am hyper focused on myself, and I am not giving enough to the SO. I know this, I try to fix it, but right now in my life I am having trouble giving him the focus I should. (It might be easier if he was a little more interested/supportive of my health journey)
  • Eating out--Friday nights used to be our "date night" to celebrate the end of the work week. One of our favorite places is an Asian buffet with hibachi and sushi. This wasn't a problem during the summer because I didn't mind cooking on a Friday when I was home all day, but when school started a couple of weeks ago, Friday was horrible. I was in a funk all day, and that night I stayed compliant but just grabbed enough food to stop hunger-not to enjoy. I grumped at the SO all evening and went to bed early in tears. I woke up on Saturday determined to do some research so we could eat out the next Friday. I worried all week, but this last Friday we went to Longhorn Steakhouse. I was terrified about what they were doing to my food in the kitchen, but I restrained myself from going back and cooking it myself. I had steamed broccoli (no butter spray), a dry baked, sweet potato, and the largest prime rib they had (minus the au jus and horseradish sauce). I'm still afraid that they did something non-complaint to that meat, but I ate it. The basket of fresh bread sitting next to me, the yummy dishes all around me, the molten lava cake the SO got for dessert--it all made me unjustifiably angry, but it was a step in the right direction. I survived it, and with a little more research I will learn how to know which foods I can have at different restaurants.
  • Body/Weight--I've managed to stay off the scale and haven't measured, but I am really afraid that there hasn't been a change. My clothes are not fitting any differently. I have an apple shape with that big belly thing going on. My belly still sticks out farther than my boobs. Even though I'm trying to convince myself that weight isn't the way to determine success, in reality all the good that I've felt/am feeling is going to be easy to forget if that scale doesn't show a decent difference on Wednesday morning.
  • Day 31--I'm terrified.  I have not conquered my relationship with food. I've binged three times in the last 29 days--cantaloupe, watermelon, and grapes. Sure, W30 compliant-ish, but the binging habit is still there.

Where I'm going from here. I'm going to continue W30 for at least another two weeks. My eating habits were so far out of control before I started that there is no way I can turn it all around in 30 days. I am just starting to feel comfortable with the foods and recipes, so maybe now I can spend less time focused on what I'm going to eat and spend more time really evaluating how and when I'm eating. I've been more focused these 29 days on staying compliant, and haven't always made sure I was getting the right portions of protein, veggies, and fruit. I want to focus more on that.


I'm also wondering if salt is one of the issues. I'm on blood pressure meds (have been for 20+ years) and haven't been to the doc this month to have it checked. It does seem like I've been eating a lot of salt this month, though. I LOVE salt. I'm not getting it from processed foods anymore, and I've been using that as an excuse for feeding my body more sea salt. I'm drinking tons of water, so it should be flushing out, but that's one of the things I'll be more conscious of in this next phase.


Wow, this is WAY long. Sorry about that. I should have been posting all along. I got caught up with back to school, trying to keep up my blog, and dealing with building contractors who have royally screwed up the new garage we had built. (It's going to cost more $$ because it can't pass inspection the way it is, argh) Anyway, lots of excuses for bending your ears for so long.


Tomorrow is Day 30. One of my new goals is to stay/be active on this thread. Even if there are only 5-6 of us, we can still do this. If one of you wants to start an extended Whole30 thread, please let me know. I've enjoyed getting to know all of you (even if it was more like stalking you), and I want to keep up with your progress.



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In the middle of peeling spuds to go with tonight's steak for the men of the house. I'll be having sweet potatoes. I'm still here (obviously lol)

I am excited and nervous about stepping on the scale. I know I have lost weight, no idea how much.

I'm medication freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. No more percocet, no more ambien, no more soma. And I feel wonderful.

I never thought I'd actually make it, but I was determined to give it my best. Turns out my best is actually something to be proud of :)

I plan to stay paleo, I just love this way of eating. It just makes so much sense. On Wednesday I plan to have a cuppa coffee with some cream, lunch I will have a sprinkle of cheese on my steak n veggies, dinner...not too sure yet. Nothing non whole30 though. But that's my introduction plan. I don't feel like I want to try the other stuff, but we'll see.

Everybody telling me I have lost weight, or that I'm melting away. Definitely a confidence booster. It's my birthday in 30 days (ish)... I would like to be even healthier and a little bit smaller when j celebrate my 33rd year :)

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I am so glad that people are checking in!


I spent the past four days (Friday to Sunday) with some of my best friends in the WORLD, and the most adorable sweet darling little triplet babies ever. It was a wonderful, magical, sweet, silly, HEAVENLY weekend, and I feel completely rejuvenated and kind of "topped off", if you know what I mean. I love these ladies and I love J's new babies, and I LOVE MY BODY RIGHT NOW.


I mean, yes, I am still plump, and there's a picture of a baby taking a nap on me that is adorable for the kid, and horrific for me (and I'm pretty sure it's going on J's blog because she sees me with the loving eyes of a friend, and I see me with the critical eyes of the-ames), and etc. But I feel great, I don't know if I lost weight or not but my clothes fit me better, I'm really happy with the food, and I stayed 99.9999999999999% compliant all weekend. (I suspect a little butter spray snuck in at a couple of restaurant mealtimes, but I'm not sweating it.) My period started yesterday, and I was completely taken off guard because I didn't have the a) horrific bloating, B) horrific mood swings, or c) achy boobs. I never bothered to track my cycle because my body always told me - but apparently this is no longer the case!  I'll take it. (Question: is it 28 days from day 1 or 28 days from the last day? Honestly, I have NEVER tracked it.)


The girls were really interested in the program, although they didn't quite get it. Doesn't matter, they supported me and loved the dinner I cooked for them Sunday night. J's husband did, too. :D Huzzah. (Pepper steak on a bed of grated carrots, yummy. Totally making it again, maybe this week for the parents.) I had amazing hamburger, sashimi, a truly decadent grilled chicken breast, and staved off the temptation to grab the Doritos everyone else was snacking on with a well-timed Lara bar - and the refrain - "I am a grown-ass woman, I can buy donuts and bagels whenever I want, so I don't have to eat these now. They aren't special." That advice was PERFECT for me. I told it to one of the girls, and she liked it as well.


My post-Whole30 plans:

Legumes: I'm fine with keeping these mostly out, although I do miss peanuts. But I don't miss them all the time, so I think if I order a meal with peanuts in it (like a Thai dish of some sort), then I won't sweat it. Otherwise, whatever black beans, you're yummy but I don't miss you.  Coconut aminos work fine as a soy sauce substitute for me.


Dairy: Not planning to add this back in at all on the regular, and only rarely as a treat. It still feels pretty dangerous for me. 


Alcohol: ::shrug:: I wasn't much of a drinker before, so I don't care if this gets added back in or not. Sparkling water works for me.


Grains: I realized at the sushi place that while I like sashimi, I really REALLY missed the sushi roll itself. There's nothing like sushi rice. So I think at least that will be added back in, but only as a treat. No more sushi lunches from Whole Foods, no more big bowls of white rice with butter and soy - sushi will be back where it belongs as a once-in-a-while treat, and not a staple. I made spaghetti squash with an approximation of a meat sauce last week and loved it, so pasta can stay gone. And it was actually a relief not to have popcorn at the movies, because I didn't have that bloated ugh feeling that I always had and tried to ignore. So, with the exception of the occasional and rare sushi, I think grains can safely stay mostly gone.


Sugar: I'm keeping it out as long as I can. 


Day 31: honestly not planning to change anything right now. I'm going to stay the course and stick with this for a while. But believe me, I will AVIDLY be reading everyone's experiences, so please come back and tell all! I will do the reintroduction protocol at some point though. I do want to know how these foods affect my body, so I can tell people "No, I don't eat grains because I don't like how my body feels after I do".  


And I love this forum. LOVE IT.

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It's so great to "see" everyone! I'm with wvictoria... super proud of what we've accomplished.


@the-ames It's 28 days from day 1. I'm an avid tracker because I always get so emotionally wacky right before and try to schedule important meetings far FAR from those few days.  Funny though, this month, my experience was the same as yours. It took me completely by surprise because I didn't have ANY of the usual symptoms.  What a nice surprise.  Also, if you're interested, there's a great app called "P-Tracker" that does a spot on job for me.  It took about 4 months where it was a day or two either way.  Now, it tells me exactly when to expect the dreaded guest. I guess I'll just have to remember to look at it now.


I'm so glad you had fun with your friends and they were so supportive.  What a blessing for you!


@wvictoria Thanks so much for the update! It was interesting to hear your experiences with it. I too have quite a few more pounds to go. I'm hoping a pretty strict paleo diet will work for me. I'll be really interested in hearing your ongoing progress, and may just come back to this way of eating if it isn't going well.


@trimhealthymum Congratulations on the huge changes you've made, along with the Whole30, to get your life back. I'm truly impressed. Getting off those kinds of meds is a challenge and shows what a strong character you have.  Well done!


I ended up being on the road today, and won't be home to weigh on Wednesday. I'm a little bummed about that. I was looking forward to knowing the results from the exact 30 days.  Since I knew I wouldn't be home, I did jump on the scale today.  11.5 pounds down.  Wait... let me repeat that because I'm in shock.  11.5 pounds. Gone.   I did bring my tape measure with and can hardly wait to see what that translates to in inches. I'm waiting until Wednesday for that part.  I still have a long way to go, but this is such a gift.


See you all on day 30!

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@the-ames It's 28 days from day 1. I'm an avid tracker because I always get so emotionally wacky right before and try to schedule important meetings far FAR from those few days.  Funny though, this month, my experience was the same as yours. It took me completely by surprise because I didn't have ANY of the usual symptoms.  What a nice surprise.  Also, if you're interested, there's a great app called "P-Tracker" that does a spot on job for me.  It took about 4 months where it was a day or two either way.  Now, it tells me exactly when to expect the dreaded guest. I guess I'll just have to remember to look at it now.



My period started yesterday, and I was completely taken off guard because I didn't have the a) horrific bloating, B) horrific mood swings, or c) achy boobs. I never bothered to track my cycle because my body always told me - but apparently this is no longer the case!  I'll take it. (Question: is it 28 days from day 1 or 28 days from the last day? Honestly, I have NEVER tracked it.)


Congrats guys on getting to Day 29, I'm a week behind you having started on the 11th.  But I had exactly the same experience with my period!  It just kind of snuck up on me, no PMS, it was great, although I did have some cramps on the first day.  Be interested to see what happens next month.  But I'll check out that P-Tracker, sounds useful.

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HAPPY DAY 30!!! Congrats to all of you!!!! 


I just wanted to check in, even though I stopped on day 27. I know, I know. I DO have mild guilt. But I wanted to come clean because I don't regret my decision at all, and I know that I made the right choice for myself and my situation. 


I will be moving in two weeks, many. many states away from my home in Vermont, and I wanted to celebrate with my family. No questions asked, no strings attached, just spent the whole weekend eating my moms homemade food and enjoying time with them. It was very important to me because financially I know that the next few years I will only see them a few times per year due to work and the cost of travel. 


I was very careful to not over indulge on foods I hadn't had in a while. Although I did have cheese and alcohol and fresh corn on the cob. (although I know this is a grain, eating it a few times a year is worth it to me because it is delicious. I do not plan on including corn in my everyday life however) I suffered no ill effects from any of the foods I ate, aside from a little bloating. I made sure to control my portions and drink lots of water with the wine that I drank! We really had an excellent time!! 


Also I am back on the bandwagon today, with my normal compliant meals and I feel great! 


So to wrap up my first 27 days of healthy eating:


I lost about 4 lbs. which isn't much, scale wise, however my before and after pictures look amazing!!! I really have toned up and lost so much bloating around my middle! I know that the alcohol and grains were a large contributor to this, and I plan to keep them as seldom enjoyed treats. 


I have gained the empowerment and self esteem that comes from knowing I have control over what I put in my body, and when I eat. I am no longer controlled by my cravings or my fears about people judging me.  


I know how to battle my sugar cravings and I plan to continue doing it. While I know I will occasionally enjoy a sweet something now and again I don't plan to include this as a daily part of what I eat. 


I plan to continue eating "on plan" for as much as possible during the move, and I am planning another full blown whole 30 as soon as I am settled and feel that it won't add to my stress of moving. Right now I know that I need to be gentle with myself because this is a big change and if I overwhelm myself at this point I know I could spiral right back into emotional and binge eating, and this would only add more stress!


Overall I have to report an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, well being, emotional stability, and general calm about my life and eating habits. This is something that i don't feel I have ever had, and something I will continue to work at and maintain.


I could not have done this without your support! From the bottom of my heart "Thank you!!!" I wish each and every one of you success and joy as you continue your journeys! 

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Tomorrow is Day 30. One of my new goals is to stay/be active on this thread. Even if there are only 5-6 of us, we can still do this. If one of you wants to start an extended Whole30 thread, please let me know. I've enjoyed getting to know all of you (even if it was more like stalking you), and I want to keep up with your progress.



 I would love to be involved in this! Please let me know if you start a new thread! I think the accountability and support from this thread was invaluable. I don't think I would have made the 27 days without it! 

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I started a new thread for us for our post-whole30-experiences. You can find it here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/21570-august-4th-start-riding-our-own-bike/. I thought we should put our new posts in the post-whole30 section so we don't accidentally confuse any newbies who might stumble on our thread. 


I'm going to continue posting here until midnight today. Then I'll move over to the other thread. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.


WAY TO GO 8/4/14 team!!

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So before i said my husband and i were going to follow the plan for reintroduction, but we are going to modify it slightly.  just change what we are doing on what days.  on day 1 (tomorrow), we are doing dairy.  i'm going to have a plain latte at breakfast, cheese at lunch, and different cheese at dinner.  i'm prepared for all hell to break loose.  i suspect my husband will have more of a reaction than me, but i think i might have more of a reaction than i would have expected before.  then on day 4, we are going to have gluten containing grains, not sure which ones yet but probably flour tortillas and whole wheat pasta.  i dont care so much for those but i'm interested in how i will react.  then on day 7 we will have legumes.  probably peanut butter for me.  i like other nut butters, but i dont find any of them as tasty as peanut butter.  i've tried, but i cant convince myself of it.  but i'm fine without it.  i'd just rather not have almond butter and pretend it is peanut butter,  it's not.  then on day 10 we will have non gluten containing grains.  probably popcorn.  probably rice.  maybe some sushi.  anyhow, i am waiting on the all out sugar and alcohol until i've tried everything else independently.  i already know i have to limit those no matter how i end up reacting to them so i might as well wait for now.  


well, good luck on your last evening.  i will see you all tomorrow on the follow up forum page.  i will report there with my weight loss and any other pearls of wisdom i have gained from this experience.  i'm so glad to have "met" you all and cant wait to continue on after this.  remember from my first post that i am aiming to lose at least 100 lbs so i still have a long way to go so i will for sure need some support.  Good luck in your reintroductions everyone!!!

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@linzeey28 You did exactly what you needed to do for your situation. Six years ago I moved to a new state and left all my friends and family behind. I love my life now, but I still desperately miss my family and friends. I had lost 47 lbs before moving to PA, and within 2 years here I had gained it all back. I think a lot of the reason was because I was dealing with guilt and depression wondering if I had done the right thing.


Whatever your reasons for moving, make YOU your top priority. I only see my family once or twice a year--my children, my grandchildren, my sister and brother--it's really hard, but we use FaceTime all the time, text, call, email, whatever it takes to keep in touch. A big move like this is exciting, scarey, stressful, full of promise. I wish you the best of luck. Just do what you need to do to keep YOU happy.


@amnblack I, too, have about 100 lbs to lose. I will be here as long as I can keep with it. (well on the new thread)


@tuni Thanks for making the new thread. I'm heading over there to join right now.




Good luck on your reintros or your continuing W30/45/60 journey. See you on the flip side!

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Tuni, thanks for creating the new thread.  I can't believe it's been 30 days!!!  What a great learning experience both emotionally and body-wise. 


Congrats to all of us!!! 


I plan to keep going, but I fear the lack of structure.  Is one misstep going to bring everything crashing down?  I guess years of yo yo dieting comes back to haunt me.  However.....I don't ever recall feeling so comfortable on a plan and feeling so energetic.  THAT should keep me going. 

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