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Why do we need to limit fruit?

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Actually we wouldn't advice you snack on either of those things. If you are hungry between meals you should eat a mini meal that contains protein and fat and vegetable and then look at your meals to see why you need a snack in the first place.


The primary reason for limiting fruit in general and keeping it to during meals is that while it does have a lot of nutrients it also packs much more sugar than vegetables do and is not as nutrient dense as vegetables are. For many people fruit tends to push vegetables off their plate. In the summer when fruit is in season feel free to have more if you are not treating it as a dessert. The reason to not eat fruit by itself is again the sugar. It is digested very quickly and can cause hormone spikes. When consumed as part of a meal the fat and protein in the meal slows the digestion. I do believe there is a lot more information on this in It Starts With Food.

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