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The hits just kept on coming with not getting balanced food during day 11. I went to bed early, about 9:30. I was really tired and wanted to get up for my workout in the morning. I fell a sleep quickly but I woke only a few hours later with a bladder that felt like it might explode. Potty, back to bed. Woke up again at around 2 (same reason as before), I was actually feeling pretty rested and thought, surely it must be time to get up soon so I looked at the clock (I typically never do that) anyway when I saw that it said 2 I was really bummed. I tossed. I turned I read a few chapters of ISWF and then finally got back to say. Needless to say the 6am workout didn't happen. Sigh. Ok, now for day 12.


I had normal food intake today so I'm felling way better than yesterday. I was still not quite on my game, mostly my eyes were a little tired but I made it through. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond this afternoon for some kitchen goodies. Fun! After work I got home and worked out. YAY! 4th time this week! My back bottom is still not at 100%, still in the adjustment period, I think. I also have a few small breakouts on my face, probably the nasty stuff leaving. This too shall pass. 


breakfast - one medium boiled egg, one applegate 100% organic beef hot dog, 1/2 of a Bubbies pickle.

lunch - Chocolate chili, salad with mixed baby greens and romaine with shredded carrots, 1 avocado and grape tomatoes. 

dinner preface - I visited my local Sprouts a few days ago and got some awesome deals on some great meet. One of the random things I picked up was a pack of 3 "country style boneless pork ribs" I was not really sure what to do with them. I looked at a few things online, not inspired. I decided to make "the best stir fry sauce ever" from Well Fed. I've made it before I just had to do a few tweaks since I didn't have quite enough coconut aminos. Oh and I also used lime juice rather than orange. I made 2x the sauce poured it into a zip-top bag, salt and peppered the ribs and put them in there to soak, after giving each of them some good poking with a fork. I melted some ghee, and sauteed up a big handfun of mushrooms and onions. Sat them aside and put the ribs and sauce into my hot pan. I seared each side on medium-high for 3 minutes each and then put them into the oven for about 20 minutes, until they reached the right temp. WOW they were soooo good! My meat thermometer sucks but they were not over cooked. Whew. I also oven roasted some carrots. Yummo! (pics!)

dinner - 2 of the ribs, oven roasted carrots, onions, mushrooms

Oh and after I worked out I had Applegate hot dog.  :)


See you on day 13!




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Days 13 and 14. 

Busy, busy weekend. Got tons done! Kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantry and de-cluttered and cleaned also cleaned out my freezer. Hung up a new spice rack since my spices were so stacked and packed in the pantry I had a hard time finding things. Plus lots of others chores. I've had a nice stream of steady energy. Woot! My weekend eating is not always the best, I stay on track but my meals are usually smaller and not at "normal" times. 


Day 13

breakfast - plain 3 egg omelet, grape tomatoes, coffee, water

lunch - pork shoulder, grape tomatoes

dinner - pork spare ribs, roasted carrots, salad with baby greens, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots evoo and Greek seasoning


Day 14

breakfast - 3 scrambles eggs, coffee, water

lunch - pork spare ribs, grape tomatoes with homemade mayo (YUM)

dinner - oven roasted curried cauliflower, avocado and not sure on the protein yet... going to get cooking in a few minutes. ;)   


K, so that was not awesome. But I did eat which is better than my weekends. There would have probably only been one meal on each that was not good and A LOT of snacking on random crap. So see? This is improvement.  B)




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I'm late! I'm late! Here is what I ate!


Day 15


breakfast - applegate organic beef hot dog, medium boiled egg, bubbies pickle 

lunch - cilantro chicken, curried cauliflower, salad of romaine and baby greens with shredded carrots, black olivesgrape tomatoes, avocado and dressed with salt, pepper, sandwich sprinkle and evoo

pwo- medium boiled egg

dinner - BAFS with a HUGE amount of romaine and baby greens, boneless pork rib, one boiled egg, black olives, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, avocado, avocado and dressed with salt, pepper, sandwich sprinkle and evoo


Half way through the "official" 30 days. I am pretty sure I will be doing more than 30. I am just over a week into my 90 day fitness challenge and I know that keeping up with both will yield the best results for my well being and my state of mind. I am slowly starting to feel better than "normal" but not really any magic yet. However, it came before and it will come again. I am riding the W30 wave of the go get 'um attitude and I love it. I feel more motivated to get things done that I have been putting off and I have a little more energy to do them not too. I love my W30 happy place and I need to keep up this attitude and mindset going forward on my own bike. <<<hard part>>> I don't want to think of my "after the W30" what I can do/eat etc. I know I am better over all when I pay this much time and attention to my heath. 


Cya later today! 

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Still here and going strong. Today is Day 14. We all start back to school next week, even me since I am a teacher. I am hoping that the food prep can fit well into my schedule. It has been fine so far, but I have a lot more time. My husband is doing well and he probably lost 10 pounds already! More importantly, his blood sugar seems like it is giving him zero issues.

I am not thinking about after either. I am enjoying each day, so going with the flow. I ordered the cookbook Well Fed 2 and am excited to see the recipies.

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Day 16


breakfast - egg salad on a bed or romaine and one applegate organic beef hot dog - egg salad has homemade mayo, compliant mustard, and diced bubbies pickles.

lunch - chicken tortilla-less soup, salad of romaine, baby greens, black olives, grape tomatoes dressed with evooo, salt, pepper and sandwich sprinkle - I have made this soup a fesw times and I just love it!

dinner - chocolate Chile, curried cauliflower, oven roasted zoodles <<<YUMMY!


So today I'm at work a.k.a. digging through this forum for various tidbits of awesome info. I came across some people in my club the "no gall bladder" club. Did some looking and googling about ox bile. Sounds delish eh? During my searches I stumbled, more like tripped across a "possible" link to gallbladder issues and gluten intolerance and celiac disease. I was not sure if I should laugh of cry. I am a mix of emotions about it all, really. I am glad I might have possibly figured out some of my "issues" but then I think of being "that" gluten free person. The realist in me is like ok I got this, this is GOOD, this might be IT. The whiny person that likes BAD gluten filled crap food is still in mourning and will get back with you later. 


I had planned on making a doctors appointment for a yearly and a physical with blood work after my W30 but I decided not to wait. I want to be armed with ALL of the info I can get my hands on NOW. What I do know is that I have been B and D deficient for years. My body will not absorb these vitamins. I did the B shots, 2 rounds, little change. I do take liquid D, or rather I am again now that I am back on track healthy wise. I will be referred to a different doc for the food allergy testing. I am slightly terrified, ok REALLY terrified about this testing. I fear being allergic to a whole mess of good foods that I like, not just the possible gluten intolerance. I am trying not to overreact to this as I know nothing yet.

TMI below *avert your eyes, if you wish*

My searching and googling started because I am trying to figure out what is going on with my poo lately. I struggles with IBS the first week of this W30. I am taking in a lot more fat and my non-gallbladder is not helping! The IBS has subsided but I am still not "right" in the potty. None of my very typical constipation and random bouts of the big D. Just thin floaty poo. I know know that it is the excess fat so I am going to cut it down to the bare minimum of a thumb sided portion and see if things even out. I will also look at getting some compliant ox bile from a local health food store. 


That's it for day 16, if you actually read all of this, you are awesome. If you skipped through my ramblings can't say that I blame you. 

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Hi Sheli,

I hope things work out for you at the doctors. It is scary to be unsure of what the heck your body is doing. I am sure more info will help. How are you feeling besides the TMI? You are doing so well following the whole30.

 Wowzers! I missed this post, sorry. Things are good. Can you believe that we already hit day 30???


Hey so, yeah. I have not written or logged food in days but I am still trucking along. 


I hit an emotional road bump during week 3 and it got me down but not off track W30 wise. Yay!


I went to a new doctor and that was good. He is totally on board with my W30 and actually told me that he would like to see me do “this” for the next 2-3 months and then come back in for more blood work to see if this helps my high cholesterol. So my doc seriously turned my W30 into a W120. :blink:  That alone was a little jarring but I am determined to see it through and see if I can get my gut healed and my dragon sleighed. We discussed my sugar addition, my constant bloat and cramping from gluten etc. He actually told me that he thinks all women should be carb-free. Bad carbs that is. Good carbs, from veggies and fruits, ok but not the junk bread, candy and bad carbs. He explained about our easy addiction to them and how they effect our hormones etc. and how they also effect cholesterol. So happy that I changed doctors. :D  He gets it. 


He also sent me to the lab for testing of my B12, D and for celiac and food allegories. Before the testing he warned me that the celiac and food allergy testing is notorious for false negatives. And not be worried if they say I am not allergic to anything. Also pointing out that if I am reacting badly to things like gluten, dairy etc. then there is a problem no matter what the tests say. He called it, according to all of the tests I am not allergic to ANYTHING. NOTHING. SERIOUSLY. sigh. I am a woman. I am emotional and if I was labeled as “this” or allergic to that I can find it easier to cope. Dumb. I know. I did more research on the celiac testing and I had a IgA blood test and my results were <1 mg/dL, therefore I need to go in again for an IgG now and see what those results are and then proceed accordingly. My B12 is also on the low side of “normal” and my D is too. My T3 is low and basically all of this adds up to some sort of inflammation, somewhere. I am going to figure this out!


My biggest challenges right now are facing and coping with this lifestyle change. I cannot EVER go back to bad eating. I can’t do a W30 here and there and eat like crap otherwise. I have to commit to this now and for always and THAT is a lot. I am going to do my 120 days and go get my cholesterol checked again. If it is not better he is suggesting Red Yeast Rice, a supplement for my high cholesterol rather than a medication. I am ok with that but want to try the 120 days of clean eating before I do that. After the 120 days I will reintro a few things, maybe but my plan is to stick to a very clean paleo lifestyle. *crossing fingers* 


So there it is. I have marked my calendar in 10 day increments and my W120 will end on December 9th.

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