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Change in period - YAY


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Just a quick post to say that I am having my first period since starting my W30 and it is so much better. 

I used to cramp so badly for the first three days that I could barely walk and that was with prescription painkillers. People told me that labour pains were worse than cramping but I beg to differ. They were on a par with contractions up to 5cm dilated. That was when I had an epidural as the babies head was the wrong way around.  And it used to last for 15 days. 


I had the mirena taken out two months ago as the hormones were not suiting me and I was dreading a return to the pain. However it looks like the W30 really suits me. No pain. I had some sweating and a tension headache along with some nutty behaviour that involved a family cleaning day but NO PAIN. Hooray. Also much shorter. Almost gone now after 3 days. 


Advice request

What do other W30 menstruating ladies do to combat the tiredness? 

I had some cravings for sugar but they seemed to go when I ate sweet potato. 

I get quite light headed as my period is very heavy for the first day and a half. What should I do? 


I am delighted with the change overall. 






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Try taking iron or eating more iron-rich foods during your period. Pair it with vitamin C for the best absorption rates. I'm dealing with a cervical polyp right now and 2-3 week periods with a week to ten days off per month. I've been having issues lately (since it won't get removed until next month) with easily fatigued muscles - I fight every day to do the same bike ride I've been doing for four months without having to get off and walk my bike. I still *can* do it, but it's getting harder instead of easier. I started taking iron pills two days ago with vitamin C and I'm already feeling better. I eat a lot of iron-rich foods, but it just wasn't enough for me right now.

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