Day 5 and I feel miserable...

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Hello there, fellow Whole30ers!


I'm on day 5 of my second Whole30 and I feel absolutely miserable.  My first Whole30 was GREAT and I've been a huge advocate for the program, but I told my husband yesterday if I still feel this way on Friday I'm going to have to stop the program because it's making it hard to live life and work effectively.


Essentially I've been in a constant state of nausea, headaches, hangery-ness, exhaustion and upset stomach since Day 1.  Every meal I eat I get an upset stomach in the middle of the meal which obviously stops me from eating my full meal, then I get SUPER hungry about an hour after eating followed by nausea.  I try to eat again but the whole cycle starts over.  And then randomly throw in the mix killer headaches (I had migraine symptoms yesterday), general "cloudiness" in my mind and the fact that eggs have now made me start to gag(?).  I know I'm probably not eating enough vegetables which I'm going to do a better job at today...but even eating more fats and safe foods like coconut milk smoothies have helped the hunger or nausea.


And just to provide a bit of context: I returned from Ethiopia 4 days before starting Whole30 and had a head cold that has carried into this week.


Thank you guys for your help!

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Guest Andria

A couple of questions:


How different was the way you were eating prior to starting this Whole30?


Could your "symptoms" be due to illness? You said you are still dealing with a head cold.

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Given that you are a Whole30 veteran and this problem sounds generalized, I wonder if you will suffer the same way if you abandon this Whole30 and eat anything you want. Unless you have a strong reason for continuing, I would probably eat whatever I wanted for a few days to see if it helped. My guess is that it won't, that you have a stomach bug or something. Whatever you do, keep us posted. 

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