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Tigress's Whole30 Log!


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Day 1


Today went really well, but on my way home from work I started feeling really nauseated.  I'm afraid it might be the pollen in the air as I had my windows down (which I rarely do).


Mood:  Happy, but not feeling great

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Day 1 Redux


Decided to start over since feeling nauseated lead to me not eating enough.  I'm not at all the type to not eat when I'm sick, but if it's nausea, then I simply can't eat!  The weirdest part was that I felt hungry, but I was afraid whatever I ate wouldn't stay down.  Though, I haven't been sick enough to vomit in 15+ years!



two fried eggs

small bowl of watermelon

cranberry kombucha


Didn't realize that the zucchini in the fridge had gone bad and that it was the only green veggie in there!  smh  Will do more shopping tomorrow.  Not letting this be an excuse to start tomorrow though!


Mood:  Optimistic



Wild Red canned salmon

sautéed green beans


Found frozen green beans in the freezer!  Score!  Thinking though, that maybe I will make this my Day 0 again... simply because I know I'm not getting enough veggies.  The only other ones in the house today are sweet potatoes. lol


Also, does anyone have a good recipe for baked rabbit that does't require lots of time or basting??  This looks amazing, but I don't have the time for it today.



Steve's grass-fed macadamia mango paleo kit

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Day 1 Once more with feeling!


Decided to start over for two reasons:

1) None of my meals yesterday really followed the meal template

2) The Steve's paleo kit I had for dinner yesterday had honey in it!  Boooooo.



two fried eggs

sautéed green beans

citrus kombucha


Small meal for breakfast so that I can get another small meal in before work.


Fell asleep last night with a sore throat, which I still have this morning.  /:


Mood:  Tired, but ready to do this



can of tuna in olive oil

sweet potato with ghee

raw carrot


I'm improvising here with the vegetables!  Will get to shop in a bit though.   :D



shrimp with Old Bay

wasabi SeaSnax

coconut Lära bar

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Day 1 Again?


So I'm embarrassed to say this, but I caved to some ice cream after work last night.  Yeah.  Here was my thought process:


"I didn't really get enough veggies today, and it's only Day 1, so I can just start again tomorrow, and it's only a bit of ice cream, I've done so well today...and so on and so on..."


Ugh.  Feeling the effects now though.  Plus, that's one more day that doesn't count toward my Whole30.  ::sigh::  My tummy is super grumbly and I feel bad (toward myself) that I've already had multiple false starts!   :(


So, I'm gonna do my best to get lotsa veggies in and I'm gonna make some soup today to help me out and I'm gonna buy a bunch of snacks to keep me on track when I go away this coming weekend.  And whatever happens, so long as I know I did my best, I'm going to count that.



Day 1 Again!



four fried eggs

sautéed zucchini




Woke up around 8:30 yesterday, and 7:30 today.  No idea why!  I have been sleeping in a lot lately, due to working closing shifts.  And last night, I didn't get to bed until after midnight.  Hmmm...


Also, I'm def feeling ditzy after the ice cream and lack of sleep.  I ran into several things this morning and dropped my dog's food dish (He was happy enough to clean it up.  heehee).




Made this soup today with some fish stock I made awhile ago.  lol  I'd made it previously, but with just water and a couple different ingredients.  I left out the nightshades and doubled the recipe.  It's not bad!  The first version was def better...one of the best soups I've ever had tbh!



canned tuna in olive oil

Tom Yum soup

salad with olive oil and salt

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