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Hello from the UK :)

A Stash Addict

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Hi Everyone, **Waves**

I am Danielle from the UK

I have been eating Paleo since the beginning of July2012, and found it has been doing absolute wonders for my eczema!! (Huge patch I had on my wrist cleared up within 4 weeks using no creams at all!!)

Last week I went on holiday with 11 children, and decided to introduce all the foods I had given up last month to see how my body would react. After a few days of eating wheat, refined sugars, fizzy drinks and other crap, I am really bloated, my tummy is sore to touch, I have mouth ulcers, spotty skin and my eczema has flared up on my face, neck and hands

(you can see pictures on my instagram feed–astashaddict)

So hubby and I have decided to start whole30 in the morning to detox. I am really looking forward to shaking this horrid sluggish feeling that has consumed me over this week, and getting to know you all :)


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