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aches and pains


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a quick bit of necessary background...i have congenital hip dysplasia that gave me hip arthritis at a very early age.    i've been doing a lot of cardio lately and am loving the fact that 2 years after a hip replacement, i'm dancing up a storm.



9 am - Meal 1

1 pm - Meal 2

5-6 pm - Weights

7:30 - 8:30 pm - Cardio dance class


After class, I found myself feeling achy.  My hips - both the fixed one and the one that will still need a surgery one day - were hurting me.  This bummed me a lot.  The idea that I'd always be in pain, even after surgery and 2 years of recovery...plus, the idea that I may get bad again and not be able to move like I've been lately.....it was super depressing. 


I let the stress and negative emotions get to me, and ended up eating badly. (and i don't mean using canola oil instead of coconut oil)


Here's the thing....now that I've eaten badly and flooded my body with sugar and all that other crap, I don't feel as achy and in pain as I was before.


So, I'm wondering was the pain somehow related to W30?  Not that I think that the program failed me, I mean, did I somehow fail the program that led to aches and pains in my body (maybe even the negative emotions as well), that I could've avoided??


Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.






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sugar is powerful stuff, isn't it? 


Although the whole30 isn't really a detox program, sugar withdrawal is real. Just to take it to a further extreme; imagine your addiction was heroin, how would you feel when you went off it? how would you feel if you relapsed? IT IS WORTH IT to get through the first few days of cravings and bad moods and head aches and body aches to get to the other side of this.

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