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Boar's Head Smoked Turkey


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You have to read the ingredients. They make so many different types of turkey, it's impossible to say for sure whether yours is okay or not. And the Boar's Head official website is not terribly helpful, since it doesn't actually list ingredients.


I did find ingredients lists for this mesquite smoked variety (not compliant, sugar and dextrose) and this oven roasted one (also not compliant, sugar and dextrose).


Lunch meat is hard to find compliant versions of. I've found Applegate Farms roast beef (not at the deli counter, the pre-sliced stuff) and some store brand of turkey (but I can't remember where, and it wasn't really very good) that were compliant -- but even if you find something that is compliant one time, check your labels every time you buy it, since they can change how they make it. At the deli counter, you'd need to actually see the ingredients list to see what works and what doesn't.

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