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First Whole30... starting NOW!


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Ok... so here goes. 

I'm starting the whole30, well technically I started it 2 weeks ago, but as much as I tried to stay on track during a trip to NYC, I failed. I wanted one more bagel (and pizza of course) and then I regretted it for most of the rest of the trip because my stomach was messed up from there on out.


So with that out of my system and proven to myself that stuff messes me up... I'm ready to kill it! I really would like to drop 10-15lbs. and get back down to 125 where I was when I got married. I'm a little worried because of the stories about people not being able to see any results, but I can stick to the diet and I don't really have any cravings. I also would like to get rid of my IBS and just feel overall more healthy and less bloaty. 


Beginning weight: 143lbs

Run: 1.5 miles straight - no stopping



Weight: 125lbs

Run: 4 miles straight - no stopping

More muscle definition




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