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Whole 30 for the Whole Family :)


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This week my husband, son, and I finished clearing out the cupboards, went grocery shopping, organized the spice rack, and then cooked and cooked and cooked to prepare for week 1, and it's official - we are on board for the Whole 30!  Just finished Day 2.  This week was nice to be home.  Next week, I start back up at work, and I will have to plan how to eat the whole 30 while at work, too.  The following week, my son goes back to school and hopefully he will be able to stay strong and eat the lunches packed for him.  He has suffered with migraines, and we are trying to see if this will help him as the doctors we have seen haven't been very helpful for us.  


Trying to help all of us get healthy in many ways!



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