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Setting my intention


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I'm on day 25 and have been thinking a lot about how I want to eat after this is over.  I've struggled with some issues during the last 25 days and made adjustments to help me feel better.  I'm not feeling any tiger blood, but I have balanced into mostly good sleep, decent skin, a little bit of weight loss in my belly, and normal digestion.  


Things that work for me:

- Limiting nuts

- Limiting or not using coconut oil

- Healthy carbs with breakfast and lunch (sweet potatoes, beets, carrots)

- Fruits only at lunch

- Pure protein/veg with dinner (and limiting fats, since they seem to interfere with my sleep)


My plan for after this is over:

- Continuing to be mindful of my fat intake.   I don't seem to be able to digest too much fat very well, so it's important to keep it balanced

- Continuing to limit carbs at dinner

- Continuing to get most of my carbs from vegetable sources

- Continuing to eat no to very little sugar, and mostly in the form of fruit

- Dairy on occasion, since I know from past experience that it's ok as a treat every now and again

- Alcohol when I'm in a social setting, and limiting to 2-3 drinks per night, no more than 1-2 nights a week


Mostly, I used to eat fairly well at home, but in social settings all bets were off.  I've learned from this experience that I can survive social situations without going nuts, so I think that's where I need to focus more of my attention, along with some of the small tweaks I've learned over the past 25 days.

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